Boutique on the Go (Green Bag) with Polly and Lea

Product #B9929

Note: This set was recalled by Mattel in 2007. For more information, go to the Mattel website.

Note: This set was a Wal-Mart exclusive. Many of the pieces are very similar or identical to clothing from the Hip Stylin’ Dressing Rooms.

bag with storage space and boutique
pink and yellow dress
pink and blue dress
purple, green, and blue dress
purple and orange top
purple and orange skirt
light blue and green top
light blue and purple skirt
green top
green, purple, and yellow pants
pink and light blue jacket
pink and yellow coat
purple and blue coat
pink, yellow, and purple hat
light blue hat
green and purple hat
pink pair of shoes
purple and blue pair of shoes
light blue pair of shoes
pink and light blue pair of boots
purple and orange pair of boots
green and yellow pair of boots
purple, orange, and light blue purse
light blue and pink purse
purple, blue, and green purse
horizontal purple clothing hanger x6
vertical yellow clothing hanger x6
light blue stand with mirror and rack