Designables: Perfect Party: Polly

Product #N7261


magenta and black dress
light pink dress
green top
gold and pink top
aqua and green top
aqua and black top
gold skirt
aqua and green skirt
green capris
black pants
magenta pair of shoes
gold pair of shoes
black pair of shoes
aqua pair of boots
aqua purse
dark pink purse
gold cake
light pink cake on plate
gold cake on plate
transparent green glass
transparent blue glass
transparent pink pitcher
green bunch of balloons
green gift box
magenta gift box
gold gift box
aqua stereo
pink camera
gold bear
pink table
cardboard favor sack x2
cardboard decoration w/ noisemaker x2
cardboard decoration w/ Polly head x2
lavender pony tail
pink pony tail
yellow pony tail
pin-the-tail-on-the-pony board
Polly poster with face hole
transparent vinyl bag with purple and pink trim