Sleepover Party Fashion Pack with Polly and Lila

Product #52616

purple and pink pajamas
pink and purple pajamas
blue and purple robe
yellow and pink robe
green, blue, and yellow top
short yellow and blue pants
blue and purple pajama top
blue and purple pajama bottom
yellow and pink pajama top
yellow and pink pajama bottom
purple, pink, and blue jacket
purple, pink, and blue skirt
green and yellow top
green and yellow skirt
green neck scarf
purple pair of shoes
pink pair of shoes
green pair of boots
purple, pink, and blue pair of shoes
yellow and blue pair of shoes
blue and yellow purse
purple and blue purse
purple and pink box
pink and purple box
purple and pink teddy bear
pink and purple teddy bear
blue, orange, and yellow sleeping bag
purple, pink, and light pink sleeping bag
yellow pillow
pink pillow