Profiles: O

Name: Oak, King
Occupation: King
Place of Residence: Isle of the Green Lake
Noteable Relationships:
Queen Gooseberry's husband
Noteworthy Appearances: Dark Night Enchantment | The Royal Wedding | History | An Unexpected Visit |

Name: Oakley
Occupation: Owner of Oakley's Grocery
Place of Residence: Dream Valley
Noteable Relationships:
Noteworthy Appearances:
A Friend In Need | The Great Apple Festival | Endings

Name: Onyx
Occupation: Chef
Place of Residence:
Noteable Relationships: Blackcap and Sassy's son; Ebony, Sable, and Garnet's brother
Noteworthy Appearances: Dark Regrets | Anchor and Sails |

Name: Outré
Occupation: X-Crew Member
Place of Residence:
Noteable Relationships:
X, Smiley, Max, Dragon, and Alex's teammate
Noteworthy Appearances: Enter the ESL | Friends, Foes, and Secrets | Victory or Bust |

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