Advent Calendar with Polly

Product #B9519
Note: The Advent Calendar was sold primarily in the UK, with very limited distribution in the United States. It includes all the rubber clothing pieces from the Holiday Dazzle set (without the cardboard props, ornament, or glitter), with an addition of two new outfits. The new items are marked with a *.


red dress with glitter
purple, transparent lavender, and white dress
*blue and white dress
green, white, and red top
green, white, and red skirt
*red and white top
*red and white skirt
light pink and white top
light pink and white pants
red and clear top
clear and red pants
light pink and white earmuffs
*red and white pair of mittens
red and silver pair of shoes
transparent lavender pair of shoes
*blue pair of shoes
clear, red, and black pair of shoes
green pair of boots
white and light pink pair of boots
*red and silver pair of skates
transparent lavender neck scarf
*blue neck scarf
red and silver choker
red and silver purse
clear and red purse