You can find anyone... eventually!

I am the product of 5 generations of Grant County, Wisconsin German Catholic farmers. And the Dutchers. Those rapscallion-y Dutchers. Anyway, I like researching my family's roots, and finding distant cousins that also like researching family roots so that we can exchange geeky genealogy-filled e-mails.

My direct family lines are Davis, Didion, Dunham, Dutcher, Erkel, Fuller, Fure, Juerss, Kehrer, Klar, Klein, Kramer, Kuntz, Laib, Langmeier, Lindow, Long, Micka, Mueller, Neid, Quast, Roemer, Ruthrauf, Sievert, Tough, Wernet, Wunderlin, and Zeplin. Learn more about them in the below links.

Like many beginners, I fell into the trap of copying information willy-nilly before I learned about source citations. Now I''m trying to become a cool genealogist with lots and lots of practice. Here are my genealogy projects/resources/ways to connect with cousins:

I am currently available for hire to do research/copy records at the Wisconsin State Historical Society Library and Archives. My rate is $15/hour. E-mail me a little bit about your research needs and we will work out the details.