List of Furrever Friends

Plush Furrever Friends The plush have one 10 inch long tail section attached to their body, and another two that hook on to the other with velcro. They also each came with a plastic comb with a cat on the top, and it was made so you could slip it on the tail. Three bows were also included with each -- one for around the neck and the two others to go at the places where tail sections went.
Body Color Tail Color Ear Insides Color Bow Colors Comb Color
white white gold gold mesh orange
white with blue spots blue blue ? ?
pink pink pink purple mesh ?
purple purple blue pale aqua mesh blue
white with pink spots with magenta trim light pink magenta pale aqua mesh ?
yellow (just a tail section is pictured ^.~) yellow ? dark pink mesh ?

Clip n' Tails Clip n' Tails were smaller than the plush; they had plastic bodies and seven-inch-long fur-covered tails. When you pushed their sides, their paws opened up so you could clip something between them. Like the plush, they came with three bows.
Body Color Tail Color Ear Insides Color Bow Colors
bright blue bright blue magenta pink mesh
light pink with purple spots light pink with purple spots magenta gold lace
white with dark pink spots purple light pink gold lace
pink pink magenta purple lace
white white dark pink light pink mesh dotted with dark pink
pale blue pale blue dark pink pale blue mesh

Clip n' Tails Tail Packs Yes, there were even packs of extra tail segments sold for the Clip n' Tails. ^.^ Each pack had three tails in it, with a bow attached.
Tail #1 Tail #2 Tail #3
purple with frosted white tips white; pink lace bow pink with frosted white tips

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