Stylin’ Scooters (Recolored) with Polly and Steven

Product #B2623
Note: This set was a Toys R Us exclusive.


light pink, green, white, and black scooter
green, blue, white, and black scooter
light pink, yellow, and purple dress
lavender and white jacket
lavender, purple, and white skirt
blue and light pink jacket
blue and light pink pants
orange, blue, and white top
orange and blue shorts
lavender pair of shoes
light pink pair of shoes
orange, blue, and white pair of shoes
yellow, green, and blue jacket
yellow and green pants
brown and yellow jacket
blue pants
blue, orange, and white top
blue, white, and orange shorts
blue and orange pair of shoes
green pair of shoes
brown pair of shoes
light pink helmet
green helmet
orange bag
orange bag
green bottle x2
orange table
orange chair x2
cardboard food booth