Snow Cool: Hotel with Polly

Product #G8612
Note: This set was recalled in 2007.


pink and light pink top
pink skirt
white, light blue, and blue top
blue and white pants
light blue and white top
light blue pants
white and pink cape
blue and white swimsuit
pink and white pair of skates
pink pair of boots
pink pair of boots
blue and white pair of boots
light blue and white pair of boots
pink and white pair of mittens
blue hat
blue scarf
light blue and white earmuffs
pink and silver goggles
silver tiara
pink ice skate stand
light blue and white skis
light blue ski poles
horizontal purple clothing hanger x3
vertical purple clothing hanger x3
purple comb
purple cash register
cardboard ticket x12
white goblet x2
light blue cup
pink cup
silver and white candelabra
pink and silver table
pink and silver chair x2
pink couch
transparent blue stand
transparent purple and pink hotel building
transparent purple, pink, and light blue tower and slope
light blue and white ski ramp