Fab-tastic Fashions

Product #L4408
Note: This set was a Kohl’s exclusive.

pink and white dress
mauve, aqua, and periwinkle dress
white and aqua dress
orange and white dress
periwinkle and aqua dress
orange and white top
green and white top
periwinkle top
green top
pink and light pink top
periwinkle shawl
dark pink and light pink skirt
green and teal skirt
white skirt
teal and white skirt
dark pink skirt
periwinkle and dark pink pants
periwinkle and light pink pants
mauve and dark pink swimsuit
teal boa
teal belt
green belt
white belt
periwinkle pair of shoes
periwinkle pair of shoes
white pair of shoes
dark pink pair of shoes
magenta pair of shoes
green and white pair of shoes
teal and white purse
green and white hat
light pink horizontal clothing hanger
teal horizontal clothing hanger
light pink vertical clothing hanger
teal vertical clothing hanger
dark pink cash register x2
magenta mirror
dark pink Sparkle Style House model
aqua Concert Stage model
dark pink toy car
aqua-dress doll
orange guitar
dark pink and teal jack-in-the-box
orange spinning top
orange duck
orange ball
cardboard prop: sunglasses
cardboard prop: magazine cover
magenta and mauve chair
green and mauve ATM
light pink and dark pink toy kiosk
mauve, green, and magenta accessory kiosk