Designables: Perfect Party: Lila

Product #N7262

aqua and yellow dress
aqua dress
magenta and dark pink dress
magenta top
pink and black top
gold and pink top
gold skirt
gold skirt
black pants
gold pants
gold pair of shoes
magenta pair of shoes
aqua pair of shoes
pink pair of shoes
aqua purse
pink purse
gold and pink cupcake platter
light pink cupcake on plate
gold cupcake on plate
aqua cup x2
aqua kettle
magenta bunch of balloons
green gift box
magenta gift box
blue gift box
green stereo
green cell phone
white puppy
green table
cardboard decoration w/ noisemaker x2
cardboard decoration w/ Polly head x2
green/pink flower
pink/coral/orange flower
green/coral flower
garden mural
Polly poster with face hole
transparent vinyl bag with green and aqua trim