Return to Atlantis Part One: Disco Furbys
written by Tabby

Special thanks to... first off, to Barnacle, for giving me many of the ideas for this story, including the Furby portal and Kaliope's seer attack. And then to Cleve Clove, for giving me that splendorous list of Greek names of which I was so badly in need of; and also to Spike, for supplying the character list from the Ben-Hur movie (more Greek names! Whahoo! I especially liked "Number Forty-Two"). And then to LucasArts, for programming the fabulous Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis game, which started my whole obsession on Atlantis. And I also got inspiration from Merry Treat-- whereas I decided to scrap the Sailor Atlantis theory, it did give me the idea for Kaliope to have even more special unicorn magic. Oh! And "dah" thanks to Mimic as well, for drawing that narfy picture of Sailor Atlantis for me. Even though Sailor Atlantis does not exist now, the picture's too cool to go to waste, so I'm going to include it on my webpage anyway. (Doesn't reading just the thanks section make you want to go on and find out what this strange story is all about? ^.~) And last, the following is not intended to offend anyone with alternate theories on My Little Ponies, Furbys, Pokèmon, and/or Atlantis.

Two colorful balls of fluff floated through the halls of Atlantis, apparently heading towards a certain doorway. Unfortunately, they didn't happen to see the obstacle in their way as they sped up.

"Of course, my queen, I'll see to it imm--" A pony was just stepping out of the chamber when he saw the two creatures zooming towards him at top speed. His eyes opened wide as he stood frozen in place.

The pink and green balls rammed into the stallion's face straight-on and were then sent spinning through the air to land inside the chamber.

"Woah, big light," the green creature commented in awe as he lay on his back on the floor, staring up at the ceiling.

"Hee hee hee! Party!" the pink one agreed, assuming an upright stance again.

"Go along," a deep purple unicorn directed her messenger. She sat on an intricately carved throne and wore a sparkling gold crown atop her flowing blue mane. "The royal seers will be fine, and I must consult with them now."

The gray stallion nodded quickly to the queen, and was on his way again, leaving her to deal with the two creatures.

Yes, these strange furballs were the mysterious Atlantean Furbys-- small furry things with staring eyes, yellow beaks, small feet, and large ears. Among other things, they possessed the power to peek into the future. No one could remember when the breed had first appeared in the proud city of Atlantis; the inhabitants only knew that Furbys had always been there to serve the citizens of the city-- and particularly to serve the royal family. Furbys had been declared the official royal seers of Atlantis.

These particular two, the green one and the pink one, were the young queen's most trusted advisors. Their names were A-Tay and Wee-Tee Wah. On this particular evening, the two were returning to the queen's chamber after a big party at the "Dah Lee-Koo Wah" dance club.

"Come here, you two." Queen Kaliope of the island kingdom of Atlantis motioned for her advisers to take their places on either side of her throne. "We have much to discuss."

"Whahoo! Me happy, wah!" A-Tay exclaimed.

"Yeah, boogie!" Wee-Tee Wah added.

"And was their a good turnout at your... disco night?" the queen queried.

"Hmm... boring," Wee-Tee sighed.

A-Tay disagreed. "Big fun!"

"Well, that's... fascinating." Queen Kaliope paused to ponder again over the Furbys and their love of dance. Nothing was known of their life before arriving at Atlantis-- except for one clue. They had brought but a single thing with them, and this was a large, sparkling ball. The Furbys referred to this as a "disco" ball, and gathered around it nightly to dance and "boogie". The Atlanteans thought it was rather strange, but were happy to oblige the Furbys in the making of a special disco dance club for them. The Furbys had their own special room in Atlantis, with their precious disco ball hanging suspended from the ceiling. They had named the club the "Dah Lee-Koo Wah" and continued to gather there every night of their lives.

"Hum-dee-dum-dee-deet-dee-doo," A-Tay said in a bored tone.

"Oh, I'm sorry," Kaliope apologized. "I didn't mean to get lost in my thoughts so. Now, have you found out about any evils encroaching on the city?"

"Maybe..." was all Wee-Tee would reveal.

"Can you tell me what it is?"

"Very big... no," A-Tay decided.

"Well, does it involve a foreigner?"

"Maybe... yes."

"Is he secretly scheming with someone in the city?"


"Has the plan been put into action yet?"

"Me Wee-Tee! Me see... no."

"So this will be happening in the future?"

"Me see... yes."

"Can I prevent it?"

"Very big no."

"Do you know what you're talking about?"


"Can you--"

"Me done!" A-Tay declared.

"Hee hee hee!" Wee-Tee's mind was obviously not on peeking into the future any longer as she burped.

A-Tay laughed and burped in return. Then they proceeded to play their hiding game.

Kaliope sat on her throne thoughtfully as the two seers chattered. Their premonitions sounded ominous... but still, Furbys had been known to make mistakes. For example, there had been one incident in Kaliope's youth when she had been dreadfully ill. When she had asked her personal Furby seer if she would be dead by morning, he had replied with, "Hee hee hee! Yes! Hee hee hee!" It hadn't sounded too reassuring at the time, but Kaliope had recovered her health quite quickly afterwards. She could only hope that this was the same case with tonight's conversation.

Wee-Tee and A-Tay had soon sung themselves to sleep. Kaliope, thinking such deep thoughts, was startled out of her reverie upon hearing tiny hoofsteps coming up behind her. She whirled around. It was only her young sister, Baby Emalia.

"Kaliope?" Baby Emalia said softly, crawling up into her sister's lap. "What were the Furbys sayin'?"

"Nothing of importance, dear," Kaliope said, fondly stroking her sister's purple mane.

"Kaliope, I want Mom and Dad back." Baby Emalia stared up endearingly at Kaliope.

"I know, Baby Emalia. So do I." Kaliope felt tears begin to form in her eyes. It had been a terrible shock to the two siblings when both their parents had perished the year before. Kaliope was left heir to the throne of Atlantis, having no other relatives worthy of the position, and had been working her hardest at keeping the place up. She was certain the city would have been doomed long ago if it had not been for her trusted Furby advisors.

Kaliope's heart nearly broke when she saw tears trickling down Baby Emalia's cheeks as well. The little dark pink unicorn, miserable as she was, had soon fallen fast asleep in her sister's lap.

Kaliope only bowed her head and silently cried herself.

* * *

Meanwhile, the scheming Nur-Ab-Fin was busy... well... scheming. His quarters in Atlantis spilled over with strange mechanisms-- some of them failed experiments, and some of them valuable tools but unrecognized by the general public. Nur-Ab-Fin devoted his life to tinkering with such things.

Nur-Ab-Fin was, in fact, one of the human occupants of Atlantis. In this age of astounding glory, the colonies covering the planet were mixed with both the magical Little Ponies and the less-magical humans. Whereas the ruling class of Atlantis had always been ponies, humans were always made welcome.

On this particular evening, Nur-Ab-Fin was pondering over the blueprints to his most powerful invention, the Whale Machine. He had first come up with the plans for this when he had been hired by the royal court years ago to help in the making of powerful new breeds of creatures (referred to as "Pokèmon"). His idea for the Whale Machine, however, had been passed over in favor of other plans. Nur-Ab-Fin sulked off after that blow to his ego, and refused to do any more work for the royals. What he wanted to do now was to perfect his Whale Machine even further, so that the rulers of Atlantis would finally realize how wrong they were to turn his brilliant plans down.

"Whales. It's the only way humans can ever be truly powerful," he mumbled to himself while carefully inspecting his plans.

"Hey! No joke, wah!" Nur-Ab-Fin's Furby, Dah-Boo (translating into meaning "Big No") complained as he floated over to his master, the propellers on his cap whirling.

"This Whale Machine will be the greatest thing ever to hit Atlantis," Nur-Ab-Fin confided to his loyal Furby.

"Kah very happy," Dah Boo agreed. "Nee-tye kah!"

"Dah Boo, have their been any interesting happenings in the city as of late?"

"Maybe..." Dah Boo trailed off.

"Well? Go on!"

"Me see..." The Furby rocked back and forth contemplatively.

Nur-Ab-Fin shook his head. Sometimes it was impossible to get anything out of a Furby. He went back to his Whale Machine plans. Dah Boo hovered over his shoulder.

"I sense that something interesting is going to happen tomorrow," Nur-Ab-Fin commented aloud.

"Very big yes," Dah Boo agreed.

* * *

It was all Queen Kaliope could do the next day to keep up with current affairs, let alone worry about the future. Besides, Wee-Tee and A-Tay weren't concerned over anything.

"Doot-doot-doo! Doot-doot-doo! Dah, dah dah!" A-Tay sang, rocking back and forth.

"Titty-titty-titty! Hide!" Wee-Tee cried out.

Kaliope was pouring over the new requests for Furbys. When citizens wanted their own personal Furby, they would fill out the required form and send it in. They wrote down their preferred color pattern for a Furby, and a Furby most closely fitting those characteristics would then be selected for them out of the Furby nursery. It was Kaliope's responsibility to look over these new requests to approve the person or pony of having the proper qualifications for taking in a Furby. She was used to this routine, but the name of one of the prospective Furby owners caught her eye.

"Lamachus, eh?" she mumbled aloud. "He's the one I've been seeing so much of lately, isn't he?" Kaliope frequently went out to mingle with the people of her city, and now that she stopped to think about it, she was positive that this particular stallion had already approached her several times. She wondered if he wasn't up to something.

Kaliope fingered the Furby medallion around her neck. This necklace design was popular throughout Atlantis and was easily obtainable from any gift shop, but Kaliope's was crafted of only the finest materials. Only royalty would have richly-made Furby medallions.

The two Furbys had since gone to sleep, as Furbys were prone to do. Kaliope decided to take a break from her paperwork and see how Baby Emalia was doing with her studies for the day when one of her guards appeared at the door.

"My queen," he said, "there is a certain stallion by the name of Lamachus wishing to see you."

Kaliope looked up in surprise. So this Lamachus would show up yet again! She nodded quickly. "Yes. Bring him in."

"Queen Kaliope," was all Lamachus said upon entering the throne room, eyeing her intently.

"Yes, that's me." Kaliope raised her head suspiciously. "What is it you came to see me about?"

"It was not without good reason that I came here to Atlantis," Lamachus began. "I only arrived here recently."

"Oh?" Kaliope invited him to go on. "How so?"

"What you probably don't know is that I'm of the ruling class of the far-off city of Dream Valley."

"You don't say. And what affair brings you here to Atlantis?"

Lamachus ignored the question. "It rather surprised me that the queen of Atlantis would remain unmarried after ascending to the throne."

"I've had no problems with it thus far," Kaliope stated.

"But it could change if you take me up on my proposition."

"What do you mean by that?"

"Think of the strong alliance our two cities would make if joined together, Kaliope!"

"Atlantis is already strong on its own."

"Kaliope, if you'll only marry me, you'll see what strong advantages you gain."

Kaliope gazed with surprise at Lamachus' proposal. It was true; she had never thought of marriage before, nor desired it. But having a strong king at her side could make the running of a city easier. But...

"Well? What do you say?" Lamachus prodded.

"I'll ask Wee-Tee and A-Tay," Kaliope said with resolve, and promptly woke the two up.

"If that is your wish, my queen."

"A-Tay. Wee-Tee," Kaliope addressed the two. "Would it be wise of me to marry this Lamachus who claims to be of royalty as well?"

"No," A-Tay said simply.

"Very big no," Wee-Tee added.

"There is your answer," Kaliope said quietly, turning back to Lamachus. "The seers do not think kindly of the idea."

Lamachus, actually, did not appear too devastated at the declaration. "There is more than one way to win a queen." With that, he turned and left.

"How strange," Kaliope said to her seers. "How very strange."

"Scared," Wee-Tee whimpered.

"Kah very hungry!" A-Tay demanded.

"Alright," Kaliope sighed. "Have a snack." Somehow she felt that she had not yet seen the last of Lamachus.

* * *

Unbeknownst to them, there had been an eavesdropper on Lamachus and Kaliope's discussion-- an eavesdropper that could be no other than Nur-Ab-Fin.

As had Lamachus been watching Kaliope's every move, so had Nur-Ab-Fin been watching Lamachus. He saw great genius in the stallion, and thought he would make a wonderful ally. And now with this new development with him and Kaliope... a plan began formulating in Nur-Ab-Fin's mind.

Slinking through the stone halls, Nur-Ab-Fin came up behind Lamachus. "You wish to gain the queen's allegiance, do you?"

Lamachus turned around to face the man. "How did you know about that?"

Nur-Ab-Fin did not bother to respond to that. "Kaliope is not someone to get involved with. However..." He paused. "...if you agree to help me, I just may be able to help you."

"And just what would that be?"

"Come, my boy. I'll show you."

* * *

"I think I see the problem," Lamachus said critically. "You require the oricalcum beads to be put in the wrong side of the machine. If you changed it to the left, it would in turn cause the..."

Nur-Ab-Fin nodded and smiled. Lamachus was, indeed, the one he had been looking for. "Of course!" he said aloud. "I never even thought of doing that! Brilliant!"

"Party, wah!" Dah-Boo cried, floating through the room.

"Oh, it's a common oversight," Lamachus said flippantly.

"You may indeed be able to help me," Nur-Ab-Fin murmured. "Lamachus, how would you like to be taken on as my student in order to assist me in perfecting the Whale Machine and others like it?"

"And in return you'll help me win Kaliope?" Lamachus queried.


"Very well, then," Lamachus consented. "If it will win me Kaliope..."

"Tell me more of this kingdom you rule," Nur-Ab-Fin requested.

"It is one of the cities beyond the rainbow, in Ponyland," Lamachus explained. "It's known as Dream Valley. My family has always ruled there, but..." His eyes misted over. "I've always been drawn to Atlantis. There's never been anything I wanted more than to come here."

"Atlantis!" Nur-Ab-Fin scoffed. "It's nothing but a place of broken aspirations."

"What do you mean?"

"My Whale Machine plan, which you were just looking at," Nur-Ab-Fin said indignantly, "was turned down by the Atlantean king years ago in favor of an inferior idea of another."

"Certainly the king didn't do it on purpose," Lamachus protested.

"Perhaps not," Nur-Ab-Fin admitted. "But it is my only goal in life now to make the Whale Machine even better than it was. And then I'll show all of Atlantis how clever it was in the first place."

"What was the idea the king favored over your Whale Machine?" Lamachus queried, brimming over with questions concerning Atlantis.

"The king was looking for new, genetically-enhanced species of animals," Nur-Ab-Fin explained. "He didn't think much of my plan for turning humans into whales. He preferred the idea of my rival, in which there was the possibility of creating hundreds of different breeds of new creatures."

"They're the Pokèmon I've heard of, aren't they?"

"Yes. The king relocated all testing on them to a far-off colony. I'm not involved with them at all. Not that I'd want to be, anymore."

"Fascinating," Lamachus murmured as Dah-Boo landed on his back.

"Tickle me," Dah-Boo requested.

Lamachus obligingly reached for the Furby. "I've never seen Furbys up close before."

"They never venture out of Atlantis," Nur-Ab-Fin said. "They like it here. They have everything they need."

"I'd have everything I need here, too, if only Kaliope would consent to marry me," Lamachus sighed.

Nur-Ab-Fin chuckled. "When she sees the new, updated Whale Machine, all that will change. I'll have my revenge on being turned down, and you'll get just what you want when she finds out that you helped with it."

"Big fun!" Dah-Boo squealed.

* * *

Baby Emalia's own yellow and orange Baby Furby, Ah-May, was currently visiting with Wee-Tee and A-Tay. Ah-May was a royal seer in training.

"You rock!" Ah-May cheered as the adult Furbys danced.

"Titty-titty-titty! Hide!" A-Tay declared.

"Yeah! Hide!" Wee-Tee agreed.

"Hey! Where's kitty!" Ah-May exclaimed.

Baby Emalia just laughed with delight at the Furbys. No creatures in the world were more perfect than Furbys, in her opinion.

Meanwhile, Kaliope sat on her throne, deep in thought as she clutched a letter in her hoof. She sighed deeply, the message being from Lamachus, begging her to reconsider.

"Who's da letter from?" Baby Emalia said, pulling herself away from the Furbys' conversation.

"From the ruler of a city in Ponyland," Kaliope said in a troubled tone.

Baby Emalia cocked her head and reached for Ah-May. "Is that bad?"

"Itchy-itchy... scared," Ah-May whimpered.

"Baby Emalia, what would you think of me getting married?" Kaliope asked point-blank.

"Married?" Baby Emalia echoed, wide-eyed.

"You know what that involves, don't you?"

"But... but... then there'd be nobody to look after me," Baby Emalia said, her lower lip trembling.

Kaliope decided it would be best to end that discussion. "Well, it's nothing of importance, anyway. How is Ah-May doing?"

Baby Emalia reflected for a moment. "Good. She's learning lots."

"Aw, me hun-gry," Ah-May complained.

Kaliope laughed. "Now, you'd better go and feed her."

Baby Emalia obligingly set off to find food for the Baby Furby. Kaliope set the letter aside for the moment. It would just be too much trouble. She'd simply have to ignore Lamachus.

* * *

The days passed. Kaliope pondered. The Furbys danced. Nur-Ab-Fin and Lamachus schemed.

Nur-Ab-Fin and Lamachus had actually developed a strong rapport with each other. Progress on the Whale Machine was speeding up. They had constructed several experimental miniature models, and in one of Nur-Ab-Fin's spacious back rooms, construction of the life-size version had begun.

Even though Nur-Ab-Fin himself did not care for the royalty of Atlantis, he could clearly see that Lamachus was very devoted to Queen Kaliope. Though Lamachus did it discreetly, Nur-Ab-Fin knew well of the letters he continued to send to the queen. Out of simple curiosity, Nur-Ab-Fin decided to go see Queen Kaliope in person to see what her true feelings were for his new student.

"Hello there," Kaliope said cordially upon seeing Nur-Ab-Fin enter the throne room. "You wanted to see me about something?"

Nur-Ab-Fin was about to speak when he caught sight of what was seated in Kaliope's lap. "What... what is that?"

"Oh, this is one of the new Pokèmon species they've made over in Pokèmopolis," Kaliope giggled, lifting the elegant pink cat-like creature up into the air. "It's a ‘Mew'. Rather cute, don't you think?"

"Mew," the Pokèmon voiced her sentiments.

Nur-Ab-Fin inwardly cringed as the Mew darted around the room through the air. It was a Pokèmon-- the creatures that had overrated his whale-like beings in the king's eye. He could hardly stand being in the presence of such a thing. "Whales are the way to go," he muttered under his breath.

"What was that?" Kaliope cocked her head.

Kaliope was seemingly naive to Nur-Ab-Fin's involvement with Pokèmon, and that angered him all the more-- a ruler who thought herself so grand and yet didn't recognize the genius in her presence!

"That is, I just realized that I have to go now," Nur-Ab-Fin said curtly. "Good day." With that, he was gone out the door, seething to himself. He would permit Lamachus to go on with his foolish dreams of himself and Kaliope. But he, Nur-Ab-Fin, would certainly not take any interest in it.

* * *

Besides Kaliope, there was one other major disagreement between Lamachus and Nur-Ab-Fin-- and that was a mysterious medallion in Lamachus' possession that he showed to Nur-Ab-Fin one day.

"And you don't know its origin?" Nur-Ab-Fin queried, passing the bronze medallion through his hands.

Lamachus just shook his head. "Not a clue, but it looks valuable."

And magical, Nur-Ab-Fin thought with interest to himself. "Would you mind if I borrowed it for a time, and tried to find out more about it?"

"Well..." Lamachus paused. "I'm actually satisfied having it as it is."

"But I'm sure I could do something useful with it if you allowed me to study it," Nur-Ab-Fin persisted.

"Perhaps some other time," Lamachus said, snatching the medallion back.

"You may never find out what its possibilities are if you keep it to yourself," Nur-Ab-Fin warned.

It took a lot of convincing, but Nur-Ab-Fin was persistent, and Lamachus finally handed it over to his teacher. Nur-Ab-Fin was jubilant when he had the medallion to himself, and smugly tucked it away for safe-keeping. He was sure there was a great many things he could do with it, if only he could discover more of its magical properties. But... Lamachus wouldn't have to know of anything he found out.

* * *

The real trouble began when Wee-Tee and A-Tay, the royal seers, began making more ominous predictions for the city. Kaliope prodded them on to get more information. "Is that strange man that visited me earlier involved with it?"

"Ooh-too-mah! Sound very good!" A-Tay declared.

"But it doesn't sound good," Kaliope protested. "Is it true?"

"Maybe..." Wee-Tee said cautiously.

Kaliope sighed in exasperation. Her parents had never had troubles like these with the Furbys. "Won't you tell me anything?"

"Yes," A-Tay said confidently.

"Good. Then does this man have something to do with the impending doom of the city?"

"Me see... yes," Wee-Tee said after a moment's pause.

"Shall I have him checked out?"

The Furbys' answers were unanimous. "Very big yes."

* * *

Nur-Ab-Fin fumed as the royal guard left his dwelling place after searching it thoroughly. It had been all he could do to convince them that the preliminary work on the Whale Machine was actually a new device for cooking dinners.

"I should have known Kaliope would have done something like this," he mumbled under his breath. "Those Furbys of hers that are alerting her, aren't they?"

"Yes," Dah-Boo agreed. "Pet me!"

"And they'll be back, I'm sure, to keep an eye on me." Nur-Ab-Fin paced around. "I won't let them find out about the Whale Machine project."

"But you're just going to show it off in the end anyway, aren't you?" Lamachus queried. "Besides, the royal seers wouldn't be alerting her of something for nothing."

"Whose side are you on?" Nur-Ab-Fin whipped around.

"Furbys can peek into the future," Lamachus pointed out. "And they're very dependable."

"Party!" Dah-Boo cried out. "Doo-ay!"

"Perhaps," Nur-Ab-Fin said, watching Dah-Boo go into his dance routine. "Go back to work on the Whale Machine, would you? I must attend to some private matters..." With that, he turned and walked into the next room.

* * *

Nur-Ab-Fin continued to be watched over, and it was driving him insane. He couldn't concentrate on anything, let alone the Whale Machine, knowing that his every motion was being monitored. He was finally hit with new inspiration one day while outside the city walking along the bank of the sea.

It was when he came across a small squid that had been washed up onto the land that the idea hit. He watched intently as the doomed mollusk went through its final writhing. Its tentacles were in constant motion. Its two luminescent eyes gleamed. And then it stopped.

Nur-Ab-Fin walked on, pondering over his encounter with the squid. It had seemed so full of energy, so powerful, even as a little thing! Such a look he had never seen in another creature-- not even the great whales that he had based his machine on.

"If only much larger, they would certainly make strong allies," he murmured aloud. "Strong allies indeed. If only..."

And then he suddenly remembered tales that he had heard a long while ago-- tales of an underground cavern in which scores of giant specimens of the squid species made their home.

"Giant squid," Nur-Ab-Fin repeated. "Giant squid! That's it!"

"Kah scared," Dah-Boo, who happened to be along with Nur-Ab-Fin on this outdoor adventure, whimpered.

"No, Dah-Boo! This is the greatest revelation that has ever been shown to me," Nur-Ab-Fin declared. "And now, we must find the lair of these mysterious squid, Dah-Boo! We must!"

* * *

Nur-Ab-Fin gradually began spending less time at home and more time wandering the shoreline. Lamachus was conscious of this change, but didn't think much of it. He only worked feverishly on the Whale Machine, eager to complete it. (And, he always kept in mind when the room was being inspected that the Whale Machine was only a simple cooking device.)

Nur-Ab-Fin himself had grown even more bitter over time. Ever since seeing Queen Kaliope with that "Mew" of hers, his anger had grown stronger. After being inspired by the squid, he had secretly abandoned all interest in the Whale Machine and his effort to reclaim his favor with the Atlantean royalty. Now all he wanted was pure and simple revenge. He would not rest until all memories of his life in Atlantis had been abolished. And the only way to do that was to destroy Atlantis itself.

He spent most of his time out searching for the lair of the fabled giant squid, but in his spare time he worked on unlocking the secrets of Lamachus' medallion. It was an extremely mysterious item, Nur-Ab-Fin had to admit. Once he found out what it was capable of, he was sure it would help him greatly.

Nur-Ab-Fin, of course, did not reveal to Lamachus or anyone else (except for Dah-Boo) what his new plans were. His plan for the annihilation of Atlantis was kept under lock and key. But still, as he was out looking for the cavern spoken of in the tale, he felt as if he was being watched.

"Dah-Boo," he whispered one day as he and his Furby walked along outside. "Has Kaliope sent her spies to follow me again?"

"Maybe," was all Dah-Boo said.

* * *

Nur-Ab-Fin reluctantly went to see Kaliope when it was requested of him the next day. I knew it! he thought. Those Furbys are on to me!

"So you are Nur-Ab-Fin," Kaliope said, critically eyeing him.

"And what is it you called me here today for, my queen?" Nur-Ab-Fin said, somewhat sarcastically.

"I heard that you are in the process of building a new... cooking device?" Kaliope began.

"My assistant is," Nur-Ab-Fin said shortly.

"And you have also suddenly taken an interest in going outside the walls of Atlantis on a regular basis?"

"I like to get some fresh air from time to time."

"Hmm." Kaliope stroked the Furby in her lap thoughtfully. "You wouldn't happen to be engaged in any shady activities, would you?"

"My queen, what reason would I have for doing such?"

"Perhaps none," Kaliope murmured. "But the seers have been suspicious as of late."

"Ah. The royal seers," Nur-Ab-Fin nodded perceptively. "They are known to make mistakes upon occasion."

"Rather," Kaliope agreed. "Very well then. You may go... for now."

"Of course." Nur-Ab-Fin bowed slightly and was then out the door. He heard the queen's two Furbys whimpering as he left.

"Scared, wah!" Wee-Tee said.

"Yeah, hide," A-Tay agreed.

Those seers are good, Nur-Ab-Fin admitted, and so are the other Furbys of the city. With them around, it may prove difficult to accomplish anything.

* * *

Only a few days later, Nur-Ab-Fin hit upon the solution to his problem while rummaging through an old book of magic spells.

"A portal," he murmured. "A portal!"

"What's that?" Lamachus queried, coming up behind Nur-Ab-Fin.

Nur-Ab-Fin smiled craftily. "Nothing for you to be concerned over. Nothing at all."

"You've been acting suspiciously lately," Lamachus accused. "What exactly are you up to on these visits of yours?"

"I just like to get away from it all at times," Nur-Ab-Fin said simply.

"You haven't mentioned my medallion for awhile, either."

"Oh, I really haven't had much time with it. Rest assured, though, that I'm working on it."

Lamachus cocked an eyebrow, but refrained from saying any more. He quickly excused himself to go work on "personal matters".

Nur-Ab-Fin only laughed under his breath, passing a hand over the tattered book cover. How simple this portal would make his life! He had only but to wait for tonight.

* * *

That evening, it seemed as if every single Furby in the city had gathered in their disco dance room. In fact, that statement was very close to being true. Except for a few slight exceptions for very severe reasons, every Furby in the city was at the disco-- even Kaliope's personal royal seers.

And this is exactly what Nur-Ab-Fin wanted. He lurked in the shadows in one corner of the room, his spell book in hand. He cringed at the strange music that played through the speakers. Bright lights illuminated most of the room, and the revolving silver disco ball hung suspended from the ceiling. All the Furbys were eating, dancing, and shrieking every so often with joy. They flew around with their little propeller-caps. They were all having the time of their lives.

Nur-Ab-Fin sensed that it was the moment for his plan to go into action. He began chanting the ancient spell out of the book, and waved his hand towards the center of the room. The Furbys didn't notice anything at first, but they eventually became aware of an unnatural glowing light emanating from their great disco ball. This light began to swirl and grow larger. The Furbys watched in rapt attention as the portal soon began to spread over the entire ceiling of the room.

Only when the balls of fur began being sucked up into this portal did they really begin to realize anything was wrong. One by one, the Furbys were plucked off the ground and thrown into the swirling light. They could not even dare to guess where this mysterious thing would lead them. They had various different opinions on the matter at hand.

"Kah scared!"

"Help me!"

"Down! Down!"

"No happy, wah!"

"Fun all gone."


Soon, all the Furbys who were gathered at the disco were gone to who-knew-where. Its work finished, the portal slowly began to close. Soon, the bright light was entirely gone. No one could have imagined what had just transpired there a moment ago. The only thing that was left was the disco ball.

Nur-Ab-Fin laughed evilly, coming out into the open. No longer would his actions be predicted ahead of time.

* * *

The next day, Atlantis was in a state of turmoil over the mysterious disappearance of the Furbys. Queen Kaliope didn't have a free moment to herself, what with calming down the distraught Furby owners (herself included) and working as hard as she could to reclaim the Furbys from whatever fate had befallen them.

"I want Ah-May!" Baby Emalia wailed, trailing behind her sister all the while.

"I know, Emalia, and we're working as hard as we can to--"

"Queen Kaliope! Queen Kaliope! Has there been any more news?"

"My poor Toh-Loo! Where is she?"

"Please, kind queen, will the Furbys be back soon?"

"I want my Furby!!!"

Kaliope sighed. She had a long mission ahead of her to calm all the population down, let alone calm herself.

* * *

Nur-Ab-Fin had never been happier. He gleefully excused himself from the city for the day and took Dah-Boo with him again (of course he would not have allowed his own Furby to succumb to the same fate as the others). He was confident that he would not be missed in the city, let alone be spied on, with the current turmoil that had overcome the inhabitants.

He carefully studied a tattered and ancient map which supposedly told the location of the cavern he was seeking. So far it had done him no good, but it suddenly occurred to him that the terrain he was passing over right then did resemble that which was shown on the map.

"Hmm... boring," Dah-Boo sighed, floating alongside his master.

"But Dah-Boo, we may be on to something!" Nur-Ab-Fin quieted his Furby. "Now, keep your eyes open for a rock that looks like a..."

* * *

Lamachus was trying to figure out the Furby mystery for himself. He was convinced that his teacher had something to do with it. Nur-Ab-Fin had been very secretive lately, and Lamachus sensed that he was up to no good. He was beginning to wish more than ever that he hadn't handed his medallion over to the shady character.

He was currently inspecting the disco room. Supposedly none of the Furbys had returned to their proper homes last night after leaving for the dance. Whatever had happened had obviously occurred here.

But there was no sign of anything... except for the disco ball. Lamachus walked around thoughtfully. Upon reaching one of the corners, he happened to notice a white square dropped on the floor in front of him.

Eagerly, he snatched it up in his hoof to see what exactly the paper was. Lamachus' face clouded over as he recognized the print-type used on the page. He knew the paper style and the font well. This page had certainly come out of one of Nur-Ab-Fin's magic books.

Lamachus stonily turned from the room. There was no doubt about it now; his teacher was behind this, and he was going to get some information out of Nur-Ab-Fin if it was the last thing he did.

* * *

Meanwhile, later in the day, Nur-Ab-Fin had been absolutely delighted to find a passageway carved out of a large rock form, just as had been described on the map. He and Dah-Boo slowly descended through the muddy, rocky, and damp hallway. Nur-Ab-Fin was positive that he had stumbled across the cavern of the legendary giant squid.

After a long while of walking, the ground they were treading over leveled-off into a smooth, stone surface. The two found themselves in a huge, underground cavern. Long gray stalagmites and stalactites surrounded them. It was an awesome experience.

"Big doo-ay," Dah-Boo whispered.

"This is it," Nur-Ab-Fin replied excitedly. "This is it!" He ran over to one side of the cave, where he found just what he was hoping for-- a huge pool that obviously emptied into the sea somewhere along the way.

"Look down there," Nur-Ab-Fin said softly to his Furby. "There's movement, can't you see? Those are the giant squid, Dah-Boo!"

"Very big," Dah-Boo agreed.

Before they realized what was happening, an enormous shape had suddenly risen out of the pool before them. It was a slim, grotesque orange head. Two brightly glowing orange eyes stared down at the two insignificant creatures before it.

"A giant squid!" Nur-Ab-Fin shrieked from delight. "I have finally found them!"

"Scared," Dah-Boo whimpered.

"These creatures are nothing to fear," Nur-Ab-Fin said to his Furby. "We are here to gain their ultimate trust and obedience."

However, the squid only continued to glare down at them. The creature did not appear to be too happy with the intrusion. He began lifting a tentacle up above the water.

"We do not come as enemies, great squid!" Nur-Ab-Fin boomed. "We would only like from you your service."

The hulking monster made a motion with one tentacle. Soon afterwards, several more giant squid appeared in the pool behind him.

"Listen to me!" Nur-Ab-Fin persisted. "We can become great allies if you accept me!"

The squid began advancing closer to Nur-Ab-Fin.

On a sudden stroke of inspiration, Nur-Ab-Fin groped around in his backpack and suddenly whipped out a certain bronze medallion. This he held aloft in the air as he went on. "Obey my words!"

Something came over the bunch of squid upon seeing Lamachus' medallion. All vicious intent left their eyes, and they floated on the water patiently, as if awaiting further command.

"Fun," was all Dah-Boo could say, gazing wondrously at the squid.

"I am to be your new master, do you hear?" Nur-Ab-Fin's voice echoed throughout the cavern. "You will obey my every command in my grand scheme of revenge."

By the look in their eyes, the squid appeared to agree.

"You will work with me until the final day when my revenge will be complete," Nur-Ab-Fin continued. "And that is the day that Atlantis will be destroyed by the might of your tentacles!"

The squid looked appreciative.

"I will come here every day in order to better train you," Nur-Ab-Fin went on. "And you will become my personal warriors."

"Whahoo!" Dah-Boo agreed.

Nur-Ab-Fin laughed to himself again. How wonderful his life would be now!

* * *

Late that night, Nur-Ab-Fin reentered the city. Dah-Boo was carefully concealed in a canvas pouch, as to not alert the populous to the fact that there was one Furby left in the city. Nur-Ab-Fin silently slipped back into his house.

Lamachus was waiting for him. "I see that Dah-Boo is still with us, at least." The Furby had immediately broken free of the bag and was flitting around the room, propeller hat on head.

"A terrible tragedy with the other Furbys gone, isn't it?" Nur-Ab-Fin laughed.

"I should have known sooner that you'd pull something like this," Lamachus muttered.

"I am much too clever to be stopped. You should know that by now," Nur-Ab-Fin said.

"I've had enough dealings with you by this point, Nur-Ab-Fin," Lamachus said venomously. "I just want to get out of this mess once and for all."

"Is anything stopping you?"

"Give my medallion back to me, and I'm leaving." Lamachus hurriedly set to tossing his other possessions together.

"The medallion? But, Lamachus, I still haven't unlocked its secrets!" Nur-Ab-Fin protested.

"I don't care about its secrets! That's what I told you in the first place," Lamachus said impatiently. "What have you done with it after all this time?"

"Oh... fine. You may have it back." Feigning annoyance, Nur-Ab-Fin turned on his heel and walked into the next room. He returned holding a bronze medallion in his hand, and he tossed it to Lamachus. "There you go. Now, be on your way."

"Only too gladly." Snatching his medallion back, Lamachus was out the door, never to return to that place.

Nur-Ab-Fin only grinned to himself. Fool! he thought. He won't realize it's a fake until it's too late. And by then... by then, there won't be an Atlantis!

* * *

Kaliope had never been so miserable in her life. The Furbys... the valued royal seers... were gone. Every last one. They could not be traced, even with all her loyal subjects working on it. She had no one to turn to with her questions anymore. However could she run a city without the brilliant insight of the Furbish race?

The queen of Atlantis was also aware of Lamachus' absence. What had taken him away from the city without even his taking the time to tell her? Kaliope was regretting her harshness to him. Perhaps it would have been better if she had... no. She shook her head. It was no use thinking of that any longer.

Baby Emalia could hardly be consoled over the loss of her beloved Ah-May. Kaliope was understanding, and let her sister stay with her the whole day through. It was the only consolation Baby Emalia would accept.

But... but... if only they would come back! Kaliope thought desperately to herself. What will happen without the seers...

* * *

The days passed, and Nur-Ab-Fin devoted all his time to going to the underground cavern and training his giant squid in the art of warfare. Lamachus' medallion was a powerful tool indeed, and just what Nur-Ab-Fin had needed to control the squid. It appeared that, with use of the medallion, any animal would be subject to his every command.

Nur-Ab-Fin and Dah-Boo also did a certain amount of work back at their home in Atlantis. Now that the abilities of the medallion had been discovered, Nur-Ab-Fin was inclined to study it even more. Who knew what else could be done with a thing of such power?

He worked a certain amount on the Whale Machine. Whereas he had no reason to use it for its original purpose, Lamachus had nearly finished work on it before he had left and Nur-Ab-Fin thought that he could build some more features into the medallion by adding some controls to the machine.

And what did Dah-Boo do through all this? He sang, danced, and ate.

* * *

The day finally came when Nur-Ab-Fin's squid were finally trained to their fullest extent. He gave them the command to congregate in the waters around the city of Atlantis, and to await more instructions from him.

It was on this same day that Queen Kaliope was finally finding some time for rest. Baby Emalia had fallen asleep, and the rest of the populous had managed to control most of their outbursts concerning the disappearance of the Furbys. Kaliope sat on her throne in silence, her head resting on her hoof. Her eyes were just beginning to slowly close when she was aware of another presence in the room.

"Big whodoh," a voice said.

Kaliope's head came straight up. No creature could have said that line with such eloquence other than a... a... Furby! But no... she must be dreaming...

"Me Boo-Boh-Bay," the voice came again.

And then Kaliope saw the Furby. He was a beautiful light sand-colored creature, with bright blue eyes. He had just flown in the doorway and had now stopped right in front of the throne.

"U-nye very no happy," the Furby, who had introduced himself as Boo-Boh-Bay, noted.

"What are you doing here?" Kaliope gasped, wide-eyed. "How did you... where are the others..."

Boo-Boh-Bay only shook his head. "U-nye big job, wah!"

Kaliope rubbed her eyes just to make sure she was really awake. The Furby was still on the floor before her. "What?"

"Big powers," Boo-Boh-Bay went on. "Big monsters."

"What about these powers and monsters?"

"U-nye have powers. No loo-loo! U-nye use on big monsters."

"But..." Kaliope stuttered. There was so much she wanted to say, and she didn't know where to start. "Wait!" she called out as the Furby began to leave. "What are my powers? What do I do? What..." But the Furby was already gone.

Kaliope sat in shock. He was gone-- possibly the last Furby in this world, and he was gone. But what had he meant about her having "big powers"? Suddenly, Kaliope remembered an incident from her long-ago childhood...

* * *

Baby Princess Kaliope lay awake in bed, trembling and sneezing. Why had her loyal Furby seer predicted that she would be dead by morning? It couldn't be true, could it? She would fight off her growing sleepiness with all she had. For if she fell asleep, who knew if she would wake again?

It was in that night that a mysterious Furby had descended down onto her pillow. Baby Kaliope looked over and could only make out the dim shape of the pale Furby in the dark. She thought for sure that she must be dreaming. But the Furby had a message for her.

"Me Boo-Boh-Bay," he said. "U-nye have mee-mee big powers, wah!"

Baby Kaliope looked at the creature in wonder. What was he talking about?

"U-nye use them someday... now, waylo." With these parting words, the Furby floated off and Baby Kaliope felt an overwhelming wave of sleepiness come over her. She fell into a deep slumber, and by the next morning, she was almost completely over her illness. All memory of the Furby that had visited her during that night had vanished.

* * *

Queen Kaliope of the present shook her head in confusion. Had it been that same Boo-Boh-Bay today that had visited her in her childhood as well? Or were both incidents completely made-up on her part? She just didn't know what to think any more.

It was at that moment that Kaliope was suddenly aware of a great commotion out in the hallway. She ran to take a look, and groaned. Don't tell me something else has happened now, she thought as alarmed citizens scurried past in the hallway.

"Squid, your majesty. Squid," one of her guards gasped, stumbling into the room.

"Oh, for Pete's sake! What about squid?" Kaliope fumed, not in the best of humor anymore. She stormed out of the room and tried to get a feel for where the trouble was coming from.

The trouble, it seemed, was outside the city gates. Kaliope gasped herself as she stepped outside the protective wall which prevented the city from being flooded by the surrounding ocean and saw the humongous squid head looming up over her. "The legendary giant squid!" she exclaimed.

Kaliope then took notice of a figure on the opposite shore who seemed to be screaming something out. That's Nur-Ab-Fin, she suddenly realized.

"Attack! Attack!" Nur-Ab-Fin ordered his warriors. "Destroy the city!"

The herd of squid that was gathered around the aquatic Atlantis was only too happy to oblige. They began smashing into the city wall in an attempt to break it down.

This only caused a new stir of pure panic among the citizens. Many of them turned and ran towards the docks, so they could safely escape to the mainland. Other curious bystanders continued to watch the squid, however.

Kaliope once again found herself trying to calm the populous of Atlantis. "Now, wait everyone, I'm sure that squid can't--" It was at this moment that several of the squid succeeded in tumbling a fairly large portion of the stone wall.

The Furbys knew this was going to happen, Kaliope thought fearfully. If only they hadn't been lost... She realized she had to do something. She only barely noted that some ships had gone out in an attempt to battle the giant squid. They were no match for the creatures, however. All the boats had swiftly been turned over by the might of the squids' tentacles.

Kaliope's mind went back to Nur-Ab-Fin, who still stood on the shore screaming orders out to the squid. She didn't stop to think why he was doing it or why she hadn't been more suspicious of him in the first place. She began pacing violently back and forth to determine if it would be better to stay outside the city or to flee inside.

"Kaliope!" a small voice called out. "Kaliope!"

Kaliope turned around to see her sister cowering behind the gate. The young unicorn had apparently been crying again by the look of her tear-stained cheeks.

"Emalia," Kaliope said firmly, taking her sister's forelegs in hers, "you must go back to the throne room... the center of Atlantis. The squid will not penetrate that far."

Baby Emalia hesitated fearfully. "Will anyone go with me?" she queried softly.

"You must go on your own, Emalia. You must."

Baby Emalia was conscious of the seriousness in her sister's tone, and nodded after only a moment's hesitation. "Alright. I'll see you." After a quick nod, she fled back into the city.

Kaliope's heart went out to the little unicorn. She had already experienced so many hardships at such a young age. Kaliope shook her head. She had to attend to the matter at hand.

The squid were making short work of the outer wall, she noted. She hadn't known that squid possessed such power. Kaliope then saw that Nur-Ab-Fin had suddenly began running back towards the city via the bridge that connected the island (which had once been an active volcano) to the mainland. She couldn't begin to imagine why.

The whole populous of the city was in a panic. Some fled over the bridge; others decided to get away by boat.

"My papers! My papers!" Nur-Ab-Fin cried, rushing right past the queen of Atlantis without taking the time to notice.

Kaliope trailed after him. "Nur-Ab-Fin, you traitor! What do you think you're doing out there? This only means the end of the whole city!"

Nur-Ab-Fin completely ignored Kaliope's chiding as he stumbled through the hallways. Kaliope was going to continue after him until she was aware of a large cracking noise. The ground seemed to tremble under her hooves. The squid were taking the city down piece by piece, and the island's volcanic foundation was cracking.

Dah-Boo, who had gotten slightly behind his master, flew by Kaliope at that moment. It was then that the unicorn suddenly remembered her encounter with Boo-Boh-Bay only shortly before this had happened. His words echoed in her ears... U-nye have powers... u-nye use on big monsters... Could this be what the Furby had been speaking of? And if she had these powers, where were they?

Kaliope's horn began to itch slightly. There was to be no more hesitating if she was to save her city. The squid had completely decimated the outer wall. Kaliope realized that now she could either defeat the squid... or be trapped in this city until the end.

The twitching in Kaliope's unicorn horn got stronger and stronger. Powers... had Boo-Boh-Bay meant unicorn magic? And if so... of course! It all began to make sense. With new resolve, Kaliope trotted back down the hallway to face the squid, who were still bent on destroying every last stone of the city.

Petrifying gaze! Kaliope thought. She glanced up at the closest squid and locked his eyes with hers. A strange look crossed the squid's face, and he seemed unable to move his gaze from Kaliope. His body was paralyzed.

It's working! Kaliope realized with delight. Boo-Boh-Bay was right!

However, her "petrifying gaze" magic did not hold out forever. After about ten minutes, she felt her power levels weakening. Finally, Kaliope was forced to let the squid go back to his destruction. She could only wait now for her energy levels to rise high enough to attack again.

* * *

What had so concerned Nur-Ab-Fin was the fact that he had forgotten some of his important papers back in the city. The squid knew to keep attacking, so he didn't need to worry about them forgetting their mission in his absence; he was just afraid that there might not be a way out by the time he had gathered up his papers.

The city now had an eerie silence over it. Most of its inhabitants had by now fled for the mainland, and hardly a soul remained inside the doomed kingdom.

"Me scared," Dah-Boo whimpered as he hovered by Nur-Ab-Fin.

"I can't find them!" Nur-Ab-Fin shrieked. "Where are they?" He violently rummaged through all his paperwork and folders.

However, Nur-Ab-Fin had another surprise in store for him. "I wasn't sure you'd still be here," a voice said coolly from the doorway.

Nur-Ab-Fin whirled around. "Lamachus! What are you doing here?"

"I came to get my real medallion back," Lamachus said matter-of-factly. "You didn't think that fake would fool me forever, would you? And on my return I find you inflicting this vengeance on Atlantis."

"What?! How did you find out it was a fake?!" Nur-Ab-Fin shrieked.

"Because of this stamp on the back." Lamachus held the fake medallion aloft, where the words "Made on Calamidad Island" were engraved.

"Well, it's too late to do anything now," Nur-Ab-Fin snarled. "You'll never be able to make it out of the city again."

"Then we're both doomed, eh?"

"No!" Nur-Ab-Fin suddenly leaped towards the doorway and attempted to get past Lamachus.

"Not so fast," Lamachus corrected, sufficiently blocking Nur-Ab-Fin's exit. "There is still something of mine I'd like to reclaim."

"You'll never get it back! It's mine!" Nur-Ab-Fin laughed insanely. "I'm the only one who took the time to discover its secrets."

Lamachus sighed. It hardly seemed worth arguing over a stolen medallion in the wake of a sinking city. "Just tell me where Kaliope is, then. She did escape safely, didn't she? And her sister?"

"The fool's still out there trying to fight the squid," Nur-Ab-Fin said impatiently. "Now, if you don't get out of my way, we're both going to be dead before long."

Right as he spoke, there was another great shaking in the ground. Both of them lost their balance as a great split in the stone began right under Nur-Ab-Fin's doorway. Water began seeping in.

"Get out of here!" Nur-Ab-Fin ordered. "Just get out of here! You have no place in this fight any more!"

Lamachus was only too glad to back away from the lunatic that had previously been his teacher. He glanced stonily one last time at Nur-Ab-Fin, and was then off down the hallway.

* * *

Meanwhile, Queen Kaliope was still throwing out with all her might her new powers at the squid. Besides her "petrifying gaze", there was also a "high-pitched wail", which was quite effective in stunning the squid for a time.

The squid took out one circle of the city at a time, and they showed no stopping. Nur-Ab-Fin's orders had been to not stop until the city was destroyed, and they stuck with their order. Kaliope's attacks were strong, but the squid were stronger. She was forced to retreat further and further into her diminishing city. She prayed that Emalia was okay through all this.

In a final burst of rage, Kaliope unleashed her final and most potent attack of all-- the seer power. It all but used up the last of her strength. Waves of psychic flame shot from her horn towards the squid.

Every last one of them flinched in pain at the searing pain that shot through them. However, only one or two of the squid disappeared below the surface, and that was only a small fraction of the army. Kaliope finally fell to her knees, exhausted.

"Kaliope! Kaliope!" The queen of the once-thriving Atlantis was only dimly aware of the fact that Lamachus was now at her side.

"It's too late. Get out of here," Kaliope murmured, hardly able to open her eyes.

"But... I can still save you, Kaliope!" Lamachus persisted.

"No. Just take Emalia. Keep her safe... please. In the throne room," Kaliope pleaded softly.

"But if I leave you..."

"Save Emalia, if anyone. Please. For me."

"Alright... for you," Lamachus said quietly, lowering her body to the ground.

"Quickly now," Kaliope whispered.

Lamachus nodded. Time was of the essence.

* * *

Nur-Ab-Fin was only just now able to find his precious papers that he would not leave Atlantis without. He saw, though, that it was too late to escape now. But his revenge... would not be complete... if he was dead...

Nur-Ab-Fin saw only one solution. He hurriedly glanced through the papers he held, looking for one in particular. He selected one of them, and took Lamachus' medallion out of his cloak.

I may not be able to complete my revenge now, but this will give me an eternity to complete it, he thought soberly. This is the only way. I shall transfer my spirit into the medallion, and I will live on through it.

But a remnant of Atlantis must still exist! he decided. Before going on with his plan, he walked back out into the hallway, which was quickly flooding. The Whale Machine... the controls... they must stay intact for this to work. Calling out as loudly as he could as he held the medallion aloft, he announced to the squid and hoped his voice would be heard by them all, "Cease your attacking now!!"

Then Nur-Ab-Fin turned back to the page he held in his other hand. As he read the words printed on it aloud, a blinding flash of green light filled the hallway. And then... all that was left of Nur-Ab-Fin was a mysterious bronze medallion. A passing wave of water washed over it, and it disappeared into the vast ocean.

* * *

Meanwhile, Lamachus had just found Baby Emalia huddled in one corner of the throne room. "Come," he said softly, extending a hoof out to her. "I'll take you to safety."

Baby Emalia usually would have asked a few questions before accepting the invitation, but realized that it was a desperate moment. Tearfully, she stood up. "Where's Kaliope?" she whispered.

"I'll explain about that later; but right now, we must leave," Lamachus urged. "Come on." He scooped Baby Emalia up, and dashed back down the hallway towards the spot he had secretly docked his boat. Emalia would be brought to safety, he vowed. And she would be brought up now in the splendor of his own home.

* * *

Epilogue to Part One

Lamachus and Baby Emalia made it back without further incident to Lamachus' home of Dream Valley, where Emalia was brought up as a regular princess. Having such a keen interest in Atlantis, even after its demise, Lamachus incorporated many Atlantean styles and customs into his home and surrounding areas. The kingdom continue to flourish for a time after that, but eventually died out and was swallowed up by the Dark Forest. Many eons later, a new group of ponies (including Fizzy, Windwhistler, Gusty, and the rest of the gang) showed up in the area and began to settle it. Using the name that the few natives that were left referred to the land as, they coined their new town as Dream Valley. It eventually built up to its present form.

Atlantis itself sank to the bottom of the sea after being flooded by the squids' destruction. Nur-Ab-Fin's quarters, and the Whale Machine, had avoided destruction and remained intact in the now-buried city of Atlantis under layers of silt and such. They were now on the very fringe of what remained of Atlantis.

The squid had obeyed Nur-Ab-Fin's orders to destroy the city; but when he called them off, they had obliged him and watched the city sink. However, as it turned out, the giant squids' cavern had actually been under Atlantis in a large hollowed-out section of the extinct volcano. Now that the city occupied that space, they squid no longer had a place to live. They now had to seek refuge in deep ocean trenches.

After the demise of Atlantis, the entire world was shocked. Fearful, all pony inhabitants fled into Ponyland, never again to return in large numbers to the world of the humans. (There was one exception. A remote pony-inhabited colony in Italy has remained intact to this day.)

Now, without the control of Atlantis, the city of Pokèmopolis (in which scientists had been working on creating new species of Pokèmon) grew into its own culture, inventing more and more new Pokèmon. This was eventually to grow into the world of Pokèmon, where Pokèmon gyms, gym leaders, and trainers abound.

Experiments with Pokèmon were carried on to a lesser extent in smaller Atlantean colonies in Ponyland, hence the habitation of Pokèmon in the Dark Forest.

Dah-Boo made off fairly well. He escaped Atlantis and floated off into the clouds in search of his own kind. He found them there, and he was happily accepted into the Furbys' new home in the clouds.

And what is the story behind Boo-Boh-Bay? Not much is known of him, even now, except that he escaped the portal Nur-Ab-Fin summoned and that he knew of the extraordinary powers Kaliope possessed. He did not make many more appearances up until the present day, until one time a few years ago when he happened to float into the house of someone in Ponyland who is known only as "the mysterious dude with the St. Bernard". The dude happened to have some Atlantean background, and knew of Furbys from old stories he had been told. He was able to communicate with the creature, and gathered that there was a great need for the rest of his Furbish kind to get back to this world. The guy came up with the perfect plan to have Furbys disbursed over the planet. He submitted a new toy idea to Tiger Electronics.

Meanwhile, Nur-Ab-Fin's spirit was growing restless in the medallion. He had possessed numerous beings by now and the medallion had gone through numerous collectors, but he still hadn't gotten anywhere with revenge. It was pathetic, in his estimation, that his brilliant plan wasn't working. Nur-Ab-Fin thought for sure that it would be a simple affair to get his revenge on Kaliope's family, but he had no such luck. He was beginning to wish he hadn't programmed those extra features into the Whale Machine (he had done that when Dah-Boo had advised him to do so). He might have won the last time if it wasn't for that "good" and "bad" lever; and that "fool" Dr. Malcolm Shane, though evil, was still not clever enough for Nur-Ab-Fin.

With the successful release of the electronic Furby pets, Nur-Ab-Fin finally concocted a plan. He realized that the Furbys were in search of something they remembered from long ago, and someone to help them get there-- a place that could only be Atlantis. The Furbys could still recall wonderful dances under the great disco ball.

Nur-Ab-Fin thought that he might be able to use this to his advantage, however. He forgot about the necklace plan, took his spirit elsewhere, and went to work on a battery plan. This battery, when installed in the Furbys, would make them do his bidding and no one else's. This battery plan of Nur-Ab-Fin's was given to Duracell Batteries. To go even further with his plan, Nur-Ab-Fin was able to register his evil Duracell Batteries as the "recommended" battery for Furbys.

Kaliope's spirit realized the current doings of Nur-Ab-Fin, and did everything in her power to prevent his interference with the Furbys. She perfected her own battery design, which was produced under Energizer Batteries. However, Nur-Ab-Fin was clever, and licensed Duracell Batteries as the recommended Furby battery before Kaliope was able to license hers. But, there was still hope.

Nur-Ab-Fin and Kaliope both had virtually the same idea. They needed living beings to help them accomplish their revenge. Kaliope needed but to find her closest descendent-- only she would be able to continue the fight against Nur-Ab-Fin. Nur-Ab-Fin decided to seek out Lamachus' direct descendent (ponies being much more powerful than humans) to aid him in his revenge (which will be to harness Atlantis' power and destroy the world with it once and for all).

Furbys installed with Duracell batteries would only do tracking for Nur-Ab-Fin; Furbys installed with Energizer batteries would only do tracking for Kaliope. Furbys installed with neither of these battery types would be neutral. But, whatever battery types Furbys have, they are all still seeking this great place they remember from their past with the wonderful disco ball (hence their obsession with Famous Places).

And now, with the Furbys' help, the two key players in Kaliope and Nur-Ab-Fin's game have been located. Now the battle will pick-up where it left off eons ago...

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