Stylin’ Friends Fashion Pack with Polly and Lila

Product #52616

Notes: The Polly in this pack is very close to the Totally Trendy Polly, but she has different colored undergarments. Lila appears to be the same as School Cool Lila.

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blue and purple dress
pink and purple dress
light blue and blue dress
yellow and white pajamas
pink and white robe
blue and white top
short pink and blue pants
pink and dark pink pajama top
pink and dark pink pajama bottom
green, pink, and lavender jacket
green, pink, and lavender skirt
yellow and pink top
yellow and pink skirt
blue and purple jacket
blue neck scarf
yellow pair of shoes
yellow pair of boots
pink pair of shoes
blue pair of shoes
green, pink, and silver pair of shoes
pink and blue pair of shoes
light blue pair of shoes
pink purse
pink purse
blue and purple purse
green and pink purse
yellow and white box
yellow and purple teddy bear
pink beanbag chair
blue beanbag chair