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Purr-tenders Large Plush Each was about fourteen inches high, and came with a disguise and a electoronic box that was stored in a pocket in their back. When the cat was hugged, they "purred."
Name Color Disguise
Scamp-purr white; white front --lavender mouse mask with pink nose and black whiskers
--lavender mouse ears with pink insides
Chirp-purr pink; white front --red, yellow, and black toucan beak mask
--yellow, red, and blue toucan crown feathers
Romp-purr yellow; white front --blue dog mask with black nose and whiskers
--pink dog ears
Hop-purr lavender; white front --dark pink rabbit mask with red nose and white teeth
--red rabbit ears with dark pink insides
Flop-purr black; white front -- yellow duck beak mask with pink inside
--two orange webbed duck feet
Teddy-purr pink; white front --lavender bear mask with Lavender snout and blue nose
--Lavender bear ears with lavender insides

Burger King Purr-tenders There was a series of hard plastic Purr-tender figures available through Burger King; I only know of one of them, though. Their disguise popped up or down when you pressed a switch somewhere on the figure.
Name Description Disguise
Scamp-purr on Cheese Scamp-purr on yellow block of cheese lavender mouse mask

Burger King Sock-ems These plush Purr-tenders were about eight inches high and made in 1987. They had a pull-down mask on the back of their head, and a fold-down body covering. The body covering was also to be used as a stocking. When the mask was pulled back and the body covering folded-up, they looked the the normal cats. I think only the original five were made like this, and not Teddy-purr.
Name Color Disguise
Scamp-purr white; dark pink bow on neck --lavender pull-over mouse mask with pink nose
--fold-down lavender body covering and stocking
Chirp-purr pink; ? bow on neck --pull-over toucan mask with beak
--fold-down body covering and stocking
Romp-purr yellow; ? bow on neck --blue pull-over dog mask with black nose
--blue fold-down body covering and stocking
Hop-purr lavender; dark pink bow on neck --light pink pull-over rabbit mask
--light pink fold-down body covering and stocking
Flop-purr black; orange bow on neck --yellow pull-over duck mask with orange beak
--yellow fold-down body covering and stocking

Misc. Purr-tenders Items
Item Date
"The Story of the Purr-tenders" (A Golden Look-Look Book) 1988
"Hop-purr Hops Into Trouble" (A Golden Look-Look Book) 1988
12-piece frame tray puzzle showing Scamp-purr, Flop-purr, and Chirp-purr 1988
boxed puzzle showing the Purr-tenders at a picnic 19??

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