Wild Waves: Polly with Castle

Product #B7094
Note: The child’s inflatable beachball was a bonus item that came withsome Wild Waves Castles.

pink seal
yellow, magenta, and aqua top
aqua and magenta skirt
pink pants
aqua and magenta swimsuit
aqua and yellow swimsuit top
aqua and yellow swimsuit bottom
yellow pair of shoes
pink and aqua pair of shoes
aqua pair of shoes
pink and yellow hat
yellow visor
pink sunglasses
pink and aqua bag
aqua turtle float
yellow turtle float
pink can of soda x4
aqua can of soda x2
aqua and purple icebox
aqua cash register
horizontal pink clothing hanger x2
vertical aqua clothing hanger x2
yellow, aqua, and pink ticket x2
purple, pink, and blue water castle with inflatable pool,
two swings, two slides, and umbrella
pink and white child’s inflatable beachball
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