Sparklin’ Pets: Party

Product #N0734

Note: This set was a Toys “R” Us exclusive.


tan cat with light pink collar
blue and aqua dress
blue pair of boots
blue and aqua pet outfit
gray rabbit with dark pink collar
dark pink and white dress
pink pair of shoes
dark pink and white pet outfit
brown and tan monkey with dark pink collar
purple and dark pink dress
purple pair of boots
purple and dark pink pet outfit
white and brown dog with purple collar
aqua, purple, and white dress
aqua pair of shoes
aqua, purple, and white pet outfit
dark pink present
pruple present
aqua present
light blue food dish
dark pink food dish
purple food dish
aqua food dish
silver baking sheet x2
white plate x4
silver tea kettle x2
silver fork x4
silver spoon x4
silver knife x4
dark pink and orange chair
dark pink and orange couch
purple plastic case with four rooms