Perfect Picnic (Red S.U.V.) with Polly and Steven

Product #56681
Note: This set was a Toys R Us exclusive.


red S.U.V.
blue and white top
blue and white skirt
white and pink top
short white and pink pants
light blue and purple jacket
light blue and purple shorts
red and purple swimsuit
pink and white pair of shoes
blue and white pair of shoes
purple and blue pair of rollerblades
purple and blue jacket
purple and blue pants
red and blue top
blue shorts
white, blue, and red top
purple, aqua, and blue pair of shoes
red and blue pair of shoes
blue and purple pair of rollerblades
red and blue visor
purple water bottle
purple soda can
purple key
horizontal purple clothing hanger x2
vertical purple clothing hanger x2
pink cardboard picnic blanket
two cardboard plates
cardboard basket
cardboard lemonade pitcher
two cardboard lemonade glasses
two cardboard subs
two cardboard ice cream cones
two cardboard watermelon slices