The Insane Crossover Story Chapter Eight Part One
with help from Friendly

Tabby, Merry Treat, and their companions are trying to find their way back to Dream Valley after setting out on a quest to seek revenge on an evil move reviewer. Since the beginning of their adventure, however, they have traveled far and are not exactly sure where home is anymore...

The group stopped for lunch in a clearing in the forest they happened to be traveling through that day. "Gosh, I'm starving!" Merry Treat said hungrily and bit into her sandwich. "I never thought peanut butter would taste this good," she commented after swallowing.

"Yes, I'm surprised, too! But it's nowhere near as good as cherry pie filling!" Tabby agreed.

"Did we bring any of that, Tabby?" Tarquin asked and took a sip of water.

"I think we ate it all...." Tabby said thoughtfully after a moment of silence.

"Ah, man!" Tarquin snapped his paws.

"I know how you feel," Tabby nodded in agreement.

"These berries are nearly as good," Tess offered, gesturing towards the pawful of fruit she had picked.

"It's not the same," Tabby sighed.

"Spearow, why don't you go and see if there's a path or something?" Merry Treat asked her Pokčmon, changing the subject from food.

Okay! Spearow chirped and flew off obediently. He hadn't been gone more than a few minutes when they heard a loud shriek several yards away which could be no other than Spearow's cry for help.

"Oh my gosh, Spearow!" Merry Treat exclaimed in alarm and abruptly took off after him. Tabby and the others hurriedly followed.

Merry Treat screeched to a stop at the edge of a clearing, and anxiously scanned the air for her beloved Pokčmon. She didn't have to look far to find the source of the problem.

"Pikachu, thundershock, now!" cried a boy's voice.

Merry Treat instantly sprang into action. "Spearow, drill peck, now!" She rushed into full view with Tabby right behind. "There's no way I'm letting this kid get you!"

"Pika?" The yellow rodent-like creature stopped abruptly and cocked his head.

The boy, who apparently was the owner of the Pikachu, stood for a moment, perfectly dumfounded at the sight of the two little ponies. "What are... who are you guys?" He whipped out his handy red PokčDex and scanned the two creatures.

The mechanism's voice came back with the reply, "No available data."

"A new breed of Pokčmon!" the boy cheered, sticking away his PokčDex. He was dressed in blue jeans, a black t-shirt, and a blue over-shirt. A red and white baseball cap was perched on his head.

"We're not Pokčmon, twerp," Tabby growled, glancing warningly at the kid. "Pokčmon don't train Pokčmon, do they?"

"That's my Spearow your trying to capture, young man!" Merry Treat said threateningly and stormed up to the boy.

"Oh dear..." Tabby trailed off.

"He got her upset," Tarquin added and sweat dropped.

Merry Treat continued to storm up to the kid. "You tried to capture my Pokčmon!" she continued.

"You tried to capture her Pokčmon," Tabby agreed, nodding vigorously.

"You tried to capture my beloved Spearow!" Merry Treat's voice was raising dangerously high.

"Exactly," Tabby added.

"And you're gonna pay-- and pay dearly, at that!" Merry Treat shouted loudly.

"I'm... I'm... s-sorry, lady," the kid laughed nervously, waving his hands in defense. "I just thought..."

"I told you you shouldn't've tried to capture a wild Spearow!" a red-haired girl, who was standing back in the trees, commented to the boy. She was wearing short jean shorts and a short banana-yellow tank top.

"Well... I didn't know it belonged to someone!" he shouted back in self-defense.

"No, she's right. Do you know how dangerous a wild Spearow is in the first place!?" Merry Treat raged. "Ooh, are you gonna--"

"I think it's the other way around," Tarquin commented. "Merry Treat's really more dangerous than a wild Spearow when she gets mad."

"Oh, Tarquin!" Tess giggled.

The pony turned to glare at the two Meowths. "I'll take care of you later!" As she was turning back to continue the argument with the frightened boy, she was abruptly cut short by another boy, appearing to be several years older than the one with the Pikachu.

"Now, cool it!" he said, and stepped between the two while Tabby tried to restrain her friend from killing the first kid. This human was wearing an orange t-shirt, and khakis. "Ash, what happened here? I was mixing up a batch of rice balls when I heard this screaming--"

"Brock, it was just a misunderstanding!" Ash said pleadingly, and cowered behind his friend.

"She should calm down sooner or later," Tabby said helpfully, still restraining Merry Treat.

The red-haired girl came up beside the two guys. "Who are you guys, anyway?" she questioned.

"Hey, let me go!" Merry Treat broke free of Tabby's grasp. "I'm Merry Treat. This is my friend, Tabby. Spearow you've already met." Spearow swooped and landed on her back.

"These are Tarquin and Tess," Tabby took over and gestured at the two Meowths. "And those are..." She glanced at the white bunny and suited dog. "...Sam and Max."

"Hello!" Sam hollered cheerfully.

"Pet me!" exclaimed Max as he bounced through the group.

"I'm Misty. These two are Ash and Brock," the girl introduced her side. "Then there's Pikachu, and this little guy--" She gestured to the egg-shaped creature she was holding. "-- is Togepi."

"Pikachu!" the Pokčmon hopped up on Ash's shoulder.

"Toge-pr-I-I-I-I-I!" Togepi squealed happily.

"A Togepi," Tabby gasped in terror.

"Ooh, a Togepi! I have one of those!" Merry Treat smiled at the Pokčmon. "She finally hatched a few weeks ago."

For some reason, Tabby decided to whip out her special-edition Pokčmon Nurse PokčDex to get a scan on Togepi. The synthesized voice said in dull but cheerful monotone, "Togepi. The lemon-juicer Pokčmon."

"I've had mine for a few months now," Misty said proudly.

"Even though I'm the one who found it," Ash muttered.

"Don't start!" Misty angrily turned towards her friend. "You know full well that it belongs to me!"

"But I'm the one who found it! If you hadn't taken it away right before it hatched, it would have been mine!" Ash shot back. The two glared at each other and began to growl. The spectators could see the negative energy flash between their eyes.

"Yeah, you should have given it to its rightful owner," Tabby snapped at the girl. For some reason, she instinctively felt that the Togepi belonged elsewhere.

"No!" Max exclaimed. "Give it to me! I love a good omelet!"

"Please ignore my little buddy," Sam apologized. "He likes his eggs fried."

"And they say Pokčmon battles are bad," Tarquin commented, watching the two humans.

"Spearow," Spearow agreed.

"Now, cool it, you two!" Brock stepped between his quarreling companions.

The two instantly stopped and turned to stare at him. "Who's arguing?" Ash asked innocently.

"Yeah, who said anything about that?" Misty added.

"Pika pika!" Pikachu rolled his eyes.

"Spear!" Spearow agreed. The two Pokčmon seemed to have made up faster than Merry Treat had with Ash.

"So, I presume you people are Pokčmon trainers?" Tarquin put forth.

The phrase obviously startled the three, and they instinctively stepped back. "It's a talking Meowth!" Ash gasped.

"Not Team Rocket," Misty groaned.

"Team Rocket?" Tabby cocked her head.

"I don't know," Brock said, eyeing Merry Treat and Tabby thoughtfully. "Team Rocket may be devious and scheming, but they'd never get into horse costumes."

"Are you sure?" Misty looked suspiciously at the ponies.

"What do you think we are, Pokčmon thieves or something?" Tabby snapped.

"Well, actually..." Ash started.

"Your talking Meowth there just threw us for a spin," Brock explained. "We know a gang a Pokčmon robbers with one of those, and the average Meowth isn't supposed to speak English..."

"Oh, my family highly encouraged all of us to learn the language," Tarquin said.

"Mine, too," Tess agreed. "All the Meowths in our land that I know of can talk like this."

"Two of them!" Misty explained.

"We're from Dream Valley, by the way," Merry Treat said.

"Dream Valley? I've never heard of that," Ash pondered. "What are you doing here?"

"Trying to get home, actually," Tabby said.

"Would you three, by chance, know where we are?" Merry Treat questioned hopefully.

"We have no idea ourselves," Brock admitted.

"Knowing you, Ash, you'd probably lead us straight to this Dream Valley place," Misty said.

"Do you have a map, or something?" Ash asked hopefully of the ponies.

"We've got one," Tess said after a pause.

"But it never does us much good," Tarquin added. "A strange magician we prefer to forget gave it to us."

"Argh! And I had just managed to forget him!" Max cried.

"Don't worry, little buddy," Sam said. "With your short attention span, you will have forgotten in another thirty-four paragraphs."

"Hey, that's right," Max said happily.

"Well, let's have a look! Anything's better than being lost!" Ash said determinedly. "Where is it?"

Tarquin pulled the map out of his backpack, and Ash, Misty, and Brock gathered around it. "This probably won't help you," Tarquin cautioned.

"Well, it's better than nothing," Ash said and began to study it. "What the... what in the world is a Starry Up?"

"Oh, that's just where we..." Merry Treat trailed off.

"It's a nice little village on the Milky Way," Tabby said helpfully.

"Ah," Ash nodded. "Whatever."

"Hm, I wonder why we couldn't see that on there when we first came to it," Merry Treat murmured.

"The Dark Forest?" Brock raised an eyebrow as he read off another place listed on the map.

"Oh, that's in Dream Valley," Tabby said. "Not a very nice place-- the forest, that is, not the valley."

"Tea Bunny Land?" Misty furrowed her brow.

"Max's relatives live there," Tabby explained, glancing at the white bunny, who was poking at Ash's PokčBalls.

"Well... here's where we are," Brock said after a moment or so. He pointed at a planet in about the middle of the map. "You ponies must get around a lot. So, according to this..." He studied the map carefully.

"Well?" Ash asked impatiently, wanting to get out of the forest.

"We're... hopelessly lost," Brock finished.

"Great... just what we need," Merry Treat sighed.

"Well, why don't you send out your Spearow to do some scouting for us?" Ash suggested to Merry Treat.

Merry Treat cast him a threatening glance. "Only if you're sure you're the only Pokčmon trainer around here that's foolish enough to try and catch a ‘wild' Spearow!"

Misty smiled at the pony's comment. "She's got a point, Ash!"

"Spearow, go and see if there's a path or something," Merry Treat told her Pokčmon. "And be careful to avoid flying near Pokčmon trainers if you should find any."

The bird took off obediently. The group stared after him. "Good luck, buddy!" Tarquin called out.

Ash noticed the loving look on Merry Treat's face as her Pokčmon flew away. He saw why she had gotten so defensive when he'd tried to catch him for himself. "I guess you must really love that Pokčmon," he commented.

"Oh, you have no idea," Merry Treat shook her head.

"Tabby gets that same look when she's thinking about Thomas," Tarquin said.

"Tarkie, I do not look anything like that," Tabby said primly. "I would never be caught looking like that. Why--"

"Ever hear of that river in Egypt? De-nile?" Tarquin shot back.

"Ah, Egypt!" Tabby sighed for no particular reason.

"Hopefully she's not as bad in that department as Brock is when he sees a pretty girl!" Misty commented.

"Be quiet!" Brock said immediately, causing the girl to start laughing.

Before Brock could do any more, the group sensed a new presence in the clearing. They began to look around. A large, muscle-bound human was strolling towards them. He was dressed in manly lavender pants and a pink shirt.

"He looks familiar," Tabby murmured.

"Oh, no," Tarquin groaned, catching sight of who accompanied the figure. Floating alongside the blond-haired man was what could only be described as a flying t-shirt.

Indeed, the specimen did look like a flying red t-shirt. On his head was a peaked cap, and he appeared to have no form but two blue hands and eyes peering out from the darkness under his hat with ears protruding from the brim. "Gee, Prince Adam, I think we found them!" the thing exclaimed.

"Argh!" Max shrieked. "Why must the fates conspire against me?"

"And with only one paragraph to go," Sam commented.

"Hello, everyone," the man introduced himself. "I'm Prince Adam of Eternia, and this is my friend, Orko."

"We've met," Tarquin muttered.

"Treat the t-shirt with some respect," Tess chided him.

"You remember me!" Orko said gleefully. "Yipee!"

"Don't get to excited," Sam said. "We were trying our darndest to forget you."

"Well, what're you doing here?" Tabby asked bluntly.

"I ran into He-Man, and he said he thought I should follow after you in case you needed my help," Prince Adam explained. "He had been with you, but had to leave to accompany someone back to the Milky Way, if he told me correctly. And, I brought Orko along with me."

"How... kind," was all Merry Treat could think of to say.

"He-Man was especially concerned over the fact that you might run into some of those evil movie creatures," Prince Adam continued.

"Oh," Tabby nodded in a way that meant she had not been listening. "Did you know that your hair cut and color is identical to He-Man's?"

"My hair? Oh, this is a popular style back home," Prince Adam said.

Meanwhile, Orko was making small talk with Ash, Misty, and Brock. The three humans didn't know what to think of the strange magician, and they nervously conversed with him. "Hey, I'm real good at summoning things," Orko said excitedly. "Wanna see?"

"Uh... heh..." Misty laughed tensely.

"Great," Merry Treat rolled her eyes. "Orko, remember that bit about not summoning up anything?"

"My friend really doesn't mean any harm," Prince Adam said. "Why don't you allow him to perform a magic act for you this evening that doesn't involve summoning anything?"

Tarquin began walking towards the man menacingly. Tabby was not sure whether to call him back or let him go on. Tess, ladylike as she was, got in the first word, however.

"I think that's a wonderful idea, Prince Adam," the petite Meowth said. "How about it, guys?"

Merry Treat and Tabby exchanged a nervous glance. "Umm... well... as long as you make sure he doesn't do any summoning," Merry Treat stuttered.

"That will please Orko greatly," Prince Adam said. "Thank you, my friends. I'm sure you'll enjoy his show."

"Enjoy it almost as much as having my head stuck in a bear trap," Sam said.

"Ooh, yeah, that reminds me!" Max recalled and hurried off.

"What's that? Prince Adam, I'm gonna put on a magic act? Oh boy-oh boy! I can't wait!" Orko floated away from the Pokčmon trainers and came back over to his companion. "I really get to do it?"

"Yes, Orko. Why not begin setting up now?" Prince Adam suggested.

"Yipee!" Orko said excitedly, pulling out a book of magic. "First I'll do..."

Tarquin shook his head slowly. Would any good come from this?

* * *

Later that evening, everyone was gathered around the clearing, watching Orko's magic act. The magician had set up a table in the center of the area, and everyone "oohed" and "ahhed" politely. Ash, Misty, and Brock had decided to stick around-- normally they would not accompany such a strange group; but they were lost, and where else could they go?

Currently, Orko was doing what he called "the shell game". He had several walnut shells laid out on the table, and was swiftly moving them around. He selected one and picked it up. "Tah-dah! It's the marble!"

"I don't think that's a marble," Tabby said. "I'd say it's a portal of some kind."

What Orko uncovered under the shell was certainly no marble. In fact, it was actually a purplish-blue swirling mass of energy.

"Eeek!" Max cried and jumped into Prince Adam's arms.

"Careful, everyone, it's obviously a Dark Portal, writhing from the agony of the trapped souls within," Sam said knowingly.

"Oh, dear," Orko said, frantically flipping through the pages of his book. "That wasn't supposed to happen..."

Before Orko could do anything, the strange portal began to steadily enlarge. Soon, it had encompassed the table, causing Orko to flee over to Prince Adam. "Adam, Adam, what did I do?"

"I'm not sure, Orko. Let's see what happens."

The ponies and Pokčmon did not seem too concerned. After what they had encountered already, a weird portal was not the strangest thing they had run into. However, the three Pokčmon trainers were not taking it so lightly.

"I've never seen anything like that," Brock said nervously.

Misty figured that Ash was to blame. "Ash, you got us into this mess by getting us lost! You'd better get us out of it!"

Before Ash could retaliate, everyone's attention was riveted back to the portal. Something was coming out of it... something muscular, and tall, and green-skinned. The creature was clad in furs, and his lower jaw stuck out, fangs protruding from it.

The creature stepped out of the portal and into the clearing. "Dah-boo!" he said cheerfully, and ambled off into the woods nonchalantly. "Zug-zug!"

"What do you suppose just happened?" Tabby queried after several moments of silence.

"What was that thing?" Tess gasped.

"I think it's an orc," Tarquin said critically.

"Orko..." Merry Treat looked at the flying t-shirt threateningly.

"Wow, that portal-thing is pretty cool!" Ash exclaimed.

"Um... I gotta go, uh, doing something," Prince Adam decided suddenly, and jumped behind some nearby bushes.

Brock raised an eyebrow. "What's up with him?"

A few moments later, the gathered group all heard an echoing voice call out, "BY THE POWER OF GRAYSKULL!" Lightning bolts illuminated the forest around them, and several stray bolts struck at the clearing grounds.

"Togi-togi-pri-I-I-I-I!" Togepi wailed.

After that ordeal was over, a new figure walked out of the forest. Merry Treat and Tabby recognized him well-- it was He-Man, the most powerful man in the universe!

"Prince Adam told me you need help tracking the foul orc beast," He-Man declared. "Can I be of assistance?"

"Um..." Tabby paused in thought.

"Sure, you can track him if you want," Tarquin shrugged.

Not having to be told twice, He-Man ran off into the forest, taking the path the orc had taken only a few minutes earlier while passing the same scenery several times over.

While waiting for his return, Merry Treat and Tabby conversed over the matter. "So, what, He-Man is the secret identity of this Prince Adam guy?"

"It was pretty obvious," Merry Treat rolled her eyes. "We heard him shout out that stuff about Grayskull."

"And the lightning bolts," Tabby nodded. "Must be a sort of Darien/Tuxedo Mask deal."

"Yeah, only Tuxedo Mask dresses better," Merry Treat agreed.

"Do you think we should comment on it?"

"Nah. We'll just humor him for now."

"I'll bet furry underwear is all the rage in Eternia along with that sissy boy hair-cut," Max said.

"Max, you should know better than to make fun of someone based on his moronic sense of style!" Sam chided.

To get their minds off the matter at hand, Brock had set to work mixing up a batch of rice balls. Misty was beginning to simmer down after her initial outburst at Ash.

Awhile later, they heard footsteps coming towards them from the forest. Not long after, He-Man reappeared. "That orc is a slippery villain," he said regretfully. "I lost his trail."

"Really?" Tabby said skeptically. "He wasn't moving that fast."

"However," He-Man continued, "I did see a meteor fall not far from here, creating a large crater in the ground."

"But no orc?" Misty prodded.

"There wasn't a sign of him after I stopped to inspect the meteor. It shone with a brilliant radiance. I've never seen anything of its kind," He-Man said.

Merry Treat sighed. "Well, the orc doesn't seem to be in the area any longer. One orc probably couldn't cause any trouble. Don't worry about finding him, He-Man."

"Alright," He-Man agreed. "But to be on the safe side, I'll stay with your group for the night in case of any more trouble."

"Please, that's not really necessary."

"No, I insist!"

"No, that's really not necessary."

With that settled, they all sat down to polish off the rice balls; and then they all went to bed for the night.

* * *

The next morning, Tabby awoke to find strange smells tingling her nose. She cranked one eye open, and was extremely surprised at what she saw. Bolting up in her sleeping bag, her eyes opened wide. She jumped up into a standing position. "AHHHH!!! EVERYBODY!!! GET UP!!" she shrieked.

After Tabby's awakening call, everyone was soon alerted to the matter at hand. What had been the previous night a clearing in a huge, sprawling forest was now simply the outskirts of an orcish town-- at least, that's what they suspected after seeing green creatures positioned by the city gate, similar to the orc that had stepped out of the portal the previous evening. A farm was built right near where they had been resting.

Many orc peons were busy chopping at trees in the forest with axes; and another line of peons was constantly flowing into the city with large bags hung over their shoulders. They were coming from a gold mine now revealed in the forest. Bigger, tougher looking orcs and trolls were positioned around the perimeter of the city with weapons.

"That's the last time I fill up on rice balls before bed," Sam said.

"Until the next time, anyway," Max added.

The group stood around for several minutes, stunned and shocked. However could one orc peon have made all this overnight? Before they had completely recovered, they were conscious of another vehicle approaching them.

A hoverbike with a large grenade launcher mounted on the front was fast approaching them. Two figures were positioned on it. Upon reaching the city outskirts, the bike stopped at the traveling group.

One figure stepped off the bike. He was an eight-foot-tall alien creature in big cybernetic armor. A large ponytail was noticeable on the back of his head. "Terra-kalla!" he said.

"Hey, man, we need your help," the other figure said. This one was a human with a moustache, dressed in powered battle armor. "I'm Jim Raynor, and this is Tassadar."

"You see, the Overmind, who leads the Zerg, has come here to assimilate all the Pokčmon," the alien, identified as Tassadar, explained. "He has to catch them all. He followed the creatures to this world, and we are looking for help to eradicate the Zerg."

"An entire attack force is on its way, but Tassadar and I rode ahead to help the natives stage an offensive," Raynor went on. "But my bike was making a high-pitched shrieking sound and I couldn't figure out what it was. I was afraid we weren't gonna make it."

"Did you try turning up the radio real loud?" Sam offered helpfully.

"Yep, but it didn't help," Raynor explained. "I finally figured out it was just Tassadar screaming like a girl."

"Oh, boy!" Orko exclaimed.

"That's... nice," was all Merry Treat could think of to say.

"Tell me again, how did we get into this?" Brock queried.

Suddenly, a cry came from the orc city. "We're being attacked!"

"The pale... worms?" another orcish voice came. "Those things aren't that pale!"

The ponies, Pokčmon, Pokčmon trainers, flying t-shirt, and muscle-bound oaf had no time to react to what was about to happen. The orc city was suddenly thrown into turmoil. Orc grunts, troll axethrowers, and ogres all ran over to one side of the city. Large, worm-like creatures began to invade. The orc defenses began to hack on the Zerg invaders, including Hydralisks (creatures with a worm-like body, spined back, bony head crest, wicked claws for hands, needle-toothed maws, bony jaw, and beady black eyes), Zerglings (smaller hopping bugs with four legs and bony plates), and Mutalisks (flying eyeless worms with two tiny wings and large mouth, teeth, and tongue). The orcs were knocking down only a small percentage of the Zerg.

"They're destroying our city!" a call from the orcs came again.

"Aww, they're so-o-o cute!" Max said. "Let's shoot ‘em!"

The original group was extremely confused by this point. Pikachu was running around in circles, and Togepi was wailing. They had not yet adjusted to the orc city that had been built up in a night, let alone to mysterious strangers and an attack from these Zerg creatures.

To add to their confusion, they suddenly saw a strange sight. Pulsating, gooey, pillar-type things suddenly flopped up into the air over a ridge right across from them. He-Man and Orko were the closest, and ran over the ridge to see what was up.

The image that met their eyes was an entire Zerg city, laid out before them. "Worms! Worms!" Orko shrieked.

"The meteor that crashed yesterday must be what brought these aliens to this planet," He-Man theorized. "Fascinating!"

"This could be bad," Raynor said to the ponies and Pokčmon trainers.

Tassadar had just finished conversing with one of the orcs. "The orcs say they have to upgrade to dragons before they can attack the Zerg, but there's no way to hold them off until then."

Ash's eyes lit up. Brock held him back. "Don't do anything rash," he cautioned.

Ash ignored the heeding of his friend. He jumped forward. "We'll do it!" he exclaimed. "We'll hold the Zerg off!"

Misty shook her head slowly. "He'll never learn, will he?"

"Pika-pika," Pikachu agreed.

"Then let's get in there and fight some Zerg," Raynor prodded.

Ash immediately went into action, calling out all his Pokčmon. "Bulbasaur! Squirtle! Charizard! Pidgeotto! You too, Pikachu! Go!"

Brock shrugged and followed suite. "Geodude! Onix! Zubat! Vulpix! Go!"

"I don't know why I'm doing this, but..." Misty reached into her backpack. "Staryu, Starmie, Horsea, Goldeen! And, hey, Psyduck-- you, too!" Maybe he'll get wounded in battle, she thought idly to herself. Her Pokčmon positioned themselves in a pool in the center of the city.

"Well, while we're at it..." Merry Treat threw her PokčBalls into the air. "Catalina! Vulpix! Jigglypuff! Kittyhawk! Tess and Spearow, too!"

"Tarquin, get on out there," Tabby ordered. "And then... Oddish! Jigglypuff! Mew! Hitmonlee! Mr.Mime!"

The battlefield was now crammed with orcs, Zerg, and Pokčmon. He-Man ran into the fray himself to knock some Zerg around, and Orko flipped through his spell book. The Pokčmon trainers were, naturally, commanding their Pokčmon. Raynor drove around on his bike (which was known as the Vulture) launching grenades, and Tassadar used cool psychic attacks, like psybolts and electrical storms.

"He's one powerful psychic Pokčmon!" Ash commented upon seeing Tassadar's attacks.

"I'm no Pokčmon," Tassadar said simply.

Max bounced around the battlefield insanely grabbing Zerg antenna and biting thick carapaces while Sam fired shot after shot from his gun, but hit nothing.

Tarquin and Tess ganged up on one Zerg unit with their scratch attacks, while Spearow Mirror Moved another. Hitmonlee tried out some kicking moves, while Oddish sent out some Stun Spore. Vulpix fired-up the battle, and Kittyhawk sent her feathers flying. Merry Treat's and Tabby's Mews both had some powerful psychic attacks of their own, whereas their two Jigglypuffs just got in an argument. Mr.Mime had some fun building invisible walls.

Charizard, meanwhile, was not obeying Ash and had fallen asleep next to an orcish farm. Squirtle used his water gun and Bulbasaur his vine whip. Pidgeotto used his sand attack, and Pikachu was lighting up the field with his thundershock.

Psyduck was frantically running around the pool, screeching out his name and holding his head and really not accomplishing anything, but Misty hoped he'd get beat up enough that his headache would increase. From their pool, Staryu, Starmie, Horsea, and Goldeen were spraying lots of water at the Zerg.

Brock's Vulpix was also active in the fight, and his Zubat fluttered around in the air. Geodude was piling some dirt on the aliens, and Onix tunneled underground in an attempt to confuse them.

Of course, He-Man was also having fun. He was currently covered in a swarm of Zergling, but with a mighty heave, he cast them all off. Next, a Hydralisk came at him, snarling viciously. Without missing a beat, He-Man quickly switched his sword from one hand to the other and then struck the Zerg square between his beady black eyes with his fist. This sent the Hydralisk tumbling backwards, into the rank of Zerg behind him, causing them all to fall over as well.

Orko cast several unsuccessful spells, which were probably only to the Zerg's advantage. "Ugly little Zerg, feel the power of this iceberg! Now if only I could remember the next word!"

The Pokčmon were holding up well, but they were still only managing to knock-out a fraction of the Zerg. Their trainers bravely kept them going, however; and the Pokčmon wanted to win the fight.

All of a sudden, a giant floating mass came in over the three human trainers-- Ash, Brock, and Misty. Before they knew it, there were covered with a thick, disgusting slime, preventing them from moving.

"We're stuck!" Misty cried.

"I... I can't move!" Brock exclaimed.

"What're we going to do?" Ash frantically glanced around for help.

Just then, He-Man walked in front of the camera and began talking. "In today's story, we saw how the Zerg wish to assimilate and enslave the entire universe. Anyone who wishes to do this is evil, and they'll never make friends easily. So remember, if you ever see a Zerg, do away with it."

He-Man's lecture seems to have given this chapter a natural ending point. Just as it seemed our heroes might have been getting somewhere, it appears that they have gotten themselves into a sticky situation. What will happen now? Will the Zerg succeed in carrying out their plan of assimilation? Will Ash and his friends be able to continue the fight? Will Sam ever hit anything? Will He-Man stop talking like an idiot? Will...


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