Super Stylin’ Mall with Polly and Lila

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aqua and purple dress
pink and orange jacket
pink and orange pants
purple and magenta jacket
purple and magenta shorts
purple, magenta, and white top
purple and white skirt
pink and orange top
pink and orange skirt
aqua and purple jacket
aqua and purple skirt
purple, magenta, and white swimsuit
purple hairdresser’s cape
pink hat
orange hat
pink pair of shoes
purple pair of shoes
orange pair of shoes
aqua and purple pair of shoes
purple and magenta purse
pink and yellow purse
purple shopping bag x2
purple comb
purple brush
aqua spounge-brush
pink hair flower x2
purple hair flower x2
orange hair flower x2
blue hairband x2
pink hairband x2
orange hairband x2
horizontal purple clothing hanger x5
vertical purple clothing hanger x5
silver cup x2
orange table
orange chair x2
blue hairdresser’s chair