Here I offer the Fashion Polly Pocket Collector’s Guide, as well as sharing pictures of my other collections (My Little Pony, Littlest Pet Shop, more…)

I’m still settling into a comfortable layout, so I’m trying out different things to find out what works best. There are two primary menus at the moment. The one at top goes to my oldest pictures cataloged in Flickr albums. The menu at the right has new content with better pictures. So the old menu shows more things but worse-quality pictures. The new menu covers less merchandise, but the pictures are nicer. Remember to use the arrows at the right of the category name to expand that menu.

You can follow me on Facebook to get updates on new additions to the site (Fakie Spaceman for general updates; Fashion Polly for Polly-centric news).

“Fashion” Polly Pocket Collector’s Guide