German Pony Comic Advertisements

These are two issues of the G1 My Little Pony comic… in German! The stories are cute, but what I really like are all the advertisements for pony toys and merchandise. Here they are. I am captioning them with their American names. (Affiliate links in case you are inspired to do some shopping.)

Mein kleines Pony cartoon show advertisement, with illustrations of ponies that were never in the show like Night Glider and Bouquet. But it’s nice to see them anyway. Colors are also off from the toys.

Big Brother Ponies (Exuberant Adventure Ponies as translated by Google) are promoting a comic contest. What a handsome crew!

Center fold-out poster! The new ponies are here! Loving Family, Princesses, Sundae Best, Twins, First Tooth Babies, and more.

Watercolor Baby Sea Ponies “DAS ORIGINAL HASBRO PONY”!

Lullabye Nursery. Baby Tic-Tac-Toe (Trixi) is proud of her first tooth and looking for a pony mommy.

Another TV advertisement, with a contest to win a trip to Disney World.

Newborn Twins or ZWILLING-BABYS. Sticky and Sniffles are white instead of light pink! This is some sort of contest.

Pony Party Sets giveaway! Looks like there is a tablecloth, napkins, plates, place cards, cups, bowls, balloons, centerpiece, hats, and bags. I wonder if any of these have survived to the present day.

WHO LIVES IN PONYLAND? Flutter Ponies, that’s who.

Pretty Parlor, Peachy, Twice-As-Fancy Ponies – Sugarberry in front, Dancing Butterflies and Up Up & Away in back.

Assorted paper merchandise – some kind of playing cards, erasers, pencils. Merchandise by Remus.

Brush n’ Grow Ponies in ad for the PONY-MAMI-CLUB.

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