Mexican Ponies, and Testing a New Straightener

Today, Mexican Baby Cotton Candy and Applejack joined the herd. I also received a tool I had bought to try on hair restoration, a “Vivid & Vogue Ceramic Hair Straightener”. So I washed up the ponies with a magic eraser sponge and then plugged the straightener in to give it a try. I had it at the lowest setting, 284 degrees F, and it made a satisfying crackly sound when it came in contact with damp hair. I cranked it up to 320 and did another pass, and it straightened more. Though not back to factory smoothness, their hair does look better.  I am happier with these results than with boiling water. The straightener goes up to 446 F, but I felt dangerous wielding any more power today, and I’m satisfied with the results here. It does not appear to have damaged the hair.

These are links to purchase the products I used in today’s project. They are affiliate links, so I might get some reimbursement, but I was not asked to review them and these are my honest recommendations. The melamine eraser sponges are the generic of Mr. Clean magic erasers, but much cheaper, and work just as well.

For Mexican ponies, head on over to eBay.