Designer Mall Pet Shop with Lila

Product #B3238

lavender and light blue top
light blue skirt
lavender and white top
light blue and lavender pants
light blue pair of shoes
white puppy
white kitty
white bunny
white bird
aqua and dark pink carrier
aqua and dark pink house
orange perch
green food/water dish
green ball
blue dog toy
white toy mouse
white bone
dark pink cash register
green cardboard card w/ flower
pink cardboard shopping bag
horizontal dark pink clothing hanger
vertical dark pink clothing hanger
orange, aqua, and dark pink counter
orange pet mold
aqua and white bottle of glitter
wedges of pink and yellow clay in container
orange clay utensil
cardboard store sign
blue and orange cardboard fish bowl
green cardboard dog picture
purple cardboard cat picture
blue cardboard fish picture
roll of seven stickers: cat head, fish, bone, food dish,
poodle head, bunny, and dog head