Ride-Together Ranch Giftset with Polly and Lila

Product #B8702
Note: Most of the items from the regular Ride in Style Ranch are included in the original colors, in addition to duplicates on most in different colors (so Lila has her own set of clothes). Items that have not been changed in any way from the regular release are marked with a *. Note that the right panel of the stable was redesigned.

ranch, fence, and gate
Lila’s horse
*light pink and blue top
pastel yellow and pink top
*pink and blue pants
blue and gold pants
*red, black, and white top
purple, black, and white top
*shorter black pants x2
*pink pair of boots
pastel yellow pair of boots
*black pair of boots x2
*pink hat
blue hat
*black hat x2
*red horse legwarmer x4
purple horse legwarmer x4
*blue saddle
pink saddle
*light pink brush
*yellow rectangular bottle
*yellow cut-crystal bottle
*pink tubular bottle
*pink heart-shaped bottle
*purple holographic circle hair decoration x2
*green holographic circle hair decoration
pink holographic circle hair decoration
*blue holographic heart hair decoration x2
*pink holographic heart hair decoration
green holographic heart hair decoration
*blue horseshoe barrette x2
pink horseshoe barrette x2
*purple curly hair attachment with blue ribbon
blue curly hair attachment with pink ribbon
*pink crimped hair attachment with lavender ribbon
orange crimped hair attachment with blue ribbon
*yellow hay bale/chair
*orange barrel/set of drawers
*blue hair pick/weather vane
*blue horizontal clothing hanger x2
pink horizontal clothing hanger x2
*blue vertical clothing hanger x2
pink vertical clothing hanger x2
*cardboard shelf prop (bottles and brush)
*cardboard shelf prop (toy horse and flower pot)
*cardboard shelf prop (cologne bottles)
*cardboard shelf prop (bouquet, picture, and brush)
*cardboard shelf prop (trophy)