Silver Swirl On the Chase
written by Princess Silver Swirl

Princess Silver Swirl; her dragon, Jade; and her Mew Pokčmon, Melisande were enjoying a peaceful morning in the forest. Silver Swirl was lying under a tree, looking at how the sunlight made the leaves seem to glow. Jade was sitting silently on a branch, hoping to spot a rare species of bird. Melisande was flying around somewhere.

Silver Swirl was startled out of her trance-like state by a shriek. "That's Melisande's voice!" she called to Jade, startling a rare bird away from the dragon. Using the flying power given to her by a magical pig, Silver Swirl glided in the direction of the noise. Although she looked around carefully, there was no sign of her beloved Mew.

Jade caught up to the unicorn. Where's Melisande? she asked telepathically.

"I don't see her anywhere!" Silver Swirl replied. "Jade, I think she was Mew-napped!" Mew Pokčmon were rare and valuable, and some collectors would pay outrageous sums of money for them. Silver Swirl shivered as she thought of her Mew being sold to some other pony. "We have to find her!"

Any tracks? asked the dragon.

Silver Swirl examined the ground, but didn't see any hoof prints besides her own. "It must have been a pegasus," Silver Swirl concluded. "Let's go back to Friendship Castle and get some help. We have an emergency here-- and a mystery!"

* * *

"So, you all need to keep your eyes peeled for a pony, especially a pegasus, trying to sell a Mew," Silver Swirl finished fifteen minutes later in the living room of Friendship Castle. The other ponies nodded in agreement. After they had dispersed, Twinkle Star approached Silver Swirl.

"I'll help you find Melisande," the other princess promised. "I'm the only pegasus in Friendship Gardens, so it was probably someone from Dream Valley." Silver Swirl agreed and the two ponies, along with Jade, set off.

A while later they stopped at the Pokčmon Trading Inn. "If anyone wants to sell Pokčmon, they'll do it here," Twinkle Star predicted. The two sleuths entered the large, noisy building.

Inside they met Tabby, who was watching a Chansey and a Jigglypuff battling. "Hi, Tabby," Silver Swirl greeted the other unicorn.

"Oh, hi," said Tabby. "Do you want to buy a Pokčmon?"

"Well, not exactly," Silver Swirl admitted. "I can't find my Mew and I think someone stole her." Silver Swirl felt safe telling Tabby about the mystery; she knew that Tabby would never steal Melisande. "Is there anyone around here selling a Mew?"

Tabby considered. "Yeah, Best Wishes mentioned having one for sale."

Silver Swirl's eyes grew wide. Best Wishes was a pegasus! "Thanks, Tabby," Twinkle Star said, but the pink unicorn had already returned to watching the Pokčmon battle.

Silver Swirl whispered to Twinkle Star, "If Best Wishes is the thief, she might recognize me. You'd better go over there and pretend you're interested in buying a Mew." The unicorn watched from the shadows as Twinkle Star went to talk to Best Wishes.

"Hi," Twinkle Star greeted the other pony casually. "I heard you have a Mew for sale."

"Yes, I caught it myself," Best Wishes affirmed. Twinkle Star's ears pricked up. "My Charizard had a hard battle with it, though," the yellow-haired pegasus added. "Are you interested in buying?"

"Um, yeah," Twinkle Star replied.

"It'll be ninety-nine jangles."

"Uh... could I see the Mew for a minute, and talk to it? I want to make sure we'll get along," Twinkle Star invented rapidly.

"Sure," said Best Wishes, releasing a Mew from a PokčBall. Silver Swirl strained to see it and sighed. It wasn't Melisande. Twinkle Star talked to the Mew for a minute and then told Best Wishes that she wanted to look around some more.

"I'm so sorry it wasn't Melisande," said Twinkle Star to Silver Swirl.

"That's okay," Silver Swirl replied. "You did a great job of investigating." The two ponies made their way back to Tabby.

"No luck?" asked Tabby. The other two shook their heads. "Hey, I bet I know who stole Melisande!"

"Who?" demanded Silver Swirl.

"Tex!" said Tabby triumphantly. "I wouldn't put anything past him."

Silver Swirl groaned. Everyone knew that Tabby hated Tex because he had once put worms in her lunchbox. "Well, we'll keep that in mind, but do you know anyone else who wants a Mew?"

"Well," Tabby reflected, "Merry Treat wants to catch a wild one, but she would never steal a Pokčmon."

"Hmm," said Twinkle Star. "Hey, maybe she thought Melisande was a wild Mew!"

"No, that wouldn't work," Silver Swirl countered. "We would've seen hoof prints since Merry Treat's an earth pony. Tabby, do you know any pegasi who want a Mew?"

"Umm... I think Princess Tiffany might've said she wanted one."

Silver Swirl looked at Twinkle Star. It was hard to imagine the vain Princess Tiffany catching Pokčmon, much less stealing them, but they couldn't afford to overlook any possibility. After thanking Tabby again, they began flying to the Royal Paradise, home of the Dream Valley Princess Ponies. Jade, who was getting tired, rode on Silver Swirl's back.

"Oh, how are you?" Princess Tiffany gushed when they arrived. The two Friendship Gardens ponies flopped into chairs.

"We're doing very well," said Silver Swirl. "We realized that we hadn't seen you for a while, so we decided to pop in for a visit."

"Oh, that's so nice of you!" said Tiffany. "Would you like to see the fabulous ruby earrings I bought yesterday? They were very expensive, but worth every jangle!"

"Um, sure," said Silver Swirl, and then added ever-so-casually, "Do you like Pokčmon?"

"Poke-what?" asked Tiffany. "Oh, those things. They're all right, I suppose; although they could never take Theodora's place." She stroked her Bombay cat, whom Silver Swirl was staying as far from as possible (she was allergic to cats).

"Oh, I've heard of Pokčmon," said Princess Dawn, who had been passing by the room. "You know, Gingerbread's been selling a lot of them at the mall. She even has some Mews."

"Mews?" asked Silver Swirl excitedly. "Oh, sorry Tiff, we have to go. I'm horribly allergic to cats, you know. Bye!" She, Twinkle Star, and Jade raced out the door. Tiffany fumed behind them.

The Dream Valley Mall, as usual, was bustling, but the two princesses quickly found their way to Gingerbread's booth. "Hello, may I help you?" the pretty Twinkle-Eyed pony asked.

"Well, yes, actually," replied Silver Swirl. "I'm taking a survey on where sellers get their Pokčmon. Do you buy yours from another pony or do you catch them yourself?"

"Actually, a friend of mine catches them for me," Gingerbread answered.

"Oh, anyone we know?" Silver Swirl tried hard to sound nonchalant.

"Her name is Minty," stated Gingerbread.

Silver Swirl sighed; Minty was an earth pony. "Thank you for your time," said Silver Swirl politely. She and Twinkle Star walked away.

"I guess we'd better be getting back to Friendship Castle," said Twinkle Star. "Maybe the others saw something." Silver Swirl agreed reluctantly.

When they arrived at the castle, Princess Trixiebelle rushed to greet them. "Melisande's back!" the jester cried jubilantly. Silver Swirl dashed into the castle, where she hugged Melisande.

"Where were you?" she asked her Mew, stroking the creature's silky fur.

"Well," Melisande began, "I was flying around in the forest when a baby pegasus grabbed me and flew away with me. She didn't seem to mean me any harm, although she wasn't overly gentle. I didn't want to hurt her, so I waited until she had brought me to her house. She called me ‘Kitty' and gave me some disgusting cat food. I waited until she left the room and then flew out the window."

"What was her symbol?" asked Silver Swirl.

"A purple balloon," replied Melisande.

"Oh, it must have been Baby Surprise! She really wants a cat. Oh, Melisande, I'm so glad you're back!"

Several days later, Silver Swirl told Tabby what had happened. "I knew a baby pony was the culprit!" said Tabby. "I wouldn't put anything past a baby pony."

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