Glitz & Glam Pets: Primp n’ Pets

Product #L7697
Note: This set was a Kohl’s exclusive.


white cat with glitter
brown dog with glitter
light pink and lavender dress
light pink and lavender top
orange and pink top
green and lavender top
aqua top
pink and lavender skirt
green skirt
orange and pink skirt
aqua pants
lavender pants
lavender pair of shoes
lavender pair of shoes
pink pair of shoes
pink purse
light pink purse
lavender purse
aqua pet outfit
pink and white pet outfit
horizontal pink clothing hanger x2
vertical pink clothing hanger x2
light pink bottle
light pink bottle
transparent aqua bottle x2
light pink chair
transparent aqua wash tub
orange and pink doghouse
pink, purple, and aqua salon