An Afternoon Chat
written by Tabby

I would like to thank MGarcia589 and IDOJeannie for helping me on this story.

Tabby was in her backyard talking with Baby Lofty. Lofty has recently taken Baby Lofty on vacation, so Tabby hadn't been able to see her for several weeks. They hadn't known each other long before that, but they were already great friends, despite the fact that Baby Lofty was a baby pony.

Baby Lofty was chattering on excitedly. ", Princess Tiffany told me that; she's my new piano teacher."

"Princess Tiffany?" Tabby echoed. "That must be awful; she's such a snob!"

"No, she's nice!" Baby Lofty defended her. "She wears pretty clothes, and is rich."

"And that makes her nice?" Tabby argued. "See what she's doing to your mind?"

"She says money can buy everything..." Baby Lofty went on.

Just then Molasses walked in. "Hi, cutie!" she greeted Baby Lofty. "I thought I heard you two, so I thought I'd stop in." She turned back to Baby Lofty. "What're you doing right now? Why aren't you playing with the other babies?"

"I like to play with the big girls," Baby Lofty explained. "Especially Tabby."

"Ah," Molasses said. "That explains it!"

"I'm hungry for ice cream!" Baby Lofty said suddenly.

"Me too," Molasses said.

"Yeah," Tabby agreed.

"Then what are we waiting for; let's go get some!" Baby Lofty exclaimed.

"You can go get it; we'll stay here," Tabby said.

"Me got a better idea..." Baby Lofty said mysteriously and dashed into the house.

"What's she up to?" Molasses wondered.

Tabby shrugged.

Baby Lofty ran back outside a few minutes later. "I called the Satin Slipper Sweet Shoppe's delivery!"

"Baby Lofty!" Molasses said, aghast.

"They'll be delivering in ten minutes!" Baby Lofty went on.

"Did Tabby or your mommy say that was okay?" Molasses questioned.

"Aww, Molasses, who cares?" Tabby said breezily.

"I was only asking..." Molasses looked offended.

"Well, Tabby said to get ice cream..." Baby Lofty said. "By the way, they said the ice cream would cost six jangles, and the pony said plus tip, whatever that means???"

"You can just ignore that part," Tabby explained.

Suddenly, Peppermint Crunch walked in. "Hi! I have your order of seven gallons of chocolate ice cream."

"You ordered that much?" Tabby looked at Baby Lofty.

Peppermint Crunch checked the delivery box again. "Oops, I meant seventeen gallons," she corrected herself. "That'll be sixty jangles."

"Ouch... Baby Lofty..." Molasses glared at her. "Isn't that a bit much?"

Baby Lofty giggled. "You know I like a lot of ice cream..."

"Ah well, we can just pig out on ice cream now," Tabby said.

"Just as soon was I get my sixty jangles..." Peppermint Crunch said in a business voice.
Tabby ran back inside and came back with sixty jangles. "Here you go, Peppermint Crunch."

Peppermint Crunch took the money from Tabby. "Okay, I know y'all aren't going cheap on me, but do you know what it's like to lug seventeen gallons of ice cream? Gimme some tip!"

Molasses smiled at Baby Lofty and Tabby. "You two are too much... here, I'll pay the tip." She handed Peppermint Crunch some jangles.

Peppermint Crunch smiled, embarrassed at what she'd just said. "Thanks." She skipped away happily.

"Come on, Baby Lofty! We've got to eat all this ice cream now!" Tabby said.

"Yeah!" Baby Lofty agreed.

Tabby got bowls and spoons out and set them on her picnic table. The three set to work scooping out ice cream, then they sat down and began eating.

"Oh, I've gotta run!" Molasses suddenly realized. "You can have my ice cream, Baby Lofty!" She ran out of the yard.

"Bye!" Tabby called.

Baby Lofty had just started on Molasses' sundae when they heard someone saunter in.
"There you are, Baby Lofty! Lofty told me I'd find you here!" Princess Tiffany's voice said.

Tabby groaned.

"It's time for piano!" Tiffany said to Baby Lofty.

"But I'm eating ice cream now!" Baby Lofty whined.

"Yeah, we're eating ice cream now, sorry," Tabby said.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk! Ice cream will make you a fat pony!" Tiffany looked at Baby Lofty disapprovingly.

"You can have some, if you want," Tabby offered Tiffany.

"Nooooo, it'll mess up my makeup." Tiffany pulled out a compact mirror and checked herself in it.

"SNOB!" Tabby insulted her.

"Well, Baby Lofty, are you coming?" Tiffany looked at Baby Lofty.

"No!" Baby Lofty exclaimed. "Me want ice cream!"

"Don't force her, Tiffany," Tabby added.

"Peasant! Don't tell me what to do!" Tiffany directed at Tabby.

"PEASANT??" Tabby screeched in outrage.

"I am royalty," Tiffany said snobbishly.

"You're calling ME a peasant?" Tabby fumed. "Why don't you go back where you came from?"

"Princess Tiffany is mean!" Baby Lofty exclaimed.

"I'm glad you realized that," Tabby said.

"How DARE you say that about me?" Tiffany said in outrage.

Baby Lofty started crying.

"Well, it's true," Tabby said.

"Baby Lofty? Are you still here?" Lofty's voice rang out. "Oh, Baby Lofty, what happened?" she exclaimed when she saw Baby Lofty was crying.

"Tiffany was yelling at her," Tabby exclaimed.

"Princess Tiffany MEAN, Mommy!" Baby Lofty exclaimed.

"You should've seen it! It was absolutely horrible!" Tabby went on.

Lofty glared at Tiffany and went to comfort Baby Lofty.

"What is everyone's problem?" Tiffany wondered.

"You, Tiffany. I know it's hard to believe, but it's the sad truth," Tabby explained.

"I don't have to this! I have better things to do, like go to the Perm Shoppe!" Tiffany exclaimed. "Good afternoon, PEASANTS!"

"Good afternoon, SNOB!" Tabby shot back.

Tiffany walked away snobbishly, muttering something about being better than everyone else.

"YEAH!" Baby Lofty cheered.

"She's gone, yay!" Tabby exclaimed.

"But what about my piano lessons, Mommy?" Baby Lofty asked.

Lofty turned to Tabby. "Tabby, do you know piano?"

"Well, I've only ever played on a keyboard before," Tabby replied. "And I only know how to play one song-- The Siamese Cat Song."

"How would you like to become Baby Lofty's new teacher?" Lofty offered.

"Yippy skippy, please?" Baby Lofty said excitedly.

"Sure, I guess." Tabby shrugged.

"The pay is very good, fifty jangles per lesson," Lofty went on. "You may start next week!" she called as she walked away.

"Ooh, this is gonna be fun!" Baby Lofty exclaimed.

Tabby grinned. "Of course!"

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