My Little Pony Monthly Issue 9 (December 1, 1997)

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Issue 9
December 1997

Letters to the Editor

Subj: MLP


Thank you for mailing me your newsletter. I really enjoyed reading it.


Subj: MLP Monthly

I thought this month's issue was great! I really really really like the pony of the month!

Ged Hix

Subj: ChaCha and Frilly Flower


There is one other difference between the 2 ponies: ChaCha wears blue(?) eyeshadow, while Frilly Flower wears pink eyeshadow!

Subj: newsletter


Thanks for sending me the newsletter. It was very sweet but I'm not a collector. I just occasionally post ponies for sale. I also enjoy reading the MLP messages board. It's so nice to see such a great group of people sharing their enthusiasm over their hobby. You can go ahead and drop me but I wanted to let you knowhow much I appreciated the thought!

Thanks again,



Friends Forever
by Shining

Baby Gusty sighed. It was a warm April afternoon. Watching Shining was what she loved best. Although Shining was a mortal horse, the tall, bay Quarter Horse mare was so beautiful, Baby Gusty always felt plain in the presence of her mentor.

Watching Shining go through her paces, Baby Gusty wished with all her heart that one day, she could be as elegant and lovely as Shining. Shining could jump, dance, and even do the incredible leaps that only the Lippizaners were supposedly able to do.

Shining's so perfect! Baby Gusty thought. And even though Baby Gusty was always in awe of the wonderful mare, she was never jealous. Other baby ponies were jealous of Baby Gusty, though. Baby Gusty was Shining's "special" friend.

"It's not fair!" Baby Firefly said one day with a stomp of her tiny hoof at the nursery. "Baby Gusty has all the luck!" Posey, who was on Nursery Detail that day had tried to explain to Baby Firefly that she was just as lucky as Baby Gusty, but in different ways, but to no avail. Baby Firefly hadn't talked to Baby Gusty for a week, until she figured out that she could fly, when Baby Gusty couldn't.

But Baby Gusty didn't want to fly. All she wanted to do was float as gracefully as Shining. Shining told Baby Gusty all about her training. Head sets, dressage, collecting and extending, piaffes... it all sounded so wonderful to Baby Gusty.

Shining had spent hours upon hours with Baby Gusty, trying to train her to be graceful and elegant, but as Baby Gusty put it, "Only if a fairy came down and granted my wish, would I be graceful."

* * *
One day when Baby Gusty arrived at the barn to watch Shining, Shining was not there! Baby Gusty galloped all over the property of Glorified Acres, where Shining lived, but Shining was nowhere to be found. Baby Gusty was scared. What if Shining had been moved to a different barn? What if Shining had colicked in the night and had to go to the doctor's? What if...? Tears streamed down Baby Gusty's face as she gave up and plopped down on an alfalfa bale.

"Oh, Sweetie, I'm so sorry," a quiet voice came through Baby Gusty's heart-wrenching sobs.

Baby Gusty knew that quiet, sweet voice, and the only one who ever called her "Sweetie" was, "SHINING! Where were you? I was so worried! What happened? I thought you went away! I thought you colicked! I thought you--"

Shining chuckled in the quiet way she did everything. "Sweetie, I'm fine. I'm sorry I made you worry like that. I was at Dr. Rosedust's to--"

"OH NO!" Baby Gusty interrupted Shining. "What happened? Are you going to get well? Are you going to be okay?" All of Baby Gusty's encounters with the local doctor had always been when she was sick, or to get shots for school, or something else that she thought of as unpleasant.

"I'm fine." Shining's voice was barely above a whisper. "Sweetie, I'm going to have a baby!"

Baby Gusty gasped. How wonderful! She hadn't anticipated anything like this, and she was as ecstatic as Shining. "Ohmigosh! I can't believe it! Congratulations! What are you gonna name her? Or will it be a him? I've gotta tell Mom!" Baby Gusty embraced her friend with a loving hug, but then suddenly pulled back. Shining looked at her quizzically. "I just don't want to hurt the baby," Baby Gusty explained.

Shining smiled and shook her head. "The baby's fine. I'm not due until next year! Eleven months. But I'm going to have to take it easy from now on."

Baby Gusty nodded vigorously. As Baby Gusty bobbed her head, her mother, Gusty, entered the barn. "C'mon, dear, dinner's waiting, and Dad is going to take you to Fifi's for a trim after dinner."

"Hello, Gusty," Shining called, "We're down here!"

"Oh Shining! I was going to call you! That handsome stallion of yours told me the good news! Congratulations!" Gusty and Shining had been best friends for as long as Baby Gusty could remember. Baby Gusty always thought it was funny since Shining was so quiet; when her mother was so bubbly.

Shining blushed and smiled. "Thanks, Gusty. You know, I'm counting on you to tell me all your secrets of parenting! I want my baby to be just like Sweetie, here."

Now it was Baby Gusty's turn to blush. She looked down at her hooves. When she looked up again, Shining was smiling fondly at her. Baby Gusty returned the smile.

* * *
Months went by, and although Baby Gusty didn't go to the barn anymore, she still had fun, planning for the baby. Shining's baby was the talk of the nursery.

"I can't wait until Shining has her baby!" Baby Cotton Candy squealed.

"I'm going to teach her how to fly!" Baby Firefly declared.

"How do you know it's going to be a girl, Baby Firefly?" Baby Glory asked. "I think it will be a boy."

"I just know," Baby Firefly replied.

"Well, maybe you're wrong."

"I'm never wrong, Baby Glory!"

"Yes you are," Baby Glory contradicted, "Remember last winter when you said that you knew you were going to get the whole set of My Little People dolls, and you just got Heather?"

"No! I'm never wrong!" Baby Firefly shrieked.

"Yes you are!"

"No I'm not!"

"Yes you are!"

"No I'm not!"

"Yes, you--"

"Hey guys! Cool it! No one will know until the baby comes," Bowtie separated the bickering ponies. "There's a fifty percent chance that the foal will be a boy, and a fifty percent chance that the foal will be a girl."

Baby Gusty watched the scene from the beanbag corner and sighed. Only three more months until Shining was due.

* * *
Baby Gusty was worried. Shining was due on February twenty-sixth, but she hadn't heard a word from her friend in over two weeks. Then on March third, Baby Gusty got a letter in the mail in elegant, graceful lettering.

To: Baby Gusty

c/o Gusty and Chief

Excitedly, Baby Gusty opened the letter. She never got mail addressed specifically to her! She read the letter, and gave a whoop of joy. Then she read the letter again:

Shining and Signature Required are proud to announce the newest members of their family.

Their daughter, On My Honor, and their son, In A Moment, were born at

Dream Valley Hospital with the assistance of Dr. Rosedust

on March 1, 1997 at three o'clock A.M. Both foals were born healthy.

Quickly, Baby Gusty called Baby Firefly. "Baby Firefly! Shining! She had her baby! I mean babies!"

"What!? Baby Gusty slow down!" Baby Firefly tried to calm down her friend. "It almost sounded like you said Shining had her babies!"

"I did!" Baby Gusty laughed. "She had twins! A girl and a boy!"

"WOW!" Baby Firefly was now as excited as Baby Gusty. "What are their names?"

"The filly's name is On My Honor, and the colt's name is In A Moment," Baby Gusty replied, a little more calmly.

"We've got to tell the other Babies! They'll want to know," Baby Firefly said. She paused. "I guess I was right, and Baby Glory was right too!"

* * *
Baby Gusty felt very grown up. Three months had passed since the babies had been born. Now Shining and her husband were practicing for an upcoming show; the first one since Shining had left the show circuit to have the foals. Baby Gusty had been appointed official baby-sitter of the twins.

The babies seemed to love watching their parents as much as Baby Gusty did. Delicate Shining and handsome jet-black Signature (short for Signature Required) made a perfect couple. The trio watched as the two in the arena danced and leaped together.

Honor and Moment, as they had been nicknamed, nuzzled Baby Gusty. Baby Gusty smiled fondly down at the two just the way their mother had smiled over a year before at Baby Gusty. Baby Gusty tenderly kissed each tiny forehead and nuzzled the babies back.

"Sweetie, you're so good for them. I don't know what I'd do without you," Shining remarked as she trotted to the rail.

"I must agree," Signature winked. "You're really terrif, kid!"

"I'd do anything for them!" Baby Gusty said, "I love them so much!"

"They love you, Baby Gusty," Signature told her.

"And we love you, Sweetie," Shining added. Baby Gusty grinned.

"Say, how would you like to come see us perform on Thursday at the show?" Signature asked Baby Gusty.

"I'd love to!" Baby Gusty was delighted. "I can't wait!"

* * *
Baby Gusty arrived at the show not knowing what to expect. She knew that Shining and Signature would be wonderful, but what about everyone else? There were an awful lot of other horses at the show, too.

She found the arena and sat down with a box of popcorn in the bleachers. The announcer's voice boomed, "Our first exhibit will be done by the two Ponies, Tex and Applejack."

Baby Gusty clapped. Tex and Applejack's performance was terrific. And so were the others. Ten couples performed, each performance wonderful and unique. Wow, I wish I could dance and leap like that, Baby Gusty wished.

The announcer was saying something. Baby Gusty snapped out of her daydream. "...back from her absence on the show circuit to start a family. Her mate continued to show solo. Now, once again ladies and gentlemen, together again..." the announcer paused dramatically, "Shining and Signature Required!"

The crowd screamed, Baby Gusty included. Shining and Signature galloped into the ring and performed. It seemed as if they were floating above the ground; strains of music added to the aura that surrounded them.

When they finished their routine, the crowd got to their feet and almost made Baby Gusty deaf with their cheers! Shining and Signature bowed to the audience once, twice, three times! Then Shining turned and looked directly at Baby Gusty and blew a kiss to her. Tear welled up in both Baby Gusty's and Shining's eyes. Signature winked at Baby Gusty and grinned.

Honor and Moment scampered into the arena to be with their parents. Honor squealed and beckoned Baby Gusty to join them in the center of the ring. Baby Gusty made her way down to the ring. Shining whispered in her ear, "Friends forever, Sweetie!"

As she looked into the crowd, and then back to Shining, Signature, Honor, and Moment, she thought: It just doesn't get any better than this!

* Please E-Mail me to let me know what you think of my story. Maybe I'll make a sequel if some people like it! My address is


Pony Limerick Contest

The following entries were received for the limerick contest; send your vote for your favorite limerick to Tabby at Results will be in the next issue!

A pink pegasus named Firefly

Had a passion for soaring up high.

With the speed of a whip,

She performed a back flip

Then she zoomed off into the sky.


There once was a pony named Fizzy

Who drank so much pop she got dizzy

she didn't feel well

but she didn't tell

And for the next month she was busy


Firefly the beautiful pegasus

Was able to dance on a cloud

Out of sight

In the night

But able to see in the morn



Need help identifying:

She's a unicorn, of an iridescent yellow with pink hair. She has a hot air balloon symbol. We purchased it from a webpage thinking it was Baby Gusty, but it definately is not. Thank you, e-mail me at if you know her name.


Did You Know...
By Sugarberry and Clipper

Santa Claus was spotted at the Chunky Coal Supply Company making a rather large purchase. He was reportedly grumbling about having to handle the dirty stuff. "If only all the children would behave," he sadly said.

A number of Little Ponies responded to an emergency request from the North Pole. It seems that several of the elves came down with a virus just as toy production was gearing up for the Christmas season. All the big brother ponies, as well as Snuzzle, Glory, Locket, Starflower, Sundance, and Lofty headed north and filled in on toy-making duties until the elves were able to return. Santa was so impressed with the ponies work that he asked them to come each year to help out. He also asked for the names of the fastest and strongest pegasi in case his reindeer team was ever out of comission on Christmas; that way, he would have a back up team. The pegasi chosen were: Whizzer, Windwhistler, Firefly, Flutterbye, Floater, Bouncy, Surprise, and North Star.

On the 20th of November, Tex was robbed of 2,000 jangles. There were no witnesses and as of yet there are no suspects. Tex made the following statement: "That varmit, I knew he'd be up to no good."

Sundance has announced that she will be throwing a gala Christmas party on Christmas Eve. There will be dancing, food, games, and presents for all. "I'm very excited," she said, "and I'd like to thank my long lost brother, Butch, for his gift of 2,000 jangles which made the party possible."

The Bushwoolies volunteered tp wrap gifts for shoppers at the Mall, but Mall personnal had to ask the Bushwoolies to leave after only a half hour of work. In that amount of time, the Bushwoolies has managed to tangle the red and green ribbons into a giant knot; Friendly has accidently wrapped a box containing a sleeping Chumster; Eager had broken a toy train because, "Just trying it out! Make sure it run!"; Hugster unwrapped the two packages that Cheery had successfully wrapped; and Wishful spent his time making paper airplanes from the gift wrap. "Only trying to help!", the Bushwoolies said as they left the Mall.

Just in time for Christmas!

Pony-Mart introduced the new line of 1998 My Little People dolls in time for Christmas shopping. Some customers were disappointed in the new slimmer styling of the new line. "I like the people to be plump," stated one dissatisfied shopper. Another angrily expressed bitterness that Pasbro has not continued with MLP in the old molds. "And their eyes!" lamented one collector. "Their eyes are not nearly as beautiful as before." Other shoppers, on the other hand, embraced the My Little People's new look and purchased freely. "It's a new era!" commented one shopper. "My Little People are ready for the 21st century!"


The Christmas Ball
by Majesty

The Characters:

Magesty- Queen of the ponies, searching for her long-lost daughter

Glory- in love with Wigwam

Moondancer- Glory's best friend

Wigwam- Glory's boyfriend, he keeps disappearing on Saturdays

Tex- good pal of Majesty's, currently single

Twilight- Slugger's girlfriend, Glory's sister

Other Characters Mentioned:

Banana Split

Princess Tiffany


"Moondancer, get over here!!" Glory cried. "Look at this invitation! Princess Tiffany is holding a Christmas Ball! Just think... lots of guys, fancy desserts, shimmering chandeliers...."

"Come out of your fantasy world, Glory. Think straight for a moment. When is the ball? Christmas Eve, I bet," Moondancer peered over Glory's shoulder. "Yep. Just enough time to get ready for it. Too bad they didn't send the invitation sooner. Sprinkles had her eye on one of the guys. She didn't tell me who, though, and she's away in Flutter Valley until Christms Day."

"I really hope it isn't Wigwam. Hold on, I need to RSVP, then call Banana Split to see if she can babysit your daughter," Glory said, "and then I'll schedule appointments at the Perm Shoppe for the two of us. And I must call Urban Ponyfitters to see if they have any new dresses in... OH, THIS WILL BE GREAT!!!"

"Slow down to about 90 there, Glory. Deep breaths. You're hyperventilating."

* * *
The next day...

"GLORY!!!!! WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU NEVER MADE APPOINTMENTS!??" Moondancer said angrily as she heard the news from inside. Mooondancer, Tex, and Wigwam were playing a game called SPUD.

"Well, I guess I forgot... but now where will we get our hair done??"

"Go ask Majesty to do it for you. She can do anything," Tex suggested. "Why don't I escort you ladies to Dream Castle?"

* * *
Moondancer and Glory arrived at Paradise Estate with four hours left until the party. They got dressed in beautiful dresses. Moondancer's was a long red slip dress with a red sweater, and Glory wore a maroon one with a corderoy jacket. But before they boarded the elevator to the Underground Ballroom, Glory received a very informative phone call.

* * *
At the ball...

"Banana Split just called," Glory said worriedly.

"What, she can't take care of Baby Moondancer?" Majesty said.

"No, Banana Split saw Wigwam with someone else on Saturday! She said the pony was pink with white and purple hair, but that could only be my sister Twilight and--" a voice cut Glory off.

"Hi guys! How are you all doing?" Twilight appeared in the doorway. She was truly stunning in her silver miniskirt and fishnets.

"You, you lying idiot!!!" Glory shouted. "You've been seeing Wigwam all this time??!!"

"Seriously, I have no idea what you're talking about. Ask Wigwam. Here he comes now." But Majesty ran over to him, very angered that he would do something like this to Glory.

"Wigwam, Glory said that you see someone every Saturday, and you have been lying to her. Is this true?"

Suddenly, Wigwam burst into laughter.

"I'm not seeing anyone!!" he said, still laughing very hard. "That pony is my sister, from out of town! And she's a flutter pony! Didn't you see her wings?"

Moondancer ran over (interrupting a conversation between her and her husband, Chief) to Glory, who was now quite red in the face, and very embarrased.

"C'mon, Glory. I find this very amusing. This ball is supposed to be fun!!"

"Twilight, I'm sorry I accused you. Really sorry..."

"And what would I be doing with Wigwam anyway?" Twilight said. "I have a date with Slugger tomorrow night. Well, it's time for h'ors d'oeurves. See ya!"

"I'm glad this all worked out," Majesty said. "I know Wigwam would never do anything like that to you."

"Yeah, me too. And you know, Sprinkles is missing the ball, so could you ask Tex if he'll meet her at the Satin Slipper Sweet Shoppe tomorrow, if it's open? I have to leave the ball early. My daughter got sick with the flu," Moondancer said.

"Oh, Baby Moondancer is sick? Give her a kiss for me, okay?"

"Sure, Majesty."

It was a night of dancing, and the performance of Steamer's band (with Fizzy on lead vocals) put everybody in a good mood. The Baby Ponies were jumping for joy on Christmas Day. And Sprinkles? She and Tex had a great afternoon at Scoops' house (because the shoppe was closed) and they had a great Christmas Day. But one thing was bothering Majesty: the Prophecy said that on New Year's day, Majesty must perform a search for her long-lost daughter. Who will it be? A neighbor or a perfect stranger? Find out in the next issue.


Invento Ponies
Christmas Gift Pack
by Tabby

Name: Winker

Body Color: gold

Hair Color: green/red/white/yellow

Symbol: string of Christmas lights

Breed: unicorn

Kind: Twinkle Eyed

Name: Joy

Body Color: red

Hair Color: green

Symbol: bells

Breed: earth pony

Kind: So Soft

Name: Baby Seraph

Body Color: white

Hair Color: gold

Symbol: angel

Breed: pegasus

Kind: baby pony

Name: Iridescent Iceberg

Body Color: pearlized green

Hair Color: red with white streak

Symbol: none

Breed: sea pony

Kind: sea pony

Name: Icicle

Body Color: gold

Hair Color: white

Symbol: none

Breed: baby sea pony

Kind: baby sea pony

Name: Blizzard

Body Color: red

Hair Color: gold

Symbol: snowflake

Breed: reindeer

Kind: Pony Friend


by Galaxy (directions at bottom)

Cotton Candy collapsed into her pink comforter placed in the the corner of her pink tiny room. She sighed. Life was so complicated with her new baby, Baby Cotton Candy! Right now Baby Cotton Candy was sleeping peacefully in her pink crib. Treausured moments like this, when Cotton Candy was able to take a break from watching her beloved little girl and keeping her out of trouble, were scarce.

All of a sudden Powder burst into the room. "Cotton Candy Cotton Candy!!" she cried happily.

Cotton Candy fiercely raised a hoof to her lips. "Shh!! You'll wake up--"

"WAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!" Baby Cotton Candy let out an ear-splitting screech.

"Ohhh!" groaned Cotton Candy. "My life is the pits!"

"Powder, what was so important that you wanted to tell me about that caused my baby to get freaked out-- not to mention me!!??" Cotton Candy demanded once they were out of the room and Baby Cotton Candy was calmed.

Powder looked down, embarrassed, at her hoofs. "Well-- on Pony Times, Jet asked Tulip to marry him!"

Cotton Candy stared furiously at her airhead friend. "Powder, you reacted like that over a soap opera!!!??? Arrrggh! Just leave me alone." Cotton Candy flounced out of the hallway and down the stairs to the living room, where Baby Cotton Candy was playing Go Fish with her best friend, Baby Paws.

"Hi, Mommy," gurgled Baby Cotton Candy as Cotton Candy swooped her up and hugged her. Baby Cotton Candy flailed her arms around and around.

"Darling," said Cotton Candy. "Whatever are you doing?"

"I'm tryink to fy like Baby Lofty," answered the little pink sweetheart. Baby Cotton Candy's arm hit a flower vase that shattered. "Uh oh," said Baby Cotton Candy.

"Boy, I'm outta here," gulped Baby Paws. "That was Cupcake's favorite vase." Baby Paws scampered away, with Baby Cotton Candy right behind him.

"Aaaaiiieeee!!!!!" sobbed Cupcake as she and Heart Throb raced in to investigate the accident. "My vaaaaase! My m-mother gave it to mee!" She started to sob.

"I'm sooo very much sorry, Cupcake," said Cotton Candy. "I'm afraid my little--" She was cut off by Cupcake's sharp voice.

"Yeah, no duh!!" Cupcake snarled. "Everything that happens that's bad around here these days, your little monster is to blame. She stole Applejack's pie, killed Sea Breeze's fish, destroyed Galaxy's constellation kit-- I can think of more, believe me!! She's just a little wolf in sheep's clothing."

"That's enough!" cried Cotton Candy. "I know she may not be the best baby in the world, but she's my baby, so you'd better shut up about her!" Just then Cotton Candy realized how very much she did love her baby.

Baby Paws rushed in. "Help! I can't find Baby Cotton Candy!"



Top Ten Things Pony Lovers Like to See On Christmas Morning
by Fizzy(RosyLove1)

1. A stocking with hoofs hanging out.

2. Pony wrapping paper at the bottom of the tree.

3. A small wrapped package that takes a very "special" form.

4. Baby Cuddles in her buggy on top of the fire place.

5. A package from a pony friend on AOL.

6. A Twice as Fancy baby sitting by some chocalate chip cookies on a table.

7. Anything MOC!! hehehe

8. Paradise Estate!

9. Pony shaped cookies:)

10. Something your parents told you that you should open last :)

May everyone have a wonderful Holiday Season :) God bless! :)


Ghostly November
by Windwhistler

It was an unusually cold day in November for Pony Land. Most of the ponies huddled around the warm fireplace at Paradise Estate.

"Brrrr... I wouldn't be surprised if it snowed today," said Gusty, warming her hooves near the fire.

"You shouldn't say stuff like that, ‘else it might come true," said Heart Throb who sat on the couch brushing her tail.

"I wish ‘da Boogie Pony would come after us in our sleep!" joked Galaxy. She and Gusty burst into laughter.

"O' please," Heart Throb said, quite angry at the others' joke. She turned back to brushing her tail.

"Would you please mollify your obtrusive commotion? I am trying to comprehend this article," said Windwhistler as she turned another page in her book.

"Huh?" questioned Gusty as they both stopped laughing, trying to understand what Windwhistler said.

The room was silent for a moment. Windwhistler turned another page. Applejack walked into the room with a cookie jar.

"I think she means: Shut up ‘cause she's trying to read. Isn't that right, Windy?"

Applejack had a nickname for everyone at Pony Land and they all called her Apple in return.

"Precisely, Apple!" replied Windwhistler as she turned a another page.

"Mmmmm... Cookies!" said Gusty as she rushed for the cookie jar. "They're all gone!" she steamed.

"Yeah, I was looking for Cupcake to bake us some more. Anybody seen her?" Applejack glanced around the room.

"Affirmatively," Windwhistler looked up from her book, "she journeyed to the library."

"What?! In this weather? What if..." Gusty cut off Applejack in the middle of her sentence.

"...What if she is eaten by wolves? Then we will NEVER have any cookies!" Gusty and Galaxy burst into laughter. Even Applejack and Heart Throb giggled at the thought.

Windwhistler just cleared her throat and turned another page.

"Oh Windwhistler! You are just no fun! Laugh a little!"

"I don't see how getting devoured by wolves is funny," she stated. They all exploded into laughter again.

* * *
Heart Throb soon walked off to get some more hair spray and the others calmly sat by the fire, chatting. Windwhistler, by this time, had finished her book and grabbed a new one from the bookshelf.

Heart Throb returned to her chair and sprayed her hair as if it were a fire hose on a burning building. Everyone started gagging.

"You are going to scorch this location to the ground!" said Windwhistler amongst the smoking air.

Heart Throb decided she had better put the spray away before her friends dropped down dead on the ground.

"Look what a beautiful sunset," Heart Throb said, trying to draw attention away from her hair spray. She trotted to the window.

Soon all the ponies "Awed" at the glorious blends of colors streaming across the sky. Heart Throb flew out to the roof to get a better view. Soon you could see a figure along the horizon.

"And look!" Heart Throb pointed. "Cupcake's back!"

The other ponies squinted there eyes to see the increasing figure among the brilliant painting. As the rainbow of colors faded and dropped, Cupcake came trotting up to Paradise Estate with a big smile and a stack of books.

"Hello everyone!" said a delighted Cupcake. She was surprised that everyone was waiting for her.

Gusty rattled the empty cookie jar, "We just can't live without your fresh baked cookies for two minutes!"

"Gusty, that's mean," muttered Galaxy as she hugged Cupcake.

"Oh, it's ok, Galaxy," she handed the books to Windwhistler, picked up the cookie jar, and headed for the kitchen.

"Thanks, Cup!" Applejack said as she sprawled out in an easy chair.

* * *
It quickly became very dark in Pony Land. Black Clouds Spread like melting butter. All of the windows and doors were locked to keep the wind out and everyone was huddled around the fire eating Cupcake's fresh oatmeal cookies.

"What are we gonna do now?" said Gusty. "I wouldn't dare leave this warm fireplace."

"I have just the thing!" Cupcake became excited. "We could tell ghost stories!"

"Great idea, Cup!" exclaimed Applejack as she lay on the floor.

Windwhistler got up to get blankets for everyone.

"Can I go first?" asked an anxious Heart Throb.

Everyone hushed and the room was completely silent except for the crackling of the fire and the wind that could be heard howling outside the window.

Then a big lightning flashed and Heart Throb flipped on the flashlight. The evil light shone on her face as if she had no body at all... just a head floating above the ground.

"It all begins the day Apple gets married..." she began.

"Who, me??" Applejack was completely flabbergasted.

"Wedding!! This is supposed to be a scary story Heart Throb!" maddened Gusty.

"Can I continue?" Heart Throb grew impatient.

"The thing was that no body liked her husband except Apple. For some reason he seemed... too nice. Apple did not listen to everyone's warnings because she loved him."

"What's his name? asked Applejack.

"Oh...ummm..." she pondered a while. "Flame." Applejack just smiled. She was dreaming of this wonderful, sweet big brother that would sweep her off her feet.

"Cupcake made the wedding cake, me, Galaxy and Gusty were the bride's maids, and Windwhistler was the priestess. The wedding was a big success. Soon, everyone really liked Flame and grew jealous of Apple, except... Galaxy."

"Yeah, Apple! I want Flame!" joked Gusty. They laughed again.

Applejack didn't even hear the joke. "What does he look like?" she asked, still dazed.

Ummm... Green with purple hair." Heart Throb noticed the love-struck Applejack and grinned. Galaxy just stared into the burning embers of the fire, waiting for the story to continue.

"Anyway, everyone loved Flame except Galaxy who was still skeptical.

"One night, when everyone was asleep he snuck out of his room and down the hallway...."

Suddenly there was a big swishing noise. Heart Throb screamed causing the others to also. Soon Cupcake walked in to the room. No one noticed that she had left.

"What happened?" she hollered.

"Where have you been?!" asked Applejack, mad that her story was interrupted.

"What? Can't a girl go to the bathroom?"

They all sighed.

"We thought someone might have broken in and..."

"...And used the bathroom!" screamed Gusty, bursting into laughter.

Cupcake sat back down and Heart Throb continued her story.

"Flame was walking down the dark hallway in the middle of the night... and walked into Galaxy's room. Galaxy was sound asleep as usual. He stood by her bedside a minute licking his mouth with his tongue."

"Yuck! You are gross, Heart Throb!" steamed Gusty.

"...And just as he leaned down next to her head... SMASH!" Heart Throb clapped her hooves together making a loud noise. The flashlight falls to the ground and the ponies all jumped. The room is silent again. "Oops," said Heart Throb as she picked up the flashlight. She continued, "Applejack came barging through the door to Galaxy's room. Galaxy woke up and Flame began to panic!" her words became faster and faster.

"I should very much say so!" said Applejack. " You can't just go off and steal my husband like that!"

"Oh I can't?!" yelled Galaxy, "just watch me!"

Galaxy continued Heart Throb's story. "...Galaxy reached up and gave Flame a big *SMACK* while Applejack just watched from the door."

"Oh yeah?!" Now Applejack continued the story. "Applejack got so mad she ran over to Galaxy with a big axe to chop her to pieces."

Gusty laughed.

"Guys! That's not how it goes..." said a saddened Heart Throb.

Galaxy ignored Heart Throb but continued her story anyway. "Galaxy pulls out a gun from under the covers and aims it."

"PLEASE!!" yelled Cupcake. Everyone was silent. "This story is way out of hand. Now I think we all should settle down and go to bed."

All of the ponies curled up in their blankets which were sprawled across the floor. The fire was almost out except some small burning embers that glowed with a brilliant red.

"Good night," they all said.

"And good-bye," Galaxy whispered. "Galaxy aimed the gun and shot... Flame lay dead on the floor..."

Baby Stockings
((That isn't really her real name but that's what I'll call her in the story since I don't think calling her ‘Kellogg's Mail Order Baby Christmas Pony' or something like that would work very well))
(white baby pony with red hair and green stocking on her rump)
The Case of the Tumbling Tree
by Tabby

Baby Stockings was just placing the last ornament on the Christmas tree set up in Paradise Estate. After she has it on the tree, she and Stockings stood back and admired it.

"Oh, it's just so pretty!" exclaimed Baby Stockings. "I hope some other ponies come by soon so they can see it!"

"Yes, me too," said Stockings. "But, we had better be going back to our rooms. I still have a ton of presents to wrap before Christmas!"

"Can I stay a little longer, Momma? I want to look at it some more," said Baby Stockings.

"Well, I suppose so," Stockings said, smiling. "I'm sure you'll be okay here all alone."

"Oh, thank you Momma!" Baby Stockings exclaimed jumping up and down excitedly.

Stockings laughed and walked out of Paradise Estate. Baby Stockings sat down on the floor, staring up at the huge tree and all the pretty ornaments on it. After awhile, she heard the gates open and she looked up to see who it was. It turned out to be Tabby and Baby Lofty with Tabby's fluffy calico cat, Callie.

"Oh, hello, Baby Stockings," said Tabby when she saw her.

"Umm, hi," responded Baby Stockings a bit nervously because she knew very well how much Tabby hated baby ponies, with the exception of Baby Lofty and Baby Firefly.

"Me and Baby Lofty were just trying to think of something nasty to do to Tex," said Tabby. "I suppose you wouldn't have any ideas."

"I don't think he's that bad, though," said Baby Stockings.

"That's the problem!" Tabby exclaimed, shaking her head. "Only Baby Lofty and I know his true, evil side. Everyone else thinks he's WONDERFUL! I just don't get it!"

Baby Stockings then noticed Baby Lofty wasn't saying anything. "What's wrong, Baby Lofty?" she asked her.

"Me not feeling very good," responded Baby Lofty, weakly.

"Yeah, so we'd better be going back up to her room," said Tabby. "Come on, Baby Lofty."

Tabby and Baby Lofty walked away, forgetting about Callie.

"I guess I should be going up to my room, too," said Baby Stockings to herself. So she started to walk upstairs.

By this time, Callie has started climbing up the Christmas tree. She soon reached the top, and looked down at the ground.

"Hmm, I'm all alone!" thought Callie. "I can do tons of exciting stuff now!"

So Callie batted a few ornaments to the ground, and then pulled some garland down, and swung to the floor on it. Too late, she noticed the tree start to fall! She started to run away, but was squashed by the tree anyway. Luckily, she was able to crawl out through the prickly branches.

"Well, it looks like I've done enough damage here, for now!" she thought, surveying the mess. "But what great fun that was! I'll have to do it another time!" After licking her fur off, she ran off in search of Tabby.

* * *
The next morning, Stockings happily walked downstairs. She had finished wrapping her presents last night, and she was going to place them under the tree. But she stopped dead in her tracks when she saw what shape the tree was in.

"Oh no!" she gasped. "Who could have possibly done it?" Just then Tabby walked in.

"Oh, the tree fell down!" Tabby said. "Do you know who did it?"

"No, but I'm sure going to find out!" Stockings exclaimed angrily.

"I bet it was Princess Tiffany. Or else Tex," Tabby said, digging though Stocking's bag of presents. "Oh look, here's one for me!" she squeeled, picking up one of the boxes and shaking it. "I wonder what it was? Oh, and here's Baby Lofty's--"

She was cut off by Stockings. "Tabby! Would you stop digging through my bag?! We have to figure out who knocked over the tree!"

"Oh ya, we do," said Tabby. "Well, it was fine when I walked by last night..."

"You saw it last night?" Stockings asked excitedly. "Was anyone else by it?"

"Well, let me think..." Tabby said, pausing. "Oh yes, Baby Stockings was sitting next to it!"

"Baby Stockings? Are you sure it was her?" Stockings asked.

But just then Tex walked into the room, and Tabby exclaimed, "Uh oh, I'm outta here!" and waved to Stockings while running outside.

Stockings sighed, and ran outside after Tabby. "Tabby, Tabby, come back! I need to talk to you more about the tree!"

Tabby finally stopped, and looked behind Stockings. "HE didn't come with you, did he?"

"Umm, no," Stockings answered. "But about the tree. You're SURE it was Baby Stockings?"

"Yes, I'm SURE it was!" Tabby exclaimed. "Believe me, okay?"

"Okay!" said Stockings. "I'll stop bugging you. Wow, is she in for it..." Stockings said, storming off.

* * *
"But, Momma, I didn't do it!" Baby Stockings said defensively.

"You must have done it!" Stockings said. "Tabby said ypi were the last one by it before it fell."

"But..." Baby Stockings trailed off, not knowing what else to say.

"You're GROUNDED! Until Christmas!" Stockings said firmly. "Now, go up to your room!"

Baby Stockings hung her head meekly, and went up to her room.

* * *
That afternoon, Stockings was decorating the Christmas tree again. When she had finished, she sat down wearily. "I'd just hate to have to do that a third time..." she said to herself.

Then Tabby walked in. "Why, I sure am seeing a lot of you today!" exclaimed Stockings when she saw her.

"Yeah," Tabby said. "Me and Baby Lofty are busy making Lofty a Christmas present, and we need lots of things for it. Oh look, Callie followed me in!" she pointed to Callie, who had just walked into the room also.

"She's such a pretty cat," said Stockings, petting Callie.

"Yes, I know," said Tabby. "Oh, look! She's climbing the tree! Isn't it sweet?"

Stockings stared in horror was Callie climbed the tree. "TABBY!" she exclaimed. "Get her down from there this instant! She could make it tip over--"

But it was too late. Just like before, Callie tipped the tree over.

"Oh no!" moaned Stockings. "I'll have to decorate it AGAIN!"

"Just get somebody else to do it," Tabby said casually.

"And I bet Callie knocked it down the first time, too!" Stockings exclaimed. "It wasn't Baby Stocking's fault at all! I've got to go unground her!" Stockings ran off, and barged into Baby Stockings' room. "I found out it wasn't your fault after all! Come on out, you're ungrounded!"

"Who did it, then?" Baby Stockings asked, happily bounding from her room.

"Callie, Tabby's cat," answered Stockings.

"Aww, Callie's so nice!" exclaimed Baby Stockings. "You won't punish her, will you, Momma?"

"Well..." Stockings said, thinking. "I'll just have Tabby buy you a nice Christmas present to make up for it. How's that sound?"

"That'll be great!" Baby Stockings exclaimed. "And I can't wait to see what she gets me!"

* * *
A few days later, Tabby was shopping with Baby Lofty at the mall, looking for a present for Baby Stockings.

"I wish I didn't have to do this," sighed Tabby. "I don't have any idea what to get her!"

"Why not get her a kitten?" suggested Baby Lofty. "She complements Callie a lot; she's probably like her own cat."

"I guess that would be good, said Tabby. "So let's go to the pet store!"

When they got there, the two ponies stared at all the kittens.

"Which one'll you get?" asked Baby Lofty.

After thinking awhile, Tabby responded, "The fluffy white one."

So they payed for the kitten, then went back to Paradise Estate. Tabby kept the kitten in her room until Christmas. On Christmas morning she set the kitten under the tree in a pretty cat carrier, with a tag attached that said, "To Baby Stockings, From Tabby".

The first thing Baby Stockings saw when she looked at the tree was the kitten. She ran over to it and after she read the tag she rushed over to Tabby and hugged her.

"Oh, thank you, Tabby!" Baby Stockings told her. "It's the best present ever!"

Tabby just smiled and blushed with pleasure.


Trivia Game
by Majesty

1. What is the name of the pony tht came with the Satin Slipper Sweet Shoppe?

2. Which two years was the lull in popularity for MLP's?

3. In 1983, Dream Castle was pink with blue towers. In later years, the castle came with a different color combination. What was it?

4. In MLP: The Movie, what two pegasus ponies "starred" in the movie?

5. In "Firefly's Adventure," what were the names of the three sea ponies that gave Megan the magic seashell?

6. In what year are MLP's coming back?

BONUS QUESTION: What is a common manufacturer's mistake that has to do with a pony's head?

Answers will be in the next issue!


Brightblade Warpony
An Epic

Recorded by Clipper as dictated by the bard Ramon

Chapter 3

Brightblade Warpony and flame-maned Epona stood atop the hill. As the day wore on, Brightblade continued his narration.

The sun was barely above the horizon when Ramon and I set out into the valley and Ramon re-locked the gate. I carried the sack of provisions by a strap about my neck; Ramon was perched atop my head. Beyond the gate, we found a wide dusty path between walls of thorns. The thorn bushes seemed dead and leafless at first; then I realized that they were in fact covered in small pointed leaves that were almost brown in color and blended in very well with the bark of the plants. In fact, everything in the valley was brown, what little there was: thorn bushes, occasional trees, the dusty path, even the sun seemed brown through the dust kicked up by my hooves.

Neither of us talked much; in the valley there wasn't that much to talk about. It was about mid-morning when Ramon spoke. "At the rate we're moving, we'll be out of familiar terrain by noon. I estimate two days after that we'll reach the far side, if we last that long."

"I don't see why you're so worried," I replied. "This place doesn't seem so bad."

"It will," Ramon said, somberly.

As the day wore on, I began to understand Ramon's apprehensions. The path became more and more rocky. By the time the sun set, the path was bare, red-brown bedrock. I still do not know how those thorns continued to grow so well without soil.

After dark it got worse. Ramon and I gathered some twigs and started a small fire in the middle of the path, so as not to set the whole valley ablaze. Once we got the fire burning I found myself wishing that we had not lit it, though Ramon assured me that it was preferable to darkness. The flickering of the fire, made worse by the cold wind which had picked up, cast shifting shadows amidst the thorns. I could not tell if the motions I saw at the edge of the light were simply the shadows or something else.

By morning the wind had brought cold, dark clouds. Dawn was little better than night, but we had to leave our little fire and move on. As we carried along I heard movement in the thorns, as if something was following us. I hoped that the fear was more imagined than not. I asked my guide, "What do you know of the inhabitants of this valley?"

Ramon replied, "Well, they're smaller than ponies and less civilized than rats."

"They must be total savages," I joked in hopes of lightening the mood.

"I resent that!" Ramon huffed.

"It was supposed to be a joke," I explained. "Sorry, I'm just nervous; those things,"I gestured in the direction of the brambles, "have got me spooked."

"Me too," replied Ramon. "I've never seen one of them but I've heard them chanting beyond the wall at night. Never seen any sign of activity during the day, until now that is."

"At least they don't seem aggressive; not at the moment anyway."

"They don't like the light. With all these clouds it'll get dark early, we won't be able to make a lot of progress today." It was already afternoon.

By mid-afternoon we had reached the center of the valley. We found ourselves standing on the brink of a chasm, the bottom of which was out of sight in the rapidly fading daylight. There was a rope bridge across the gorge but it seemed to be in an ill state of repair.

"We should cross before nightfall," said Ramon. "Hopefully those things won't cross the bridge."

"How do we know there aren't more of them on the other side?" I asked.

"We don't, but we do know they're on this side; we'll have to take a chance."

"I wish there was another way across," I said.

"So do I," replied Ramon.

I approached the bridge and tentatively tested it with my forehoof. The bridge creaked and moaned but held. Another hoof and still the bridge held. I continued to inch forward while Ramon remained behind on solid ground; the bridge continued to creak and sway but held. When I was halfway across, one of the ropes broke; I froze in fear. Ramon called out, "Move, Brightblade! Get off the bridge quick!" With that he rushed across the bridge, right between my legs. Another rope broke. The bridge tipped and swayed; the apples fell from the sack.

"Don't look down!" Ramon called. "Look at me and get off that bridge fast!"

I looked at Ramon and galloped as fast as I could. The bridge collapsed a moment after my hooves hit solid ground. I looked back at the gorge and the ruins of the bridge. "How are we going to get back across now that the bridge is gone?"

"We'll cross that bridge when we come to it, so to speak," said Ramon from the thorns beside the path where he had ducked to avoid being trampled by my mad dash.

"It grows late," said Epona. "You can continue your tale tomorrow as we travel."


The Story of What is to Happen : )
By Heart Throb

Magic Star was having a sleepover with Heart Throb watching their favorite pony movie and, of course, relieving the refrigerator of all the ice cream. And chocolate sauce, and cherries, and bananas, and whipped cream and-- well, you get the point.

When they started playing truth or dare, Heart Throb asked Magic whom she liked. Expecting the usual, I don't like anyone answer, Heart Throb went into cardiac arrest when suddenly Magic blurted out, "I like Chief…"

Surprised as she was, Magic was in even greater shock when Heart Throb didn't laugh at her. She nearly fell down dead on the floor. The two ponies just stared at each other for what seemed like eternities, in utter amazement.

"For how long have you liked Chief?" questioned Heart Throb.

"I dunno, maybe a year…."

"What??!!!!!! A YEAR!!!!!!! And you never told me???!!!!!!!! What kind of pony are you any way?!!! You certainly aren't my friend!!! I can't believe you!!!" Heart Throb overreacted as she often did.

"I… I…. I was afraid you'd laugh!" stammered Magic.

"Well, I didn't!!!" yelled Heart Throb.

"I'M LEAVING!!!" screamed Magic at the top of her lungs.


Magic galloped out the door, leaving the two ponies in even worse shape than cardiac arrest, or being dead on the floor. Heart Throb felt sorry that she had overreacted. She knew anyway that she could get back at Magic in the long run, by making fun of Chief! Heart Throb laughed to herself and knew that they'd make up the next day, and that everything was going to be simply gleefully splendid!

A little while later…

Heart Throb had dubbed Chief with a new name. She called him the "who who," because Magic's secret had been a who and not a what. Whenever she saw Magic in the hall at school and Chief at the same time, Heart Throb would yell, "The Hoo Hoo!!!!" in a strange voice and gallop off giggling so hard that she fell over several times! Once, she forgot to look where she was going and ran right into Mrs. Hackney!!! However, Heart Throb just broke out into hysterical laughter and couldn't manage to get out any words.

At first, Magic would become angry and embarrassed when Heart Throb shouted this, but later on she too was conquered by fits of laughter! Heart Thorb would tease Magic all the time, and Magic of course would yell at her, but it all became a glorious game! In fact, by telling Heart Throb her deepest secret, the two ponies became even closer friends than they ever had been in their entire lives!

* * *
One night, while Heart Throb was supposed to be studying for Mrs. Hackney's math test that was to be taken the following day, Heart Throb came up with a master plan!!! Oh yeah!!! Why didn't I think of this before?! Hahahahaha!!! This is my best plan ever!!!

Heart Throb raced to the phone as fast as her little hooves could carry her and dialed Magic's number. Magic's gonna love this, thought Heart Throb to herself as the phone started to ring.

* * *
At school, Magic and Heart Throb could barely pay attention. Both of them were thinking about "the master plan!" In fact, when Mrs. Hackney yelled at Heart Throb for not paying attention she asked, "Heart Throb, just what do you think you are doing?! Do you plan--"

As soon as the word plan was out of her mouth, Heart Throb started to giggle. She soon was overcome by such laughter that she couldn't breathe! When Heart Throb laughed so hard that she turned a bright purple (even brighter than she was normally) and fell out of her chair, Magic could contain herself no longer. Magic burst into laughter and soon the whole class was shrieking with sheer joy!!! Needless to say, they all got detention after school, but all the ponies still thought the day was hilarious!

"That was a classic!! An absolute classic!" shouted Heart Throb as she jounced merrily from side to side down the path.

"Yeah," agreed Magic. "So, you're going to ask out Chief for me?" Magic hesitantly asked.

"Of course I am! I tell you! You're too shy to ask out Chief in a million years! You have to take a stand! Be confident! Think positively! Be optimistic! Be--"

"Alright, I GET THE POINT!!!" yelled Magic in order to quell Heart Throb's pep talk.
"You have to be a ‘pony of the nineties!' I'm so happy for you. Hurry up so that we can start our plan for me to ask him out for you!"

The two ponies raced home. Heart Throb beamed with super confidence that she could do this for her friend. Magic, however, was slightly less assured and began nervously pacing about every time her mind strayed to think about Chief, which (I might add) was quite often.

"Today's the day!" yelled Heart Throb at the top of her lungs when she woke up.

"Wazza wha?" asked an extremely tired Mommy Heart Throb.

"Oh. Nothing Mom!!! I was just meta cogitating!!!"

"Oh, okay honey… Just don't be late for school."

"How could I be late for school on this glorious day?!" shouted Heart Throb on her way out the door to school.

Hmmm, thought Mommy Heart Throb. Maybe I shouldn't have sent Heart Throb to school today; she seemed delirious.

* * *
"Oh, no! Today's the day!" wailed Magic. "Mom, I don't feel so good. Do I have to go to school today?"

Mommy Magic came into Magic's room and felt her head. "Magic, you feel fine. Hurry up, or you'll be late for school."

"Yes, Mother," said Magic, already beginning to feel the pressure of the day.

Mommy Magic was wondering what had gotten into her daughter as she hurried out the door.

* * *
"Magic!!! There you are!!!!!!!!! I was beginning to think that you weren't going to come to school today! But, I refused to believe that you would miss the most special day in the world!!!! Right, Magic?!" Heart Throb gleefully asked as if she had just eaten a fifty pound bag of sugar.

"Yeah sure. Whatever you say Heart Throb, umm hmmm," said Magic unenthusiastically.

"That's the spirit, Magic!!!!!! I knew you would be thrilled!!" replied Heart Throb automatically ignoring Magic's tone of voice.

"Urrrrrr HOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" screamed Heart Throb at the top of her lungs at the first sign of Chief; sheesh-- maybe she really did load up on that sugar.

"AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!" yelled Magic as she ran away.

"Wait, Magic!!" Heart Throb yelled, extending the syllables just enough for the phrase to sound utterly annoying. "Wonder what got into her, huh, Chief?" Heart Throb asked when she saw Chief. She gave a sly grin and winked at Chief as she galloped off after her friend.

When Heart Throb got into class she found a note on her desk. On it was written, "Don't EVER do that again!" Hmmmm, thought Heart Throb. Do what? She started looking around the room for a tell tale face of who had left the note. Suddenly, she caught sight of Magic's face. Uh oh thought Heart Throb. What did I do this time? She wrote down "What did I do?" on a piece of paper and passed the note to Magic. When the note was halfway across the room, Heart Throb suddenly realized what she had done. Forgetting she was in class, Heart Throb yelled, "OOOOOH, yeah!!!!! The thing I did this morning when--"

A truly menacing look from Magic cut her off just in time.

"Heart Throb! Why are you disrupting my class?!" demanded Mrs. Hackney.

"Oh, sorry ma'am. I didn't mean it! Honest!!! I was just--"

"Just what?!" cut off Mrs. Hackney.

"Nothing, Mrs. Hackney. Sorry," replied Heart Throb dejectedly.

"I trust YOU will not disrupt class again?"

"Okie Dokey! No problem there!" announced Heart Throb; her usual spunk returning.

* * *
Heart Throb was about to burst with excitement when the bell finally rang announcing that school was finally over for the day! She bolted for her locker and grabbed her stuff as fast as her little hooves could grab it! It took her a total of 5.3286 seconds to snatch up her books and get to Magic's locker.

"Hurry up, Magic!!!!!!!!!!!" yelled Heart Throb down the hall as she watched her friend drag her hooves across the floor.

"Yeah, yeah, I'm hurrying," mumbled Magic.

Heart Throb wasted no time waiting for Magic and with a quick twist of her hoof, opened up Magic's locker. (Of course she knew Magic's combination; Magic's her best friend, remember?) Magic languidly ambled up to her locker and carefully checked three times to make sure that she had each book.

"Magic! Hurry!!! We've no time to dilly dally!"

"I'm coming, I'm coming!"

Heart Throb, while Magic took ten minutes for every step, bounced merrily along the walkway home. She pushed Magic along as fast as she possibly could. She yelled at Magic four times to get moving and by the time they got home, Heart Throb yelled with the sheer thrill of the moment!

"Ok, call!" she told her friend as she lifted the phone and shoved it into Magic's hoof.

" I can't!" wailed Magic.

"And just why not?!" demanded Heart Throb.

"‘Cause I'm scared."

"What's there to be so scared about? I mean, the worst he could do is dump you in front of the whole school, have everyone laugh hysterically, and then you would be so humiliated that--"

"I get the point, Heart Throb!" Magic said in an almost irritated tone, forgetting her anxiety.

"Really, it's not that bad!" answered Heart Throb while she danced around the room. "And I don't think that Chief is that mean anyway.."

"Oh, but he's not. He's so…"

"So what?" pried Heart Throb begging for answers, yet keeping her eyes at a gentle gaze; almost a mind game.

"Cute, and funny, and smart, and cute, and he likes to ride bikes, like me, and he's sooo cute, and he is a great pony," said Magic so dreamily that Heart Throb was just about to fall asleep until Magic interjected, "Did I mention how cute he is?"

"Yeah, several times," Heart Throb said dryly. "And that is precisely why you must call him! So that you can vex him with all that mushy talk and not me!!!" giggled Heart Throb.


by Tabby

This month the baby ponies were asked to write about what they want for Christmas.

Baby Bouncy

For Christmas I would like the Sonic the Hedgehog computer game. There's just something about that game that makes me feel so... so... bouncy! And Tails is just soo cute! If I got the game for Christmas, I would spend hours playing it, and then Mom wouldn't have to worry about me. I would even share it with my friends.

Baby Fifi

I would personally just love a new wardrobe for Christmas. A party dress would be nice; I saw a devine purple velvet dropped-waist dress trimmed in white lace at the mall. (My size is 2P.) For just bumming around, maybe a pair of denim overalls with the My Little People logo on the bib. And a yellow turtleneck, too. Any designer apparel would be fine; I'm sure Santa is fashion conscious enough to do an excellent job.

Baby Quackers

I really, really want the Super Soaker 2000 for Christmas! I would spray it at everyone and make a huge mess! I would have SO much fun doing that! Of course, they might be mad at me for spraying them, but then I'd let them try it out and then they'd understand how exciting it was!

Baby North Star

This year for Christmas I want a 402 x 60 mm telescope. With that, I could watch the North Star up close. I just love to watch the stars at night! They twinkle so bright, just like the lights on the Christmas tree.

Baby Tic Tac Toe

I would like Santa to bring me the Star Wars Monopoly game! Then I could have fun pretending to be in a galaxy far, far away. Maybe Santa could bring me a Luke Skywalker figure, too. I think he is so cool!

Baby Lickety Split

My one wish for Christmas is that I'd get a new, fast bicycle! Mom says I'll need training wheels but I don't think Santa needs to bother with those. I helmet and pad set might be okay.

A Normal Little Christmas
by Gusty/Glory <\____~

Tabby raced Gusty over the snow-covered ground. Gusty zoomed past Skydancer first. Skydancer flicked her multicolored tail and announced the victor. "Gusty won! Way to go, Gusty!"

Tabby soon huffed by Skydancer. "Gusty is just too fast for me…especially in this snow!" she gasped.

Gusty trotted up next to Tabby. "Good race." Gusty readjusted her dark green scarf around her neck.

"Not when you come in about 20 lengths behind the winner!" Tabby exclaimed, pushing back her dark red hat.

Skydancer cocked her head. "Maybe not 20 lengths…more like 10…that's not bad."

Tabby sighed, and she fell back in the snow. "That's what I get for racing the most athletic pony in Ponyland!" Her puffy red coat and hat kept her warm in the frigid air. The cool breeze blew through Ponyland, but that didn't stop the ponies from having fun.

Gusty laughed. She made a snowball and fired it at her yellow pegasus friend, who quickly dodged it. Therefore, it hit Tabby right in the face.

Tabby sat straight up, gasping. She looked at Gusty. "This means war!" She made snowballs and threw them at Gusty and Skydancer. Soon, a snowball fight was upon them.

After a long, hard fought battle, the three ponies walked into Paradise Estate, cold and tired.

"Hey, guys!" Fizzy exclaimed, running up to them. Her twinkle eyes were sparkling more than ever. "How ‘bout some hot chocolate?"

"Sounds good to me," Skydancer replied, taking off her bright green scarf.

Gusty then said, "Make some for Tabby and me, too."

Fizzy nodded and ran off. The three ponies then made their way into the living room of Paradise Estate. Powder was lying comfortably in front of the fire. Her white and red hair drooped down her back. Her body was turned away from them. Heart Throb was busy reading one of her newest magazines, Pony Life, in the overstuffed forest green chair.

Powder looked up. "What happened to you three?" She stared at their red, chapped faces.

Skydancer giggled. "War."

Powder gave them a puzzled looked. "Whatever," she mumbled.

Gusty went to the closet and took out some decorations. "Time to trim the tree!"

Just then, Baby Firefly and Baby Lofty came scurrying down the stairs. "Oh, boy! Time to make the tree pretty!" Baby Firefly giggled. Her dark blue mane had two bright red ribbons in it.

"Careful, baby ponies," Gusty warned. "I don't want you to break any of the ornaments."

"We won't, Gusty!" they promised.

Heart Throb, Powder, Tabby, and Skydancer also gathered around the tree. Gusty gave each of them jobs. Powder and Tabby were to put up the Christmas display under the tree. Skydancer and Heart Throb were to put the garland on. Baby Lofty and Baby Firefly helped Skydancer and Heart Throb put on the lights around the tree. Gusty began hanging up the ornaments.

"Oh, isn't this darling?" Powder said in awe. She held the manger with baby Jesus placed inside.

Tabby stopped setting up the shepherds and looked over. She smiled. "It sure is."

Powder gently put the manger inside the stable that was placed under the tree. Then beside it, she placed Mary and Joseph. Tabby set up some of the animals and the Wise Men.

Skydancer swooped around the tree, carrying a strand of silver garland in her mouth. Heart Throb showed the baby ponies how to put the multicolored lights on properly.

Gusty stood on a metal ladder, trying to put some of the ornaments on towards the top of the tree. The ladder was shaky, but she managed. She had most of them on, now.

Then, Fizzy trotted into the room, trying to balance the three hot chocolates on a tray. She then tripped over Tabby. Fizzy crashed into the ladder, causing Gusty to topple over. The hot chocolate went flying and landed on Skydancer and Heart Throb's head. The babies leaped out of the way. Powder gave out a small shriek of alarm.

Fizzy got up. "Uh-oh…gee, I'm really sorry, guys." She looked around at the disaster she caused. "I didn't mean it."

Gusty got up. "You never mean it, Bubblehead!"

Heart Throb and Skydancer then raced to the kitchen sink. They put their heads under the faucet and turned on the cold water.

"Oh, my back," Tabby groaned, struggling to her feet.

"Fizzy made big mess!" Baby Lofty announced.

"Yes, she did," Heart Throb agreed, as she and Skydancer made their way back. "My head seems like it is on fire!"

Fizzy hung her head. "I said I was sorry."

Powder went to Fizzy. "Yes, you did. But that doesn't change things!"

Skydancer shook her head. "Look…you almost broke the ornaments Gusty had by the ladder." Gusty had landed just beside them.

Baby Firefly came up to the green twinkle-eyed pony. "I forgive you, Fizzy." She rested her head on her friend's side.

Gusty, Tabby, Skydancer, Heart Throb, and Powder exchanged glances. "We're sorry, Fizzy…I forgive you, too…it's the right thing to do," Tabby said, smiling.

The rest of the ponies agreed. "I'm sorry if I am klutzy..." Fizzy said.

"That's okay," Skydancer told her. "That's what makes you you." Then Skydancer took the star and flew up to the top of the tree. She placed it on the tip of it, and she flew back down to join her friends.

Gusty turned off the lights, and turned on the Christmas tree lights. "Merry Christmas everyone…"



A story by Baby Lickety Split

Baby Lickety-Split ran alongside of her friend, Baby Quackers. The two were racing out towards the woods to pick out the Perfect Christmas Tree. Quakers trotted briskly, looking at her friend and jabbering on about various stuff. But, in her head, she was very worried. Christmas was two days away, which meant Christmas Eve, Gift-Exchanging Day, was tomorrow, and she still had no gift, or gift idea, for that matter, for Baby Lickety-Split.

As they came closer to the woods, they saw Holly, the Rice Krispie baby pony, standing on her hind legs and straining to hang a star ornament on the top of an evergreen tree. Baby Lickety-Split ran over to her and said, "Let me help, Holly!" She waited until Holly had dropped to all four hooves, then picked the star ornament up in her mouth, jumped on Holly's back, and carefully dropped it over a top branch. Leaping back to the ground and grinning at Holly, expecting a heart-felt thanks, she only got a disappointing nod, and Holly turned and ran off into the woods.

Noticing her friends disappointment, Baby Quackers shook her head. "Aw, Lickety, ya know Holly's gotta decorate alot of trees for the ballet performance tomorrow. Don't be so upset.. Come on, we gotta find us a tree!"

Lickety-Split sighed, and trotted after Quackers, her head watching the ground. They walked a little ways, then BAM! Lickety banged her head into a large, sturdy tree.

"Quacka!" squealed Lickety-Split, and pointed with an excited hoof to the tree. "It's perfect, dontcha think?"

Quackers happily nodded. "That was easy!" She pulled the orange flags from her coat pocket and dropped them on the ground, pulling them out with her muzzle. Then, she and Lickety-Split carefully picked one up, trotted over, set it down in the ground, and pounded it in the ground with their hooves. The two girls then hurried back through the woods through the snow to Paradise Estate, where they hurriedly told the Big Brother ponies to go and cut down the tree they marked.

While they waited, Baby Quackers went over gift ideas in her head. She got up from the window and wandered into the kitchen, where Baby Ribbs was making Hot Chocolate. "Hi, Ribbs," she greeted him. He looked up and grinned.

"Hey, Quacka. Whatcha doin'?" he grinned, knowingly lifting another mug from the rack with his nose. He pushed the button on the cocoa maker with his hoof and watched a stream of cocoa fill the mug, and he passed it to her with a nudge of his hoof. He stood, drinking his own, watching Baby Quackers for an answer.

Carefully, Baby Quackers sipped some hot chocolate, then looked up. "Well, see, Ribbs, it's like this. I always get Lickety somethin' special for Christmas, but this year, I'm stumped! What am I supposed to get her?"

Thoughtfully, Ribbs slurped half his cocoa. He then looked at Baby Quackers and said happily, "Well, I'm sure you'll think of something!" he grinned, and laughed when Baby Quackers let out an exasperated sigh. "Just kidding, Quackers. How about you get her something she'll really like? Something she'd enjoy alot?"

Grinning evilly, Baby Quackers said, "What, you mean you, Ribbs?"

Ribbs laughed. "Nah, I mean a picture of me!" When he had stopped laughing at his own joke, which wasn't that funny to start with, he said, "But seriously. How about you get her something like.. like, I dunno, a ring, a necklace.. a free perm at the salon?" At each suggestion, Baby Quackers shook her head. "No? Okay then.. how about.. geez, Quackers, I'm stumped! I hope you think of something good!" Gulping the rest of his cocoa, he trotted out of the kitchen.

Sighing, Baby Quackers was left staring into a mug of half drank cocoa.

Suddenly, an excited squeal was heard from Baby Lickety-Split in the other room.

"QUACKA! IT'S HERE!" she screamed, and every pony, big and small, raced into the room to watch the Big Brothers pull the perfect tree into Paradise Estate!

Cheering, boxes of ornaments were flung open, and ponies began singing and decking the tree with ornaments. Baby Lickety-Split and Quackers happily covered one edge, and soon, every pony stepped back to watch as Baby Quackers mother, twinkle-eyed Quackers, stepped forward to settle the star on the tree. When it rested on top, every pony admired it. Someone had turned off the lights and turned on the tree lights, and it looked lovely.

"Lickety!" whispered Baby Quackers. "It really is the perfect tree!"

Baby Lickety-Split nodded, but she was instead staring dreamily at the star on top. Mumbling to herself, Baby Lickety-Split said, "I'd love to have a star like that for my very own.."

Baby Ribbs trotted over to the two when Baby Lickety mumbled it, and he was a little confused. "That's what I get for entering the middle of a conversation." He turned to Baby Quackers, whose face was lit up. "Hey, Quackers, I.." Baby Quackers raced past him and headed towards her mother, excitedly whispering to her. Quackers' twinkle-eyes glittered happily, and she nodded to her daughter, who ran upstairs to her room, and appeared downstairs again, with her coat on, her purse slung over her shoulder.

Baby Ribbs followed curiously after her, slipping out the door behind her. "Quacka, where ya going?"

Baby Quackers jumped and turned around, shushing him. "Ribbs, quiet! I'm going to get Lickety her present! I just had the most marvelous idea!" She turned and happily trotted off, leaving a rather confused Baby Ribbs standing outside of Paradise Estate.

* * *
The next night, Christmas Eve, every pony was gathered in the room with the tree. It's lights were on, the window was open, and a peaceful snowfall was happening outside, giving the black sky a light and happy feeling. Baby Quackers was sitting by the tree, holding in her mouth a pretty package, addressed to Baby Lickety-Split. When the presents were handed out, Quacka's was on the bottom of Lickety's pile. Baby Quackers tore through her presents, saving Baby Lickety-Splits for last, and stared as Baby Lickety-Split carefully opened present after present.

When she finally reached Baby Quackers, she looked at her friend. "You go first," she grinned. Baby Quackers ripped open the box and inside she found a picture of the two. It was in a gold frame, and it had green and red cloth wrapped around the frame. The picture inside was of the two singing and acting drunk, their cocoa mugs sitting on the table.

Baby Quackers laughed, then said, "Who took this?"

Baby Lickety grinned and pointed at Baby Ribbs. Quacka laughed. "I shoulda known. Ribbs!"

Looking at Baby Lickety-Split, Baby Quackers said, "Now you! Now open yours!"

Slowly, Baby Lickety lifted the gold ribbons of the shiny red wrapped box. Prying off the lid, Baby Lickety-Split looked inside; then she looked up at Baby Quackers. "No!" she gasped. She looked back at the box and gasped again. "Quacka! This must have cost a fortune!"

Baby Quackers nodded. "$14.99.. plus tax. Three weeks allowance. But it was for you."

Baby Ribbs peered over Baby Lickety-Splits shoulder. "What is it?" he asked.

Baby Lickety-Split reached into the box and pulled out a beautiful star, exactly like the one on top of the tree! It glittered in the Christmas tree lights. The three looked at it for a while, until they noticed the room was empty. Everyone else had gone to sleep. Baby Lickety hugged the star. "Thanks, Quacka. I like it."

"No problem," yawned Baby Quackers. "Well, I'm going to sleep. I'm tired." She turned and walked up the stairs, carrying the picture to hang in her room.

Baby Lickety-Split trotted happily after Baby Quackers, planning to hang her pretty new star up on the wall of her room.


Christmas cookies straight from the Paradise Estate kitchen!!
by Applejack

Sugar Cookies

Applejack - "In Paradise Estate we make these cookies easy. It's called Pillsbury pre-made dough. You can buy it in the store."


1 package of premade sugar cookie dough

Red food dye

Green food dye

Green sprinkles

Red sprinkles

Makes aprox. 20 cookies

Cut dough package in half and put in two bowls (one for red, one for green); put 2-3 drops of red dye in first bowl; 2-3 drops green in second bowl; mix (Yes, with hands!! This gets messy!).

Grease a cookie sheet. Spoon out one ball from green bowl, then one from red onto cookie sheet (alternate).

When cookie sheet is filled, put red sprinkles on the green cookies and green ones on the red cookies. Bake for 20-30 minutes or until yellowish brownish. Enjoy!!



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Last month's survey-

The question was, "Do you like or dislike Megan?"

I would have to say without a doubt that the Megan who existed in the first two Made for TV specials, and the Movie, was the best Megan.

I stopped liking Megan about the time she started wearing that blue and pink overalls outfit. She was great in "Firefly's Adventure" & "Escape From Catrina"-- but in "MLP: the Movie" and everything else she appeared in thereafter, her character acts too grown up and know-it-all!


A Pony's Wish
by Applejack

"I wish I had a house and presents like the other ponies do at Christmas time. I wish I lived in Paradise Estate like the other ponies. I wish I had a name like Applejack or Mimic or Surprise or Magic Star."

Those were the wishes of a Little Pony who didn't have a name and was forgotten about. She was white with a purple and green mane. She had no symbol. When Little Ponies first evolved, her mother was banned from Ponyland for being hostile. She was just left about three miles from Ponyland when her mother died.

* * *
Meanwhile, in Ponyland, in Paradise Estate, the ponies were excitedly preparing for Christmas.

"Oh, I'm so excited; it'll be my first Christmas!" Baby Blossom shouted excidedly.

"Will we put a ‘weeth' up?" asked Baby Gusty.

"Of course! What's Christmas without a wreath and tree?!" said Magic Star.

"A tree!!!!!" shouted Baby Applejack when she saw Wind Whistler and North Star flying back with a Christmas tree.

"Let's put it up!" all the ponies shouted. And so their Merry Christmas started. They could barely wait for tonight, Christmas Eve.

* * *
"Oh, they look like they are having so much fun," said the forgotten little pony wishfully to herself.

Suddenly the forgotten little pony saw a green and red light coming from the sky. It was a pony!!!

"Hello there. I am your Pony Fairy. I watch over all the Little Ponies."

"Even me?" she asked.

"All ponies," the Pony Fairy told her with a smile. "Do you have a wish?" the Pony Fairy asked. "I came because you wished for a good Christmas and a life with the Little Ponies."

"Yes, I guess I did," she told her, kind of embarrassed.

"Well, then! I'll grant your wishes! But you need to help yourself, too."

Just then, a green and red swirl floated over the forgotten Little Pony.

"Wow!" she screamed. "I have a symbol!!" On her rump, there was a cloud with mist coming from it.

"We'll call you Misty," said the Pony Fairy. "Now you have to walk to Paradise Estate. The Little Ponies will be waiting for you."

As fast as she came, the Pony fairy left.

* * *
"Who's that?" Shady said to Applejack.

"I've never seen her before," said Applejack, sort of confused.

"She's cute!" said Blossom.

Misty walked up to the gates on Paradise Estate. They quickly opened. Misty was shivering.

"Hello, there!" a group of ponies said nicely.

"What's your name?" North Star asked.

"Misty," she said.

"I've never seen you before," Applejack said.

"I know, I was forgotten about for many years; so was my mom," Misty said.

"Well, never mind that! Let's show you to the rest of the ponies!" Magic Star shouted.
Misty followed the group of ponies into the backyard where they were decorating a tree.

"Hi!" all the ponies shouted. Misty introduced herself and started decorating the Christmas tree with the other ponies.

"Thanks," Misty whispered into the sky.


A Christmas Princess
by Wonder

"It's finally snowing!" Wonder shouted as she and Magic pranced in the fluffy white snow.

"I'm glad there is no school today, too!" Magic said as she kicked snow up with her hooves. Then they saw Nightshade and Jazzman coming so they ducked behind some bushes.

"That Queen Majesty closed off the roads to Dream Castle," Jazzman said. "That is where those Princess Ponies live. Ha! They will be stuck in their castle until the storm is over with." Then they started walking again.

Wonder and Magic stood up and looked at each other. "We should go see if they are ok!" Wonder said. Then they galloped in the direction of Dream Castle.

* * *
As they were almost to the castle, Wonder and Magic heard calls for help. They trotted over to the edge of the cliff, watching out for ice patches.

"Look! It's Majesty and Princess Serena!" Wonder took a rope out of her saddlebag, and tossed it to the ponies in distress. Together, Wonder and Magic pulled Majesty and Serena to safety.

"Thank you! Both of you!" Majesty said. "How can we repay you?"

Serena looked at Majesty. "Why don't we make them Royal Princesses?" Serena suggested.

"That is exactly what I'll do," Majesty said. "Come to Dream Castle Christmas Eve. You both will be crowned princesses in front of everyone in Dream Valley."

* * *
The blizzard stopped and four days later, on Christmas Eve, Wonder and Magic were standing behind the big red curtain listening to Majesty's speech. "My citizens of Dream Valley, as you have heard, two special fillies saved my life and the life of Princess Serena. And as a reward for their bravery, I would like to introduce you to the two newest princesses, Wonder and Magic!"

Then they both walked out and Magesty placed crowns on their heads. "I can't believe this is happening!" they both said. "It is a Christmas dream come true!"


Holiday Scramble
by Applejack






Enjoy the puzzle!!!


Package Back Stories

A Christmas Surprise

It was Christmas Eve, and the ponies were asleep in their beds, dreaming of the exciting day ahead of them. On her way to bed, Merry Treat realized no one had left cookies and milk for Santa Claus! So she placed the snack on a table and sat in a chair to watch the falling snow. Soon, she was fast asleep, and awoke only when sunshine brightened the room. The milk and cookies were gone, but beside the empty plate was a big candy cane with a note from Santa that read "Dear Merry Treat, Thank you for the delicious Christmas surprise!" She could hardly wait for the other ponies to wake up and join her on this beautiful Christmas morning.

Mommy, Daddy, and Baby Sweet Celebrations

The Sweet Celebrations Family was preparing a party for all their woodland animal friends. Mommy Sweet Celebrations ties colorful balloons to tree branches, where they swayed in the cool breeze. Daddy Sweet Celebrations arrived with presents wrapped in pretty paper and decorated with ribbons and bows. "Here they come!" cried Baby Sweet Celebrations, as the animals approached. "Surprise!" exclaimed the ponies, tossing confetti into the air as the animals clapped with delight. To welcome their party guests, Baby Sweet Celebrations gave each animal friend a balloon and a present!



Figure out who the pony described below is-

blue baby pony with blue hair, purple ribbon on rump

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Last month's-

The mystery pony from last month was Sweet Scoops! The ones who got it right are-

Other answers were-

Sugar Sweet

Lickety Split

Crunch Berry



Three ponies are sitting in a line: Peachy in the first seat, Lemon Drop behind Peachy, and Sprinkles behind Lemon Drop. Each pony is wearing a hat taken from a box that contained two green hats and three red hats. The ponies can see the colors only of the hats worn by the ponies sitting on front of them, and no pony can see the color of her own hat. Each pony is asked, "What is the color of the hat you are wearing?"

Sprinkles looks at the two hats in front of her and says, "I don't know what color my hat is."

Lemon Drop looks at the hat in front of her and says, "I don't know what color my hat is, either."

Peachy, who can't see any hats, jumps up and exclaims, "I know what color my hat is!"

What color did Peachy say her hat was?

*answer at end of issue


A Christmas Story
by Sugarberry

"I can't sleep!"

"Neither can I!"

What's going on in Ponyland? It's Christmas Eve and four Baby Ponies along with their Pretty Pals are having a hard time drifting off. They are too excited about what Santa will bring to close their eyes and dream of sugar plums.

If you could see the thoughts of each of these adorable pastel creatures, you would see a panorama of toys, candy, clothes, puzzles, hair ribbons, and games. For instance, Baby Hoppy, the joey, was envisioning a new trampoline, some sidewalk chalk in pretty colors (never enough for all the hopscotch she and Baby Pockets played), and a book about Australia (she didn't understand her deep-seated desire to learn more about that country). In the bed that Baby Woolly, the lamb, was sharing with Baby Fleecy, Woolly was tring to count how many My Little People would be able to fit in her stocking which was hung by the chimney with care. And so it went for each of the eight excited little ones.

Because it was Christmas Eve, the Baby Ponies (Pockets, Lucky Leaf, Fleecy, and Stripes) had been allowed to invite their Pretty Pals--Baby Hoppy, the kangaroo; Baby Leafy, the calf; Baby Nectar, the panda; and Baby Woolly, the lamb--to sleep over and wake up to Christmas morning excitement with them. It was a joyous time. But their overloaded minds would not shut down for sleep.

Just them, Baby Nectar heard what sounded like a knock at the door. She sat up and asked, "Did you guys hear that?"

"Just the wind," replied Baby Leafy, who was thinking about that beautiful silver bell she'd seen at the gift shop, and wondering how it would look on her old pink ribbon--or, better yet, dared she dream of a new ribbon, too?

Suddenly, the knock came again, louder and more determinedly this time. All the ponies and pals sat up now, and Baby Stripes reached out and turned on the light. Eight pairs of round, wide eyes stared at each other.

Baby Pockets broke the silence. "What if it's Santa?" she whispered.

"For goodness sakes, no," replied Baby Fleecy tartly. "Everyone knows he uses the chimney!"

"But what if he gained too much weight," asked Baby Stripes, "and he doesn't fit?"

This idea worried the group. If Santa was indeed too big to fit down the chimney and if no one else heard him knocking, what would happen to all their presents?"

Baby Lucky Leaf jumped out of bed and stated, "We've got to let him in!"

Without thinking further, all of the ponies and pals quietly rushed from their bedroom and down the stairs to the front door. The entrance light gleamed softly over the group as Baby Woolly opened the door.

If the bearded young man was surprised to be met by this menagerie of questioning stares, he hid it well. Maybe there was a hint of a smile at the corners of his mouth, but his face was overwhelmed by anxiety. With an arm around his companion, he introduced himself.

"My name is Joseph," he began. "And this," and he looked toward the girl at his side tenderly, "is Mary, my wife. Could we come in out of the cold?"

As this question was asked, Mary, whose head had been downcast, looked pleadingly toward the ponies and pals. Her face was the most beautiful they'd ever seen, yet marked by pain and fatigue. Baby Woolly's heart reached out to her, for perceptively she recognized that look; she had recently seen it on her mother's face when her baby brother was ready to be born. She instinctively realized that Mary, too, was close to giving birth.

Before Baby Woolly could speak, however, Baby Pockets spoke up. "No, you can't come in. Mommy doesn't want us talking to strangers." And she quickly closed the door.

Baby Fleecy concurred. "Come on girls. It's off to bed for us. If we aren't asleep by midnight, Santa won't come!"

All but Baby Woolly started back up the stairs; she pleaded with the others, "We can't leave them out in the cold!"

"Why not?" asked Baby Hoppy.

"Didn't you see?" Baby Woolly was close to tears. "She is going to have a baby....and soon!"

Baby Hoppy returned to Baby Woolly. "Are you sure?"

"Yes," she replied. "We have to help them."

"I agree," said Baby Leafy. "What will they do without our help?"

"Let's go out and bring them back!" offered Baby Nectar. "I love babies!"

But Baby Fleecy, Baby Stripes, Baby Lucky Leaf, and Baby Pockets all shook their heads. "No way!" asserted Baby Lucky Leaf. "Our parents would ground us for weeks."

"Right," added Baby Stripes, "and if we disobey, Santa might not come."

With that , the four baby ponies turned and continued upstairs.

The Pony Pals looked at one another. Baby Hoppy questioned the others. "Will we get in trouble?"

"I'm not sure," said Baby Woolly. "But I do know that my mommy wouldn't want anyone to spend Christmas Eve out in the cold."

"Yeah," agreed Baby Nectar. "Especially with a new baby on the way."

"Then what are we waiting for?" Baby Leafy asked. And this foursome opened the door and slipped out into the night.

By this time, Mary and Joseph were well down the path. The Pony Pals hurried to catch up to them. "Wait," they called in unison.

The two travelers stopped and turned, with looks of surprise....and hope. "Hello, little friends," said Joseph.

Baby Woolly became the speakerfor the group. "You can't stay outside in this weather, but the ponies don't want you in their home, so you can come to the stable. It's not far." She stopped for breath.

At that moment, Mary gasped. "Joseph, please, we must hurry."

Joseph asked, "Where is this stable?"

"Behind the ponies' house," answered Nectar.

"Lead the way, please," said Joseph as he lifted Mary into his arms. He whispered a prayer of thanks and followed quickly behind the pals.

When they reached the stable, Baby Hoppy opened the door; Baby Woolie found the lantern; and Baby Leafy got it lit. Baby Nectar scooped up a pile of clean hay on which Joseph gently laid down his precious burden.

The Pony Pals felt at home here in the stable as they often came to play, but it was even neater in the dark with the flickering lantern making soft shadows everywhere. The peaceful atmosphere was broken as Mary cried out, "It's time!"

As Joseph knelt by Mary's side, Baby Nectar nervously asked, "What can we do?"

Baby Woolly, who felt like an expert at this point, replied, "Blankets! Babies need blankets! Let's go back to the house for blankets!"

So off scampered the helpful little pals. They quietly let themselves into the house, and up the stairs to the linen closet where extra bedding was stored. Each pal grabbed two blankets, just to be sure they had enough. Just then a voice whispered, "What's happening?"

Baby Hoppy hastily filled-in the events to the four ponies who were still not asleep. Baby Pockets wasn't satisfied.

"If they are safely in the stable, why are you going out again?" she wondered. "Mommy hasn't caught you yet, and if you get in bed now, she will never know."

But the Pony Pals simply said, "There's something special about these people," and they were off again into the night.

When they got outside, a brilliant light seemed to bathe the stable in a glorious glow. And creatures with wings, yet different than any of the winged ponies the pals had ever seen, hovered overhead singing songs of praise.

Yet feeling no fear, the pals returned to the stable with their warm, snug load. Upon entering, they saw the most wonderful sight. The baby had been born! Mary was holding him at her side while Joseph knelt beside them.

Hearing their arrival, Joseph smiled at them. "Come," he said, "and see the child."
The pals set their load of blankets on the floor and walked to the new family. Mary, her face at peace now, proudly announced, "His name is Jesus!"

The Pony Pals didn't fully understand why, but at that moment, it seemed as if heaven had reached down to earth. They dropped to their knees in the hay.

And that was the scene that awaited the four enquiring baby ponies; their curiousity had gotten the best of them, so they had ventured outside at the expense of possible punishment.

The sky over the stable was bright and filled with songs of joy, and the ponies held back at first; but they seemed drawn to the stable. They opened the door, and gasped at the scene within. It was so like a picture Megan had shown them once, of a Christmas long, long ago. The creatures kneeling around a newborn baby in a stable....surely this was it! The picture was real!

The Baby Ponies slowly moved to join the circle. As they gazed down at the baby, the baby looked back at them. Those eyes! The ponies had never seen such eyes. It was as if they held the knowledge of the universe; yet more than that. They held love, a love that knew everything about an individual and loved them even with the faults. They held the love of God!

It was some time before Joseph looked around at the ponies and pals and said, "It's time you got some sleep, too. See, the baby is sleeping now, and you also need your rest." He helped lay out the blankets and covered each one. And this time, each one had no trouble falling into a deep and tranquil repose.

Baby Woolly didn't know what made her wake up early Christmas morning, but she immediately remembered the events from the night before. She quickly looked to where Mary, Joseph, and Jesus were sleeping, but no one was there!

"Wake up! Wake up, everyone," she called.

The others sat up and rubbed their eyes. "What....what's happening?" asked Baby Lucky Leaf.

"They're gone!" sobbed Baby Woolly. "They're all gone!"

The ponies and pals leaped up and again assembled around the manger. It was indeed empty, except for a paper rolled into a scroll and tied with gold ribbon. Baby Woolly reached down and picked it up. Slowly she unfurled the message. Then, smiling with inner joy and peace, she turned it for all to see.



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