Surprise Party! with Polly and Lila

Product #B2325
Note: This set was a Target exclusive.

pink and white dress with glitter
pink and purple jacket with glitter
pink and purple skirt with glitter
magenta and orange top with glitter
magenta, lavender, and orange skirt with glitter
purple and magenta top with glitter
purple, white, and magenta skirt with glitter
pink pair of shoes
magenta pair of shoes
orange and purple pair of boots
purple and pink purse
orange and purple purse
pink and purple giftbox with glitter
purple and blue giftbox with glitter
yellow, pink, and purple slice of birthday cake with glitter x3
purple cake platter
blue plate x2
purple chair
blue chair
pink table
pink cardboard tablecloth
pink and white cardboard party hat x2
blue, pink, and purple cardboard balloon with stand
purple and blue cardboard balloon with stand
pink cardboard napkin and utensils x2
yellow cardboard lemonade glass x2
yellow cardboard cologne bottle
pink cardboard teddy bear