Cool Careers: Giftset with Polly, Lila, Lea, and Rick

Product #B4353

Note: This giftset included all the items included in the individual carded Cool Careers figures. No changes were made.


blue, black, and red coat
pink and orange dress
blue and purple top
pink and purple skirt
pink pair of shoes
blue pair of shoes
orange cat
yellow cardboard book
orange cardboard apple
white and pink coat
black dress with glitter
white and red smock
black pants
black pair of shoes
white pair of shoes
black beret
gray cardboard photograph
white cardboard paint palette
white and red dress
purple and blue top
purple, blue, and white pants
white pair of shoes
white and red nurse’s cap
white chef’s hat
white and red bag
blue cardboard bowl
brown cardboard whisk
aqua, black, and red top
aqua pants
red and white top
red and white shorts
aqua pair of shoes
black, red, and white bag
red float
white and red cardboard innertube
white cardboard notepad