Ride Together Ranch Giftset with Polly and Lila

Product #N2855

Note: This set was a Kohl’s exclusive.

tan horse with purple hair
tan horse with pink hair
light blue bird
purple and aqua dress
light pink top
light pink top
aqua top
light pink and purple top
green and pink top
light blue skirt
light blue skirt
green pants
purple pants
pink pants
pink capris
light blue pair of shoes
light pink pair of shoes
light blue pair of boots
light blue pair of boots
aqua pair of boots
aqua pair of boots
dark pink sunglasses
light pink sunglasses
green hat
pink hat
green saddle
purple saddle
aqua horse outfit
light pink and white horse outfit
yellow brush
green brush
purple comb/weathervane
aqua flower barrette x2
yellow flower barrette x2
pink flower barrette x2
green ribbon barrette x2
yellow hay bale/chair
green, lavender, and pink ranch with fence and gate