Boutique with Polly and Lila

Product #22022

Notes: The Lila included with the Boutique is very similar to the Share n’ Wear Lila; the only difference between the two is that the Boutique Lila has painted brown hair; the Share n’ Wear Lila’s hair was molded in brown plastic, so no paint was needed. Henceforth the Boutique Lila’s hair is much glossier. This set was also rereleased in a new box the following year with a 2000 copyright; to my knowledge there weren’t any changes made to the toy itself.

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pink and yellow dress
blue and white dress
pink and white top
blue and pink pants
magenta and yellow top
short magenta and yellow pants
pink and white jacket
magenta boa
pink neck scarf
blue neck scarf
magenta pair of shoes
pink pair of shoes
blue pair of shoes
blue purse
pink purse
magenta shopping bag x2
transparent blue clothing forms with hanger x10
blue water bottle x6
white stand with clothing form
white doll stand x2