Lemon Treats' Boutique

Lemon Treats owns and operates a boutique (dealing mainly in hats) in the Dream Valley mall. Read the story these scenes are from here.

"There before him at the mirror were Tabby, Sugarberry, and Chocolate Chip. For a fleeting moment,
he considered ducking back out; but Lemon Treats caught sight of him. 'Toby! I thought you'd never show up!' "

" 'Come over here, Toby, and try it on!' She pulled him across to the triple mirror and,
taking the hat from his hoof, she placed it on his head."

" 'And here's a matching tie,' Lemon Treats informed the stallion. 'You'll be the talk of the town.' "

Vanguard and Sugarberry in their hat selections

Thomas and Tabby in their hat selections

Wigwam and Chocolate Chip in their hat selections

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