Mega Mall Playset with Polly

Product #M8331

brown and purple dog
green turtle
white and silver dress
aqua dress with blue glitter
pink dress with pink glitter and silver halter
black vest with silver glitter
purple vest with pink glitter
pink and silver skirt
lavender pair of shoes
pink pair of boots
pink pair of boots
magenta pair of boots
lavender pair of ice skates with magenta stand
transparent lavender stand
magenta purse
lavender purse
purple backpack
light pink necklace
pale pink necklace
magenta necklace
magenta necklace
silver necklace
green necklace
green necklace
lavender hat
green hat
green ear muffs
purple mittens
pink guitar
lavender keyboard
green boombox
green camcorder
light blue cash register
magenta cup and saucer x2
green popsicle
pink popsicle
magenta tube
green tube
magenta lipstick tube
green lipstick tube
blue compact
green compact
magenta bottle
purple horizontal clothing hanger x4
purple vertical clothing hanger
blue stool x3
green chair with arms
green chair x2
lavender pet bed
light blue stand
green stand
silver rack (short)
silver rack (medium)
silver rack (tall)
light blue and green counter
light blue table
lavender table
lavender mirror
green counter
light blue rack
light blue display rack (short)
light blue display rack (tall)
light blue shelf x6
lavender wardrobe
pink, green, silver, and blue mall