Sparkle Style House (2007 Edition) with Polly

Product #M0294

blue, purple, pink, green, and orange house
white kitty
green dress
pink dress
purple coat
purple top
green top
purple skirt
light blue capris
pink pair of shoes
purple pair of boots
pink purse
green purse
pink pillow insert
pink pillow w/ circles
purple pillow w/ stars
smaller green pillow w/ starbursts
smaller yellow pillow w/ flowers
smaller green pillow w/ stars
small pink pillow
yellow rug
transparent pink chair
pink seat cushion w/ checkered design
blue seat cushion w/ stars
yellow lamp
blue lampshade w/ zigzags
blue lampshade w/ vertical lines
pink stand
blue telephone receiver
blue telephone stand
blue and purple table
silver pot
blue plate x2
pink glass x2
pink flower
purple flower
orange flower x2
horizontal yellow clothing hanger x5
vertical yellow clothing hanger x3
pink clothing form
yellow clothing clip
blue and pink “glitterific closet”
tube of purple glitter
tube of pink glitter
tube of glue
cardboard entertainment center backdrop
(click to enlarge)
cardboard bookshelf and TV stand backdrop
(click to enlarge)
sheet of stickers: calender and wall photos
sheet of stickers: small decorations
roll of stickers (two each of eight different food items)