2018 Polly Pocket Reboot

On a recent visit to Walmart, I was pleasantly surprised to see Polly Pocket back in stores. The design is new, but Mattel kept the purple/green color scheme from the last line. There are both “Fashion Polly” sized dolls with removable clothes, and compacts that are like the original Bluebird ones. In this Polly universe, the fashion dolls appear to exist in the real world but can “go tiny” with a magic locket. There is a playset that, for the first time, includes both a fashion and mini doll together.

Pictured here are the first four “Tiny Pocket World” sets. The packages don’t seem to have set names (I see there is a little instruction sheet tucked in the bottom, so it might be on there). Amazon lists them as:

Tiny Pocket World Polly & Peaches (dog) – picnic

Tiny Pocket World Polly & Dolphin – underwater

Tiny Pocket World Lila (now a redhead instead of brunette) – beauty salon

Tiny Pocket World Shani – drum set, keyboard, speakers

They were $5 at Walmart; on Amazon and eBay, they are going for $10 and up.

The other sets in this first wave are:

Active Pose Dolls (or Fashion Polly, as I will probably continue to refer to them) ($5 retail)
Skateboard Polly
Lila w/ Beauty Kit
Shani w/ Karaoke Machine (Amazon currently lists her as “Zipline Shani”)
Zipline (Zip ‘N’ Blast) Polly
Nicholas w/ Selfie Stick

Big Pocket World ($10 retail)
Snow Globe
Sweet Treat Cupcake

Hidden In Plain Sight ($20 retail)
Dance Par-taay Case
Beach Vibes Backpack

Transformation Playset ($40 retail) – I believe that this is the first time that fashion & tiny Pollys have been sold in the same set, so that’s neat.

Role-play Accessories
Tiny Power! Light Up Locket

The above link to the Amazon listings. You can also search eBay (or any other retailer of your choice).

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