The Party Mix-Up
written by Princess Twinkle Star

The royalty of Friendship Castle was eating breakfast and listening to Princess Ivy describe the elaborate party she planned to give. "...I think we should have roses... red ones, to look classical... or maybe I should do something more unusual, like yellow... oh, I can't wait to see all the other princesses!"

Princess Twinkle Star thought of something. "When did you say you were giving that party?"

"Saturday. Weren't you listening?"

"That's funny. Saturday evening is when I'm giving my Pokemon Party. All the trainers will come, and wild Pokemon, and ponies who want to know more about Pokemon. It'll be lots of fun!"

Princess Crystal looked up from her crystal ball. "Both of your parties sound nice, but be careful. I sense trouble around both of your parties." Quiet Crystal could sometimes tell the future with her crystal ball, and her predictions were always correct.

Princess Twinkle Star frowned. "Okay, I'll be careful; but I don't see any reason why there should be trouble."

"I've written all of my invitations," said Ivy. "I just have to put them in the right envelopes."

"Same with me," said Twinkle Star.

"I'll do you both a favor and put the invitations in the envelopes," offered Lady Light Heart.

"Thanks!" grinned the two princesses.

Later that day, Lady Light Heart decided to get to work on the job. As she looked at the guest list, an idea struck her. She knew the princesses would be furious, but it was just too good a chance to pass up. With a mischievous chuckle, she began to put the invitations into the envelopes. In the week that followed, ponies from all around were receiving party invitations. RSVPs were sent and ponies eagerly prepared themselves for a great time.

* * *

On the evening of the party, Princess Twinkle Star surveyed the decorations. While Ivy had filled the fancier ballroom with roses and lights, Twinkle Star had opted for the larger, more casual one. She put pictures of Pokemon all over the room, and a few Jigglypuff-shaped balloons floated to and fro. There was a Pikachu pinata and favor bags in the shape of PokeBalls. All in all, Twinkle Star was very pleased. Her Pokemon made happy noises, too.

In small groups, the guests began to drift in. There was Merry Treat with her Pokemon, Clever Clover with his, a few wild Squirtles, Tabby and her three, and... Princess Taffeta? What was she doing here?

"What kind of party is this?" demanded Taffeta. "You all aren't royalty." Twinkle Star's Raichu hopped up on Taffeta's back. "Aaaah! What are these weird things? Is this your idea of a joke?" A few other ponies who didn't seem to belong there started to gather around Princess Taffeta.

"Hi," said Tabby.

"Oh, hi, Tabby," said Twinkle Star. "Is your Meowth having a good time? Where's Tamara and her Persian?"

"Tarquin's busy talking to Tess," answered the unicorn. "Tamara? She got invited to some royalty party."

Twinkle Star walked around and discovered that a few other guests were missing, too. Taffeta was still complaining, although many of the bewildered royals had regained their poise and begun learning about Pokemon. Some even seemed to be enjoying themselves.

* * *

In the other ballroom, Princess Ivy's party was in full swing. Ivy herself was discussing the latest fashions with her good friend, Princess Tiffany. Princess Crystal had agreed to tell fortunes, and many ponies lined up to have theirs read.

Suddenly, Princess Pristina screamed. "What is that thing?"

Everyone's eyes turned to a small Vulpix who was calmly eyeing the guests. A few other ponies fled to the nearest corner, but Princess Dawn stepped forward. "It's nothing to worry about, it's a Pokemon," she explained. "They're harmless if you don't provoke them... at least, most of the time."

A quick search revealed a Pikachu, two Chanseys, a Charmander, another Vulpix, and a Venusaur in the ballroom. A few guests began to screech, moan, and hide; but the braver ones held some of the Pokemon and calmed the upset ones (Pokemon are not used to being in rooms full of screaming royalty). "They're kind of cute," remarked Princess Primrose.

"I think I'd like one of these Chanseys," added Queen Serena. Even Princess Pristina ventured to stroke a Pikachu, wiping her hoof on a napkin afterwards.

Princess Ivy was no genius, but she was fairly sure she knew where the creatures had come from. She, the Pokemon, and most of the guests trooped down the hallway to the other ballroom.

Princess Twinkle Star had organized an activity in which trainers took turns sending their Pokemon to break the pinata. The royals organized a cheering section, rooting for their favorites. It was Twinkle Star's Mew's turn when the guests from the other party streamed in.

The two hostesses explained the mix-up to their respective guests, promised to send a Charizard at Lady Light Heart, and decided to combine their two parties. For the rest of the evening, Pokemon, royalty, and other ponies participated in one of the biggest and most unusual parties in Ponyland; and when it was over, many royals had become Pokemon enthusiasts.

* * *

Princess Twinkle Star smiled as she went to bed that night. The party had caused the trouble Princess Crystal had predicted, but it had also been the most fun Twinkle Star had had in a long time.

I'll have to thank Lady Light Heart after I've boiled her in oil, was her last thought before she fell asleep.

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