Barbie Fantasy Equines

Barbie has accumulated a variety of styles of equines over the years. Take a look at some of them below. Not all Barbie horses are fantasy themed, which is the focus here. However, since I like things that are the same but come in different colors, I am including some regular horses here.

NOTE: Molds are re-used, so a year is not necessarily indicative of when a toy actually came out; but it is a sorting mechanism.

Dallas 11″ Horse (1980 Mold)

10″ Barbie Horse

10.5″ Barbie Fakie Horse?

10″ Battery Operated Horse, 1993 Mold

Barbie 10.5″ Horse, 2004 Mold

Barbie 9.5″ Horse, 2002 Mold

10″ Horse, 2009 Mold

Dancin Fun Horse (DMC30)

Me & My Horse Stable Styles Tawny Horse (K8595)

Barbie Horse Mold FCD57, 2013

Barbie 10″ Horse (2018 Mold, FXH13)

Diamond Castle Carriage Horse

Barbie 11″ Unicorn, 2011 Mold X0382

Dreamtopia Unicorn Pose 1

Dreamtopia Unicorn Pose 2

Dreamtopia Magical Lights Unicorn (GWM78)

Dreamtopia Brush n’ Sparkle Unicorn (GFH60)

Dreamtopia Sweetville Unicorn (DWH10)

Mid-size Pony Style 1

Mid-size Pony Style 2

A Pony Tale Sisters’ Horse Adventure

Kelly/Chelsea-size Pony Style 1

Kelly/Chelsea-size Pony Style 2

Kelly/Chelsea-size Pony Style 3

Kelly/Chelsea-size Pony Style 4

Kelly/Chelsea-size Pony Style 5

Kelly/Chelsea-size Pony Style 6

Baby Horse (K8592)

Barbie Endless Hair Kingdom 4.5″ Unicorn (2015)

Magical Mini Horses

Mariposa Mini 3.5″ Pegasus

3″ baby unicorns

Dreamtopia Ice Cream Unicorn

Mini unicorn by Just Play

4″ unicorn

On-the-Go Minis

Happy Meal Toys


2013 Unicorn Styling Head

Mini Figure

Dreamtopia Plush Equines

Other Barbie Animals