written by Clever Clover

Brightblade and Medley walked down the street to the Satin Slipper Sweet Shoppe hoof-in-hoof. Inside, Sitting Bull, Breeks, and Marshmallow were enjoying a round of sundaes. “Eh, Brightblade! Over here!” the bison called out when he saw his friend enter.

“Hey Bullhorn! I hope you left some ice cream for us.”

“I’m a bison, not a pig! How’d that business of yours turn out?”

“How do you think?” asked Medley, as she held up her hoof to show off the antique engagement ring Brightblade had given her.

“All right, Brightblade! Now you’re almost a man!”

“Sheesh, I just can’t get a break with you.”

“Now don’t you two start arguing,” said Medley.

The couple sat down with their friends. “So, how’s Marshmallow doing?” Medley asked.

The young pony looked up from her sundae. “I’m fine. I just wish I could remember more about my past. I wish I knew where my family was.”

“I looked through the phone book to try and find your family, but apparently they don’t live in Dream Valley anymore. But I’m sure we’ll be able to find them.”

“Yeah! Sure, it’s been fifty years, but I’m sure they’re still lookin’ for you! All we gotta do is put the word out that you’re back! Before long, you’ll be together with your family again!”

“Thanks, Sitting Bull. But what will I do until then?”

“You can stay with me,” said Medley. “I’ve got plenty of room.”

“Oh, thank you so much! I hope it won’t be too much of a bother.”

“Of course not. I love having kids around. That’s why I’m always babysitting Baby Racer. Besides, it’ll only be until we find your family.”

“I hope we’ll still be able to be friends once I’m back with my family.”

Medley put her foreleg around Marshmallow’s shoulders. “I’m sure we will.”

* * *

The next month passed with no word of Marshmallow’s family. Even the Dream Valley police weren’t able to find any leads. Breeks the raven was personally searching all of Ponyland for any information on Marshmallow’s family. Marshmallow herself wasn’t bothered too much by the lack of progress, although she often wondered what it would be like to have a family. She had no memory of her family, or anything else from her past. But for now, she was happy living with Medley. Much of her time was spent helping Medley plan her wedding and working part time at Brightblade’s antique shop. She was also receiving special tutoring to prepare her to return to school come fall. She had already met with the principal of the school, Mrs. Quince, who had been her classmate before she disappeared. Mrs. Quince was able to confirm that the young pony who had been rescued from Wendigo was indeed Marshmallow, but meeting her old classmate wasn’t able to bring back any of Marshmallow’s memories.

* * *

One day, while Marshmallow was working at the antique shop, Sitting Bull came barging in. “Hey, little Marshmallow! Is Medley or Brightblade around?”

“Brightblade is in the back.”

“Hey Brightblade! Get out here! I gotta talk with you!”

Brightblade came out from the back room. “Do you have to bellow like that, Bullhorn? I mean, you could have just come back and talked to me there.”

“What I got to talk to you about concerns Marshmallow, too.”

“Me? Have you heard something about my family?”

“Aw no, nothin’ like that. But I got an idea how to get you your memory back!”


“Well, it’s just an idea. But Grandfather can do all sorts of things, including hypnosis. I figure he could hypnotize you into remembering! Thing is, he’ll need your permission and Medley’s before he can do anything.”

“Do you really think it will work?”

“It couldn’t hurt to try. Right, Brightblade?”

“I guess. It’s up to you, Marshmallow, if you want to try it or not.”

“I…think I’d like to know about who I am.”

* * *

Later that day, Medley stopped by the antique shop to pick up Marshmallow on her way home. “So, how was your day, Marshmallow?”

“It was good. Sitting Bull stopped by. He thinks Grandfather can help me get my memory back. If it’s okay with you, I’d like to try it.”

“Who am I to say whether or not you can try to get your memory back? If you want to try it, I’m willing to give you the chance.”

“Oh, thank you Medley! Since tomorrow is Saturday, do you think we could do it right away?”

“I don’t see why not.”

“Great! I’ll call Sitting Bull- he’s staying with Brightblade tonight- and let him know!”

* * *

The next morning, Marshmallow, Medley, Sitting Bull, and Brightblade met at the antique shop. As they set out for Grandfather’s, Sitting Bull took the lead, with Marshmallow close behind asking him all sorts of questions about Grandfather, whom she had only met briefly after being freed from Wendigo. Medley hung back from the rest. After awhile Brightblade fell back beside her.

“Hey Medley, is something wrong?”

“Oh, nothing, really. I’m just a little worried. I’ve really grown quite fond of Marshmallow, but what if she isn’t the same pony once she gets her memories back?”

“If you were worried about that, why’d you let her go through with it?”

“It would have been selfish to deny her her past just so I wouldn’t lose her.”

“Well, I wouldn’t worry about it. She may have lost her memory, but I’m sure she’s still the same pony she always was.”

“I hope you’re right.”

* * *

Later that day they arrived at Sitting Bull’s house. “Ah, here we are, and just in time for supper! Hey Running Water! Kids! We’ve got company!”

Sitting Bull’s two boys came running from behind the house. “Papa, Papa, what’d you bring us?”

“Nothing this time, I’m afraid. Your mother chewed me out something fierce last time. By the way, you know Brightblade and the little filly, her name’s Marshmallow. And this is Brightblade’s fiancee, Medley. Medley, these are my boys, Soaring Eagle and Fallen Rocks.”

“It’s nice to meet you boys.”

“Yeah, yeah, it’s nice to meet you too!” said the younger boy, Fallen Rocks.

“Uh huh,” said Soaring Eagle, the eldest.

At the front door they met Sitting Bull’s wife, Running Water, and their baby daughter Babbling Brook.

* * *

After supper, the adults sat down to talk while the children went outside to play. “What sort of games do you play?” Marshmallow asked Soaring Eagle.

“Hide and go seek, tag, and foot racing mostly. Nothin’ that a girl would be interested in.”

“Oh yeah? I bet I could beat you at any one of them!”

“All right then. Hey Fallen Rocks, what you wanna play?”


“Great, I’ll be ‘it’.”

Marshmallow and Fallen Rocks took off as fast as their hooves could carry them. Soaring Eagle waited a few seconds, then took off after Marshmallow. He moved like a charging locomotive, closing in on the little pony in no time. But Marshmallow, hearing the thunderous beating of his hooves, turned sharp to the right. Soaring Eagle wasn’t able to turn as fast as she had and ran right past her. He made a long, curving turn and charged Marshmallow again. This time she charged him and turned away at the last second, this time to the left. Soaring Eagle had to turn all the way around. Fallen Rocks had stopped running and was watching his brother get out-maneuvered by Marshmallow. Soaring Eagle charged once more, closing rapidly on Marshmallow. The little pony ran away from the young bison, waited for him to get close, and then changed direction. But this time Soaring Eagle turned almost as quickly as she did. The chase continued, Soaring Eagle matching Marshmallow move for move. Fallen Rocks whooped and cheered as his brother and Marshmallow darted to and fro across the lawn.

But their fun was cut short. “Marshmallow! It’s time to leave for Grandfather’s!” Sitting Bull called out from the back door.

Marshmallow skidded to a stop and Soaring Eagle almost ran into her. “You’re not too bad at this for a girl.”

“You’re pretty good yourself. Tell me, how do you turn so good when you’re running so fast?”

“Aw, that’s easy. I noticed how close you let me get before you turned. When I was almost that close, I slowed down so I could turn better. In another couple of minutes I’d have had you.”

“Well, next time I’m here we’ll have to put that to the test.”

Soaring Eagle grinned. “I’m looking forward to it.”

* * *

Sitting Bull, Brightblade, Medley, and Marshmallow continued on to Grandfather’s lodge. Sitting Bull held aside the blanket hanging in the doorway for the others. Grandfather, the aged beaver, was sitting on the edge of the blanket on the floor as if he had been waiting for them. He gestured to Marshmallow. “Sit, child. The rest of you, please wait outside.”

Marshmallow sat down on the blanket opposite Grandfather. “Can you really help me get my memory back?”

“Yes. If that is what you really want.”

“I want to know who I am.” Grandfather was silent. Marshmallow sat nervously waiting for him to respond. As she sat she began to think. She thought about her friends, about Medley who had taken her in, and Brightblade and Sitting Bull and Breeks who had rescued her from Wendigo, and about Soaring Eagle who had played with her. As she sat, a tear came to her eye.

“Are you all right, child?” Grandfather asked.

“Yes Grandfather. I think I should be going now.”

Grandfather bowed. “Very well.”

Outside the lodge, Marshmallow found her friends waiting eagerly for her.

Medley was the first to speak. “Marshmallow?”

Marshmallow smiled. “I already know who I am, and who I am is happy. I don’t need to know who I was.”

Medley brushed a tear from her eye. “Marshmallow, I’m glad that you’ve found yourself.”

“Thank you Medley, and all of you, for showing me the way.”

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