Polly Pocket Adventure Park

This is a Polly Pocket set from 2012 that I missed when it was in stores, but I just found it for a reasonable price on eBay. This is from the Stick n’ Play era of Polly, when the 3″ dolls had suction cup shoes so they would stick to surfaces. They are more accessory orientated than fashion, and the clothes are what really drew me in to Fashion Polly (Pocket), but this is still a cute set. It has two dolls, Polly and Lea, and cardboard cutouts of 3 other friends. Rick as a soda jerk is super cute and would have been an awesome toy. Anyway, there’s a playset unit with zipline, swing, slide, trampoline, rock wall; plus a free-standing treat cart and table with chairs.

If you are looking for this set yourself, there are  currently some more for sale on eBay. There don’t seem to be any on Amazon at the moment, but inventory is always changing, so click here to check.

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