Trendy Townhouse Room Giftset Lila with Kitchen, Dining Room, and Bathroom

Product #B3005
Note: This giftset included all the items included in the individual carded Trendy Townhouse Rooms, except the Lea and Shani dolls. No changes were made or new items added.


orange and yellow dress
orange and white apron
orange and yellow pair of shoes
pink microwave
blue and yellow cookie tray
yellow bowl
blue spoon
blue and yellow room wall
room backdrop with white and silver refrigerator and shelf
blue and purple top
shorter blue and purple pants
blue pair of shoes
purple brush
purple bottle
yellow duck
white bathtub
blue and white room wall
room backdrop with pink and silver sink, pink shelf, and yellow mirror
blue and pink top
blue, purple, and pink skirt
blue, purple, and pink pair of shoes
blue, yellow, and green flower vase
purple table
purple chair x2
purple, orange, and pink room wall
room backdrop with pink shelf and yellow hanging lamp