Another Baby Falling Leaves
written by Sugarberry

Baby Noddins was outside staring at her small garden plot when a familiar yellow pegasus came upon her unexpectedly. “Hey, Noddins!” Baby Falling Leaves said.

“Baby Falling Leaves! What are you doing here?” Noddins demanded.

“Guess what!” Baby Falling Leaves went on excitedly. “I have a new baby sister!”

“Really?” said Baby Noddins, instantly perking up at her friends’ news. “Can I see her??”

“No, not yet; the doctors said something about her and Mom resting.” Baby Falling Leaves shrugged. “So Daddy said I could come over here and play ‘cuz I was in the way.”

“So what’s her name gonna be?” Noddins wondered. “Since you’re both girls, you can’t use the Baby Brother and Baby Sister titles. Umm, lemme think... Baby Falling Leaves Number Two? Or Little Baby Falling Leaves. And if you get another sister, she can be Littler Baby Falling Leaves, and after that Littlest Baby Falling Leaves. Oooh, and if you got a brother, you’d all have to add ‘Sister’ onto your names, so you’d be...”

“No, silly,” Baby Falling Leaves Number One giggled. “She’s Magenta Daffodil!”

“Oh,” Baby Noddins sank into silence. “Well... but how does that fit into your family’s naming tradition?”

“ ‘Cuz Mommy was called Magenta Daffodil before she married Daddy,” Baby Falling Leaves explained. “Remember? Anyway, the name never really fit Mommy because she didn’t look anything like a magenta daffodil, but it’s some old family name, so my grandparents called her that anyway.”

Baby Noddins scrunched up her nose. “Why would anyone ever want to call your mommy Magenta Daffodil? She’s all orange and fall-covered, like your dad. No wonder she married him and changed her name.”

“Yeah, well,” Baby Falling Leaves shrugged, “Mommy said she always felt silly being called Magenta Daffodil. But anyway, we’re talking about my sister! And she does look like a magenta daffodil- or at least, she’s magenta! And she’s got a daffodil symbol! So Mommy’s name can finally be used for somepony it really makes sense for!”

“Cool!” said Baby Noddins. “Is she a pegasus?”

“Yeah, but her wings are really tiny,” Baby Falling Leaves said eagerly. “Maybe Mommy will let me teach her to fly!”

“Well, when can I see her?” Baby Noddins demanded.

“I’m not sure; Daddy said they would probably have to stay at the hospital for a few days,” Baby Falling Leaves said authoritatively.

“Well, why?” Baby Noddins said. “If they’re not sick, they should be able to come home, shouldn’t they?”

“Yeah, well, you know how adults are.” The two exchanged a knowing glance.

“I was still little when Bunny was born,” Noddins said pensively. “I don’t remember much about that, and she’s older now. I want a baby sister like you! Do you think Mommy could get me another one?”

“Not sure,” Baby Falling Leaves considered. “You could go ask her.”

“Yeah!” Baby Noddins said excitedly. “Let’s go find her!!”

Alas, poor Frostflake! There would be no peace again in her life for awhile, not while Baby Noddins was on another whim.

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