Tamara Finds Love!
written by Tabby

Update #1: Will Tamara finally get a guy?

Tamara (Tabby's identical cousin if you don't recall) has already been through with Tex (who dumped her for his old sweetheart, Mimic) and Romance (a French stallion who soon left the Dream Valley area to pursue his life elsewhere). After both of these difficult relationships-gone-sour, Tamara is losing hope. Is there a stallion for her after all, or is she doomed to the life of an old maid? She ponders these exact things as she stays up late nursing a cup of tea at the Café Carousel's counter.

Seated not far away from her and also pondering deep things is the handsome and charming and incredibly famous rock star, PHILIPPE! Tamara, though, is not really into rock/pop/whatever, so she does not recognize him as anyone even though the entire town has been buzzing with excitement over the stop in Dream Valley this star would make during his tour of Ponyland! Anyway, Philippe is also considering how his life is going– sure, he's got tons of fans and is ultra-popular and any mare would swoon over him, but could any of them truly know and understand him past his fortune and fame? Was there any mare out there he could truly share his life with??????

Okay, so somehow he and Tamara start talking. They find a lot to converse over and are each intrigued by the other. When Tamara obviously doesn't recognize him as a music star, Philippe is unsure he should tell her what he's really doing in Dream Valley for fear that her attitude and outlook towards him would change. However, he doesn't want to keep secrets and senses something special about Tamara. When he tells her exactly who she is, Tamara recalls all the talk about the concert and realizes that this must be the stallion. She takes it calmly, though, and doesn't treat him any differently because of his profession. They chat a long time until the café closes and Flower Bouquet kicks them out; then Philippe walks Tamara home and they make plans to meet each other the next day. (Philippe has already given his concert but he has a few more days in the city before moving on. It is currently Wednesday; he leaves town Friday night.)

So, they spend alllllll of Thursday together visiting and touring various places in Dream Valley, and all the time growing closer and closer to each other. (*swoon* VERY ROMANTIC!) When they finally part from each other, Philippe promises Tamara that she'll hear from him again tomorrow, his last day. Tamara looks forward to it, but is also sad because this stallion she is growing increasingly fond of will be leaving her very shortly.

Early the next morning, Philippe goes to the flower shop (owned and operated by the Mysterious Cloaked Flower Deliverers, OF COURSE!) And orders a very special bouquet of flowers– the arrangement of which was personally chosen and approved by Philippe– to be sent to Tamara. He also includes a note saying to call him so they could arrange to meet at least one more time. He has some business to take care of that morning, but patiently waits for word from Tamara.

Now, to understand what happens you must first understand the language of flowers! It's simple, really; in the past, different flowers were given different meanings, and if grouped together they will present a certain message to the receiver. However, some flowers have multiple– and very contradictory– meanings, depending on what source you use. For example: basil can mean "best wishes" or "hate"; a white carnation "sweet and lovely" or "disdain"; a geranium, "gentility and elegance" or "stupidity"; an orange lily, "graceful and elegant" or "hatred"; and a yellow rose, "true love" or "jealousy".

Anyway, Philippe picked out flowers for Tamara's bouquet that– according to what he knew– had highly complimentary meanings. However, Tamara was more familiar with their alternate meanings, so when she received the flowers she was highly offended and thought that Philippe had just been playing with her heart all along and now dismissed her in this very insulting way! Tamara is heartbroken because she thought Philippe really cared for her. She tosses the bouquet away without even reading the note– not that she would have called him back anyway at this point!

Poor Tamara and Philippe. Philippe waits and waits for Tamara to call but none comes through. He now has similar thoughts to Tamara's: that she had simply been toying with him all along for the prime purpose of simply ignoring him in the end. SO SAD.

They both wallow in misery for the rest of the day. Late night, Philippe has to head to the airport and leave Dream Valley behind him– and Tamara. Still very saddened by the whole affair, he simply stops outside Tamara's house on his way and wishes it could have turned out differently. Tamara is thinking the same thing as she strolls through her garden in the evening light. They notice each other and at first (of course) react bitterly to the other, but gradually the truth comes out and all is reconciled. Philippe picks a red rose from a nearby bush and presents it to Tamara– because the meaning of a red rose, love, can never be misinterpreted! They kiss in the moonlight (aww... how romantic!) and the scene fades out.

In conclusion, Philippe and Tamara are both madly in love with each other and are married within a few days (it's Ponyland, so couples can get married in very short notice with no problems). Tamara for the moment travels around with Philippe, her new husband, and they live happily ever after. At least for now.

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