Starling “be mystic” G3-Style My Little Pony Fakies

Item: Starling be mystic set of 5 ponies + accessories by Hunson Trading (2018).

These fakies are based on Hasbro’s G3 My Little Ponies. Both mane and tail are rooted. There are two unicorns, two adult earth ponies, and one baby earth ponies. Adults are approximately 4.5″ tall and the baby is 3″. The adults all have the same heart symbol, printed on both sides. The baby does not have a proper symbol, but some factory markings on one side. There are 6 barrettes, a brush, and a mirror.

Quality notes: This is a low-quality plastic, hair is thin, there are various paint imperfections in the eyes and some dirt spots, and loose bits of plastic sticking out around the neck. In other words, a standard fakie.

Currently in stock in Fakie Spaceman’s eBay store. (affiliate link)

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