Once, not so very long ago, Colonel Casey, the kindly old Stork, swooped down into the Cabbage Patch with a mysterious bundle. The ‘Kids gathered round and stared in amazement as two of the cuddliest creatures they'd ever seen peered out of the bundle. Colonel Casey explained how he'd found them, frightened and shivering, down in Wykoosa Valley, during the big flood, and how he had to hurry back to help save the others. Now, they'd all heard tales of creatures in those parts who were supposed to bring good fortune. In fact, there was even a little rhyme about them:

‘Koosas are not born and bred
to be all brown or black or red.
Oh, no, you see, it's just not so,
they've found a better way to go.
A very special, loving breed
they become a friend to all in need.

The ‘Kids gathered up their shivering charges and took them to Babyland General to be cared for. And as more and more arrived, they set about a plan to find special friends, perhaps like you, to share the ‘Koosas love.

'Koosas are wonderful, adorable creatures that fit into the Cabbage Patch Kid world. They are the size and basic shape of the ‘Kids, but were instead cats, dogs, and lions. This page lists the different kinds of ‘Koosas that were made; click on each heading to see some examples of that type. Like the ‘Kids, each ‘Koosa was unique. If you're looking to buy ‘Koosas, eBay is a good place to look.

14" Stuffed ‘Koosas
These ‘Koosas had stuffed bodies and hard plastic heads. You could register your ‘Koosa with the ‘Koosas Kennel Association; you would then get back a sticker with the name you chose for the ‘Koosa that you could put on the collar that came with them.

Head Types
Cat (straight ears with tuft of yarn hair between ears)
Dog (bent-over ears with tuft of yarn hair between ears)
Dog (bent-over ears with yarn hair all over back of head)
Lion (straight ears with yarn hair all over back of head with two stripes)

Hair Colors

Hair Patterns
Tuft Between Ears (Cat or Dog)
All Over Back of Head (Dog)
Tuft Between Ears With a Different Color in Center (Dog)
All Over Back of Head With Two Stripes (Lion)

Body Colors
Orange and White Stripes

Body Material Types
Terry Cloth
Plush Nylon

Head Colors
Light Brown
Light Pink

Head Patterns
All One Color
Patch Over Right Eye
Patch Over Left Eye

Collar Tag Color
Metallic Gold

Collar Clasp Type
Line Latch
Hole Latch

Outfit Type Colors of Outfit Applique'
Corduroy Shorts With Rainbow Straps --Aqua
Terry Cloth Shirts --Aqua
--Pale Brown
Sundress --White with Multi-Colored Dots
--Pink and Orange Plaid
--Green and Blue Plaid
--White with Multi-Colored Hearts
Shortalls --Jean Patterned
--Red Plush

Signature Color (On Back of Outfit)

Eye Color
Dark Brown

Care Center for the 14" Stuffed
This was a Care Center that came with a flat bed with cushion, a food dish, a red ball, and a yellow brush.

Poseable Figures
These looked like the large plush ones, but instead were poseable figures.

Head Type
Cat (Straight Ears With Tuft of Yarn Hair Between Ears)
Dog (Bent-Over Ears With Tuft of Yarn Hair Between Ears)
Dog (Bent-Over Ears With Molded Hair Over Back of Head)

Hair Type Hair Color
Yarn Tuft Between Ears --orange
Molded Hair Over Back of Head --gray

Body Color
Peach With Gray Stripes

Clothes Color
Shirt Decorated With Hearts; Stripe Near the Bottom; Duck Decoration Aqua With Yellow Stripe
Lacy Diaper Aqua
Vest With Frilled Edge Orange and Yellow Striped

Holding On To
Round Food Bowl

Eye Color

5" Playmates
These were smaller five-inch-high versions of the plush ‘Koosas. Like the large ones, they had a stuffed body and hard plastic head. They each came wearing one outfit and had an extra one, and a pillow with an item printed on it. The pillow had a piece of velcro on the back so it could stick to the ‘Koosas' hand. I think there were only six different ones made and they each came with the same accessories each time.

Breed Color Outfit #1 Outfit #2 Pillow
Cat Yellow white dress with lavender? spots lavender dress fish in a frying pan
Cat Brown white dress with orange spots dark pink dress green purse
Cat Peach white dress with blue? spots pastel green dress fish in a basket
Dog Yellow red shorts with rainbow suspenders aqua shorts with rainbow suspenders lunchbox
Dog Brown aqua shorts with rainbow suspenders tan shorts with rainbow suspenders brown backpack?
Dog Peach jean-printed shorts with rainbow suspenders aqua shorts with rainbow suspenders yellow and orange wrapped present

2 1/2" PVCs
These were tiny non-poseable ‘Koosas, about 2 1/2" high. There were several different poses and each may have come in a variety of different colors. Each ‘Koosa had a molded-on collar with a three-letter name printed on the tag.
These are the known poses they came in:

cat ‘Koosa bending over; tangled up in yarn
lion ‘Koosa sitting down; chewing on a sneaker
lion ‘Koosa; sitting on top of a fishbowl

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