Pop ‘n Swap Fashions: Fashion Frenzy: Beach

Product #M9123


Polly head with long straight hair, bangs
Crissy head with top knot and long ponytail, no bangs
torso with yellow, pink, and teal fabric top
torso with dark pink fabric top
torso with orange and blue fabric top
torso with white and teal top
legs with yellow fabric skirt; yellow shoes
legs with light pink, teal, and white fabric capris; dark pink shoes
legs with aqua fabric shorts; aqua shoes
legs with orange and blue fabric bikini bottom; pink shoes
pink and black hat
yellow goggles
pink goggles
yellow pineapple drink x2
yellow surfboard
pink surfboard
yellow stand (yellow/lavender/green with flowers)
magenta stand (pink/lavender/green with flowers)