Welcome, Spam-bots!

Just wanted to do a shout out to my loyal followers, the spam-bots. I love you guys. I’m not sure what your end game is, but I enjoy all your tips about various kinds of dragons. Here are some of my favorite comments.

Bearded dragons want 12-14 hours of UVB lighting.

Good to know.

You probably saved my bearded dragons life.

Gosh! Glad I could help.

So, why do bearded dragons do the arm wave?

I don’t know. Pray continue.

Komodo Dragons are utterly fascinating creatures.

I’m sure they are. Your enthusiasm is charming.

Bearded dragons are a common pet to own.

Yes, I get that impression from how many spambots are all about them.

Some bearded dragons may even attempt to hide.

Sometimes I do that, too.

TIP: mountain dragons eat cloves and i’ve some.

Sign me up!

So, thank you all for the enlightening discussion. I look forward to your future observations.

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