The Solution
written by Tabby

By the next day, Tabby was wishing she hadn't let Tic-Tac-Toe talk her into bringing in Baby Tic-Tac-Toe. Word had obviously gotten out about it, and ponies kept calling Tabby to set up appointments for themselves.

"No, no, NO!" Tabby shrieked into the phone. "You're NOT coming in, Posey!" And with that she slammed down the receiver.

Quickly glancing up at the clock, Tabby saw with relief that it was time to close up for the day. She hurried out the door and locked it, getting out of there fast so the phone could not let out its dreaded ring again.

Tabby decided to go to the Satin Slipper Sweet Shoppe, as she did almost every day. After all, it was only a short walk away from her clinic.

Everyone's forgotten the meaning of veterinarian, Tabby thought angrily. Why does everyone have to start bugging me? It's not my fault the stupid doctor moved away!

By this time, she had reached the Satin Slipper Sweet Shoppe.

"A strawberry sundae?" Scoops questioned Tabby as Tabby reached the counter.

"Uh huh," Tabby said impatiently. Her order never changed, and Scoops and gotten used to it.

Scoops got the sundae ready and set it on the counter. "Two jangles, please."

Tabby dropped the two coins on the counter and picked up the sundae. She turned around and saw that one of her good friends, Powder, was waving to her to catch her attention.

Tabby walked over to Powder's table and noted that Cloud Dreamer was also sitting at it.

"Tabby!" Powder greeted her. "Have a seat!"

Tabby took the seat next to Cloud Dreamer.

"Cloud Dreamer was just telling me the most exciting news!" Powder said dramatically.
"Really," Tabby said doubtfully. Knowing Powder, it was probably totally uninteresting, like Cloud Dreamer had gotten hired at the Perm Shoppe or something.

"You tell her, Cloud Dreamer," Powder instructed Cloud Dreamer.

Cloud Dreamer turned to Tabby. "I'm going to be running a new hospital!"

Wow, maybe it is something interesting, after all! Tabby thought. "That's wonderful, Cloud Dreamer!"

Cloud Dreamer looked slightly taken a-back at such a comment from Tabby. "Umm, thanks!"

"So when's it opening?" Tabby pressed.

"Oh, over the next week or so."

"Interesting." Tabby went back to her normal tone-of-voice. "I've got to be going now. Bye!"

"I'll call you later!" Powder called as Tabby got up and left.

Tabby stepped out the Satin Slipper Sweet Shoppe cheerfully. Now they'll all have Cloud Dreamer's hospital to go to!

Just then, Tabby noticed the Bushwoolies coming towards her.

"Help! Bushwoolies need help!" Cheery exclaimed once the group had reached her.

"Yeah, yeah, help," the other Bushwoolies echoed.

"With what?" Tabby asked, wide-eyed. What've they gotten into this time?

"Bushwoolies see picture of barn in magazine!" Cheery started to explain. "So decide to build one!"

"Build one, yeah, yeah," the others agreed.

Hmm, Tabby thought. This could cause serious problems with the Bushwoolies involved. "Have you started construction yet?" she asked them.

"Yeah, yeah," Cheery said. "Only can't figure out how to finish it!"

"Yeah, yeah, can't finish it."

Tabby thought. "Let me see what you have so far."

"Yeah, yeah, follow us!" the Bushwoolies exclaimed. They hopped off and Tabby trotted after them.

The Bushwoolies stopped at a location by the river, not far from the Bushwoolie holes.

Tabby looked around. The only thing she saw that remotely resembled any kind of a building was a pile of sticks that looked to have fallen over. "So this is all the farther you've gotten?"

"Yeah, yeah." The Bushwoolies all nodded.

"Well, I'd say you should just abandon this project," Tabby advised them. "Just stay in your holes."

The Bushwoolies all looked satisfied with this. "Yeah, yeah, holes! Thank, Tabby!" With that they hopped off again and began to pick flowers.

Tabby smiled as she walked in the direction of her house. Oh, Bushwoolies sure make life exciting!

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