Of Weddings and Babies
written by Tabby

Well, Sugarberry would have gotten on my case if I hadn’t at least made a mention of two certain events. So, I threw together a little story. Not much happens, but at least it’ll keep y’all up to date, if you care about these characters or anything.

“Oh, wedding cake! I’m so happy!” Tabby squealed. “Look at all the lovely frosting! I love weddings!”

“Yes, I’m sure you never would have married me had it not been for the cake,” Thomas said, eyes sparkling.

“There were a few other reasons than that,” Tabby said, swatting him playfully.

The bride and groom- namely, Elaine and Alan- were just cutting the first slices of the scrumptious confection spattered with pale blue frosting roses. Elaine looked resplendent in her simple but tasteful veil with pink flowers twined in her hair, and Alan was beaming with happiness in his stylin’ bowtie.

Anyway, nothing out of the ordinary happened, except that Tabby got a bit tipsy after a few glasses of tea. The partying and dancing and socializing went on and everyone was enjoying themselves immensely, but eventually the bride and groom took their leave amidst a shower of rice.

“They look so happy,” Sugarberry said, wiping a tear from her eye.

“Why is it so traditional to cry at weddings, anyway?” Tabby wanted to know. “I think it’s disconcerting.”

“But it’s just... so... emotional!” Sugarberry sniffled.

Tabby looked at her sideways. “Now, now, Sug. It’s nothing to break up over.” The next moment she suddenly burst into tears herself. “Wahhh! Nearly everyone is married now! What will we do without our matchmaking?”

“Now, now, Tabby,” Sugarberry said, patting her on the shoulder. “It’s not as bad as that...”

“Yes it is!” Soon both mares had collapsed into each other’s forelegs and were sobbing their eyes out.

“Now, now, girls.” Thomas and Vanguard came to console their respective wives. “What’s all the fuss about?”

“Everyone’s married now and, and,” Tabby choked up, “we’re running out of single ponies and there will not be nearly as much fun as before! Just look at what it’s come to! Baby Noddins caught the bouquet!”

“I’m sure you’ll think of something,” Thomas said wryly, stalling his wife’s hoof as she reached to refill her glass. “I think that’s enough for you.”

“Ooh!” Tabby fumed, but didn’t fight the ultimatum. It was not long before they, too, left.

* * *

A few days later, Tabby was cleaning her pet crayfish’s aquarium when Agatha barged in the room. “Tabitha! Did you hear about Tamara?” she asked breathlessly.

“Tamara? No... why?” Tabby set down the siphon.

“Your Aunt Lynette just called me. It seems she had her baby last night.”

“Oh! Well, that’s good news, isn’t it?” Tabby cocked her head, wondering why her mother wasn’t happier about it.

“Two months early, Tabitha!” Agatha said emphatically. Tamara is okay, but... but...”

“Oh!” Tabby gasped. “Not...”

“Oh no, the doctors are keeping him- it was a boy, you know- in stable condition at the moment, but he’s still very weak. He will need to spend a long time under hospital surveillance.”

“Where are they?” Tabby prodded.

“Hayton... Philippe was doing a concert there. I gathered from what Lynette said that he’s taking it really badly and blaming himself for what happened,” Agatha elaborated.

“Surely there’s nothing that could have been done differently!”

“No, but Tamara opted to stay at the hotel during the concert and Philippe didn’t hear that she’d even gone into labor until afterwards.” Agatha shrugged. “I suppose he just feels that he should have been there.”

“I see,” said Tabby pensively. “What’s the kid look like?”

“Lynette said his colors were the opposite of Philippe’s, so aqua with coral hair, but his symbol is a cat,” Agatha described.

“Cute!” Tabby enthused. Agatha suspected she was referring to the symbol, not the foal. “And his name?”

“Hugh Alexander.”

“Well, at least he isn’t Baby Philippe or anything,” Tabby said cheerfully. “I wonder what Faline will think of her new cousin, or whatever he is. What kind of relation is he, anyway? He’d be her cousin were Tammy and I sisters, but we’re only cousins ourselves, soooo...”

“Some things are not meant to be known, Tabitha,” Agatha said sagely, then changed the subject. “Why don’t we find out what Faline thinks? Your father and I are planning a trip to Hayton to see Tamara; Lynette and Corydon are already there.”

“Ooh! Adventure!” said Tabby gleefully.

And henceforth a visit to Hayton was planned.

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