Fab-tastic Fashions (Large): Polly

Product #L9881

pink dress with silver glitter
blue dress with aqua glitter
magenta and black dress with lavender glitter
gold top with gold glitter
pink top with lavender glitter
metallic rainbow skirt
blue skirt
black pair of shoes
gold pair of shoes
silver pair of boots
magenta bag
pink bag
pink necklace
lavender necklace
blue necklace
green necklace
silver bracelet
magenta bracelet
gold sunglasses
silver sunglasses
green perfume bottle
green bottle
magenta bottle
blue bottle
purple brush caddy
silver bottle
silver jewelry rack x2
silver cash register
silver horizontal clothing hanger x2
silver vertical (narrow) clothing hanger x2
silver vertical (wide) clothing hanger x2
purple cardboard shopping bag
pink cardboard shopping bag
magenta, aqua, and silver boutique
transparent vinyl bag with magenta trim